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We value your support and want to provide you with as many ways to contribute as possible. While we would love to offer PayPal as an option, unfortunately their platform canceled us in October 2021. We continue to research new, secure ways to make donations and will add them here as they are adopted. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience; we hope you’ll still make a gift to support our work. In this time of cancel culture and censorship, we need you more than ever! Help us win the fight. Your gift will enable us to reach more people with our life-saving protocols.

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The FLCCC Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our EIN is 85-2270146.

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Our work to save as many lives as we possible can is urgent—both in the United States and across the world. But it requires that we secure enough revenue for the FLCCC—a 501(c)3 charitable organization—to continue implementation and promotion of our bold, global initiatives. All funds received through purchases will go directly towards fulfillment of our resolve to end this pandemic and save every life we can. Thank you!

About us

The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance) is a 501c3 non-profit organization* founded in March 2020 with the simple goal of developing the most effective treatment protocols possible for COVID-19 patients. Our approach is based on the use of outcome-based medicine by repurposing existing drugs to minimize fatalities and reduce long-term effects in patients suffering from this pandemic.

Our founding members are highly published critical care specialists from major academic medical centers with nearly 2,000 medical publications and numerous major contributions to the field of medicine.

As the pandemic takes its toll on countries and economies worldwide, most governments have focused on vaccine development and vaccine distribution to beat COVID-19.

The situation

Thousands of people are suffering and dying while the vaccine is being produced and distributed. It will take months before we reach herd immunity through the vaccine and extended lockdowns may cause immeasurable long-term harm to our economies.

The solution

The FLCCC has identified 2 effective therapy protocols that can help slow down the pandemic to alleviate the current burden on our healthcare system and save lives at the same time:

  1. MATH+ — a combination therapy intended for the hospitalized patient and consisted of the core therapies of methylprednisolone, ascorbic acid, thiamine, and heparin, all delivered intravenously along with multiple adjunctive medicines
  2. I-MASK+ — a prophylactic and early treatment protocol centered around the use of ivermectin, a historically important medicine that has already won the Nobel Prize in medicine for its global impact in ridding the world of parasitic diseases and that shows promising anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties against COVID-19
  3. I-MASS — a protocol created for generalized distribution during mass outbreaks and in low-resource countries. To achieve maximal impact as well as ease of deployment with the lowest burden of required elements, the I-MASS treatment approach is centered on the fewest, core, high impact elements such as the drug Ivermectin.

How else can you support the FLCCC Alliance

  • Download and share our MATH+ and I-MASK+ life-saving protocols to your family, friends and doctors.
  • Write to your elected officials to review our latest analyses, particularly on the repurposing of ivermectin to fight COVID-19.
  • If you, your friend or family has benefited from the MATH+ or I-MASK+ protocols, post a testimonial of your experience on social media or send us an email.
  • If your doctor prescribed you ivermectin or any other effective treatments to help fight COVID-19, contact us and connect us to your doctor so we can further study what works and what doesn’t.

*The FLCCC Alliance has been incorporated in the State of Delaware and received 501(c)3 federal tax-exempt status as a public charity [Status: 170(b)(1)(A)(vi); Employer ID number: 85-2270146]. You can download the Determination Letter (IRS) here.

To learn more about our work, please go to About the FLCCC Alliance, there you will also find our Mission Statement and Objectives.