Network & Support

The FLCCC Alliance

If you are a supporter from the medical sector, please get in contact with us directly or use our  Join the Alliance form to express your support for our MATH+, I-MASK+ and other protocols for preventing and treating COVID-19, or share your clinical experiences with similar approaches and medicines.

For the list of our founding members and clinical advisors. please click the following link:  The FLCCC Physicians

Global partners

  • Daniel Agustin Godoy, MD – Argentina
    – Medical Director, Neuro-intensive Care Unit, Sanatorio Pasteur, Catamarca, Argentina
    – Assistant Professor, Critical Care. Intensive Care Unit, San Juan Bautista Hospital, Catamarca, Argentina
    – Critical Care Fellow Instructor, Medical School, Tucuman National University, Argentina
    – Medical director. Home Care, ANDINA SA. Catamarca, Argentina
    – General Director, Intensive Care Unit, Hospital Carlos Malbran, Catamarca, Argentina
  • Yulsef M. Ferreira, MD – Brazil
    – Neurocritical Care Specialist
    – Founder CEO Medical Solutions Brazil
    – Chief of the Critical Care Center
    – Uberaba Regional Hospital, Brazil
  • Ivan B. Monteiro, MD, MB – Brazil
    – Critical Care Specialist
    – Founder CFO Medical Solutions Brazil
    – Chief of the Critical Care Unit at UFTM Clinics Hospital
    – Critical Care Professor at Triangulo Mineiro Federal University School of Medicine (UFTM – Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro)

Barmherzige Brüder Hospital – Munich, Germany
Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, ARDS and ECMO centre Munich-Nymphenburg:

  • Franz Brettner – MD, MHBA
    Senior Physician, Head of Department, Specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine
  • Werner Appelt – MD, MHBA
    Senior Physician, Specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine, pain medicine, palliative care
  • Florian Brettner – Associate Professor, MD, MHBA
    Senior Physician, Specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine
  • Adriana Bermudez – Venezuela/Chile
    Adriana Bermudez (Venezuela/Chile): Is a Venezuelan Economist from Universidad Central de Venezuela, with a PH (c) in Economics from the Michigan State University. She has worked as a Professor at various Universities in Venezuela, as a Public Policy Analyst for the Office of Economic and Financial Advisory of the National Assembly (OAEF), Risk Analyst for various Financial Institutions. Independent Consultant.
  • Robert L. Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMS – USA
    For over 40 years, Dr. Bard is recognized internationally for his advanced clinical work in non-invasive cancer diagnostic imaging. His wide body of work is catalogued in countless medical texts and journal articles about the continued advancements in quantitative 3-D Ultrasound Doppler Imaging. In addition, he has been a major advocate for early detection in many high-risk professionals such as first responders, law enforcement and military personnel. Today,  Dr. Bard continues to respond to major health crises like the Coronavirus pandemic with his collaborative research work in chest ultrasound scanning of covid-related issues and the launch of his Medical Virtualization campaign -supporting “borderless medicine” and improved technical response to emergency medical calls.  (www.drrobertbard.com)
  • Cheri Ambrose – USA
    Cheri is the associate editor for various publications such as Prevention101.org, the Journal for Modern Healing and Awareness for a Cure. She is a patient advocate for many cancer-related programs and often volunteers her time to support metastatic cancer research and educational projects. As the communications director for the NY Cancer Resource Alliance, Cheri often partners with other health foundations and research organizations and often produces educational functions for cancer awareness. Her latest public projects include the launch of the upcoming newsletter FightRecurrence.com. She is the current President and co-founder of the male Breast Cancer Coalition (MaleBreastCancerCoalition.org).

Worldwide Associates

The following list includes physicians who use our MATH+ , I-MASK+, I-MASS, or I-RECOVER protocols in whole or in part, or plan to do so in the near future.

Abdullah Shenwari, MDAgha Khan Health Services AfghanistanAfghanistan, Kabul
Gul Jan Safi, MDHikman Curative HospitalAfghanistan, Kabul
Moshtaq Ahmad Mohammady, MDAfghanistan, Kabul
Shafiqullah Shenwari, MDAfghanistan Center for ExcellenceAfghanistan, Kabul
Anwar Noor, MDAfghanistan, Khost
Seydou Doumbia, ProfessorUniversity Clinical Research CenterAfrica, Mali, Bamako
Florencia Loza, MDArgentina, Beunos Aires
Raúl Francisco Pastor, MD CardiólogoUniversidad de Buenos Aires, Hospital de ClínicasArgentina, Buenos Aires
Susana Alazard, MDIMMO SUR Bahia Blanca ( Argentina)Argentina, Buenos Aires, Bahía Blanca prov.
Maria Carolina De Las Carreras, MDArgentina, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Trolo Melina FlorArgentina, Buenos Aires, San Justo
Susan Beth Simanton De Tomasini, PhDArgentina, Chubut
Jose Oscar AcevedoArgentina, Formosa, Formosa
Cristian Martinuzzi, MDSanatorio San Roque MorterosArgentina, Morteros
Roberto Roldan, MDArgentina, Rosario
María Isabel Leguina, MDAcción Social Universidad Nacional de TucumánArgentina, San Miguel de Tucumán
Maria Eugenia MaldonadoVictoria Medical OfficeArgentina, Tucuman, San Miguel De Tucuman
Harvey Ligsay, RNAustralia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra
Catherine Merrigan, RN, PGrad Dip ACN-ICU, BAppSci TCMAustralia, New South Wales, Bilinudgel
Natalie Connors, Adv,Dip. Lab. Tech. Path.Australian Traditional Medicine Society-TMS #50639Australia, New South Wales, Fullerton Cove
Marinos Christofi, Cardiac Sonographer & RadiographerAustralia, New South Wales, North Ryde
Jane Landon, BSN, RNAustralia, New South Wales, Sydney
Jennifer Bromberger, MD, MBBS (hons), FRACGP, FACNM ATCLAustralia, New South Wales, Sydney
Brett Christopher, RNAustralia, NSW, Dee Why
Sharon Copley, MSN, RNShoalhaven Hospital/Nowra/AustraliaAustralia, NSW, Gerona
Revati Sangoski, Massage Therapist & Holistic CounselorAustralia, NSW, Penrose
Gretel Willis, RNAustralia, NSW, Richmond Hill
Jenny Rooney, RNAustralia, Perth
Gerutis Kulbys, B.S.c, Dip.Ed, BScAustralia, Queensland, Araluen
Glenn McGoogan, BSN, RNAustralia, Queensland, Sunshine Coast
Nina WardNina Ward - NaturopathAustralia, South Australia, Blackwood
Paul Keogh, NDAmripur ConsultingAustralia, Sydney
Shane Antony Bones, Bachelor of Paramedicine, Registered ParamedicAHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Registration AuthorityAustralia, Tasmania, Sheffield
Leigh Wilson Macaulay, DCBacchus Marsh Chiropractic CentreAustralia, Victoria, Bacchus Marsh
Noela Wilson, BSN, RNAustralia, Victoria, Beaumaris
Christine Cunningham, BSN, RNAustralia, Victoria, Bittern
John ToomeyAustralia, Victoria, Elwood
Mercherl Lim, MDAustralia, Victoria, Hawksburn
Chandrani Jayasekra, MDParkwood Green Medical CenterAustralia, Victoria, Melbourne
Ian Brighthope, MB, BS, FACNEMAustralia, Victoria, Melbourne
Loretta ForshawAustralia, Victoria, Melbourne
Mattie Sempert, Registered AcupuncturistWellness MedicineAustralia, Victoria, Melbourne
Peter Eng, MDAustralia, Victoria, Middle Park
Herschel GoldmanAustralia, Victoria, Noble Park
Alan Sharp, MDAustralia, Victoria,Toorak
Fiona Richards, RNAustralia, Western Australia, Cottesloe
Peter Moosbrugger, CCFP (COE), FCFPAustralia,Western Australia, Casuarina
Helmut Retzek, MDArzt für Allgemeinmedizin (GP)Austria, Oberösterreich, Voecklabruck
Markus Hell, MDParacelsus Medical UniversityAustria, Salzburg
Terezia Novotna, MDAustria, Schutzen AM Gebirge
Tamara Aberham, MDAustria, St. Florian
Gregor Zasmeta, MDSt. John of GodAustria, Vienna
Mystee Spencer Prince, MBBS, MSc, Family Medicine FellowBahamas, Nassau
Roger El Bassit, DDSSeed Dental HospitalBahrain, Manama
Nasir Hassan, MD, MBBSBangladesh, Chittagong
Mostafa Kamal Arefin, MDDhaka Medical College and HospitalBangladesh, Dhaka
Ziaul Haque, MDBangladesh, Dhaka
Selwyn C. Greenidge, MDBlack Rock Medical ClinicBarbados, Bridgetown
Pascal Sacre, MDBelgium, Hainaut, Gerpinnes
Francis Morey, DDHSBelize Minister of Health OfficeBelize
Anna Coen, MDBelize, Belize, Belize City
Kyjuan Brown, MDNorthshore Medical & Aesthetics CenterBermuda, Devonshire
Spencer Brown, PhDIsland Rehab HubBermuda, Hamilton
Henry Dowling, MDBermuda, Paget
Anca Moldovan, MDSJUBNBistrita, Romania
Félix Juan Carlos Carazas, MDBotswana, Gaborone
Oladiran OlawumiBotswana, Palapye
Uilmar Marcio De Lima Leao, MDSanta Casa De Sao Felix/BahiaBrazil, Bahia Blanca Province, Salvador
Vivian Almeida Silva, MDEMEC HospitalBrazil, Bahia, Fera de Santana
Miriam Oliveira de Abreu, MDBrazil, Federal District, Braslia
Wilton Adriano Da Silva Fiho, MDClinica do Calculo, MGENEBrazil, Goiânia
Bernardo Madruga Cavalcanti, BSNMedworkBrazil, João Pessoa
Adler Dourado, MDBrazil, Maringa
Shirley Gamonal, PhDInstituto GamonalBrazil, Minas Gerais, Juiz de Fora
Giselle Froes, MDBrazil, Minas Gerais
Juliana Monteiro Correa, MDHospital Odilon Behrens-Belo Horizonte, MGBrazil, Minas Gerais, Below Horizonte
Marcelo Tavares Monteiro, MDBrazil, Pará, Belém
Maria Cristina KandaBrazil, Parana, Londrina
Estevao Figueiredo, MDBrazil, Pentapolis
Taciana Padilha de Castro, MDInstituto de Pesquisas Clínicas ScinetBrazil, Pernambuco, Recife
Corinto Viano Pereira, MD, PhDOTAFACE RECFEBrazil, Pernambuco, Rscife
Isabel Cristina Quaresma Rego, Pediatric DentistCISLABrazil, Piauí, Teresina
Airton S. Crespo, MDBrazil, Rio de Janeiro
Danielle Mattar Lenac, MDBrazil, Rio De Janeiro, Niterói
Daniel Ribeiro Conceicao, MDBrazil, Rio De Janeiro, Nova Friburgo
Luis Henrique de Oliveira Coutinho, MDBrazil, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Virginia Rodreigues de Camargo, MDBrazil, Rio de Janeiro, Tres Rios
Roberta Lacerda Almeida de Miranda Dantas, MDUniversity Teaching Hospital Onofre LopesBrazil, Rio Grande do Norte, Natal
Melissa Pires, MDBrazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Camaqua
Moema de Almeida Flores Cruz, MDBrazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Montenegro
Moema de Almeida Flores, Cruz, MDBrazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Montenegro
Fernando Richar Smith Alvez, RNHospital Regina, Hospital Sagrada Família, Hospital São Pedro CaníssioBrazil, Rio Grande Do Sul, Novo Hamburgo
Raquel Fischer Rocha, CRFBrazil, Santa Catarina, Brusque
Solange Therezinha Barreto de Oliveira, MDConsultorio e Hospital da UnimedBrazil, Santa Catarina, Criciúma
Andre Luz Da Rosa, MDBrazil, Santa Catarina, Joinville
Fabio Lopez Buenos Netto, MDClinic Bem EstarBrazil, São Paulo
Jao Paulo Sanros CaetanoBrazil, São Paulo
Mauro Tarandach, MDBrazil, São Paulo
Patricia Pfeilsticker Sousa Santos, MDAMA Capoa Redondo, SPDMBrazil, São Paulo
Paulo Porto de Melo, MDAsclepio Medical ServicesBrazil, São Paulo
Eduardo Rollo, DDSBrazil, São Paulo, Bauru
Andre Fares Porto, MDCentro Medico de CampinasBrazil, Sao Paulo, Campinas
José Roberto Betanho, MDBrazil, São Paulo, Guarulhos
Jussara Franca Resende, MDMEDITTBrazil, São Paulo, São Bernardo do Campo
Ivan B. Monteiro, MDUFTM Clinics HospitalBrazil, Uberaba
Yulsef Ferreira, MDUberaba Regional HospitalBrazil, Uberaba
Vilson Jaime Kautzmann, MDBrazil,RS, Sapiranga
Dimitar Dimitrov, MDUni HospitalBulgaria, Panagyurishte
Ludimila Tankova, MDQueen Joanna University HospitalBulgaria, Sofia
Nikolay Uvaliev, MDAcibadem City Clinic - University Hospital SofiaBulgaria, Sofia
Yanko Nachkov, MDBulgaria, Sofia
Georgi Arabadzhiev, MDTrakia University, Anesthesia & Intensive CareBulgaria, Stara Zagora
Demosthenes Reyes, MDCentral HospitalCambodia, Phnom Penh
Tith Hong Youe, DDS, MScRoomchange Dental HosptialCambodia, Phnom Penh
Tom Johnson, MD, Acting Advisor to the Ministry of Health of Cambodia for treating COVID-19Streams in the Desert Medical NGO, Phnom Penh, CambodiaCambodia, Phnom Penh
Jacinta Young, RRTCanada, Alberta
Absalom RD Herdman, BSC, Cert. Hon, BSC PhmCanada, Alberta, Airdrie
Nadine Temple, Advanced Care ParamedicAHS-CalgaryCanada, Alberta, Calgary
Bruce Coad, Primary Care ParamedicCanada, Alberta, Drumheller
Anne Jordan, BScN, RNNurses for Sustainable CareCanada, Alberta, Edmonton
DeShane Roppo, RNCanada, Alberta, Edmonton
Mohamad Hamadeh, MDCanada, Alberta, Edmonton
Kelli Palfy, MDCanada, Alberta, Spring Lake
Wendy Wagner, RNCanada, British Columbia, Abottsford
Shandalin O'Mahony, NPHope Medical ClinicCanada, British Columbia, Chilliwack
Elisabeth PennerCanada, British Columbia, Creston
Pinder Nagra, RN, MSNCanada, British Columbia, Kamloops
Bernhard Dobovicnik, MD, MScCanada, British Columbia, Rossland
Frances LaiCanada, British Columbia, Surrey
Debby Parrington, LPNCanada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Richard O'Halloran, MD, BCh, DACanada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Kathy Rukavina, BScN, MN, ANP, NP(F)Canada, British Columbia, Vernon
Bruce Hoffman, MDCanada, Calgary
Kristi Bankonin, Advanced Care ParamedicCanada, Calgary
Craig Ferguson, MDCanada, Lunenburg
Leslie Ann Forgie, RNCanada, Manitoba, Winnipeg
George Roth, NDMatrix Health SolutionsCanada, Markham
Clifford Rosen, MDCanadian Covid Telehealth, Inc.Canada, New Brunswick, Moncton
Carolyn Buckle, RN, MN, ANPCanada, Newfoundland and Labrador, Corner Brook
Julia DeGazio, RPNNiagara HealthCanada, Niagara Falls
Mathieu Buttazoni, MDCanada, North Bay
Jane Delorey, RHNDown to Earlth Holistic NutritionCanada, Nova Scotia, Timerlea
Samia Hanna, MDCanada, Ontario
Charish Layon, Radiologic TechnologistCanada, Ontario, Brampton
Alexander Julien AudetteZen AcupunctureCanada, Ontario, Cambridge
Moira Furlong, RNCanada, Ontario, Hamilton
Lori Lynn Ursu, RPN, RCRTCanada, Ontario, Harrow
Viola Haze Ajida, BScNCanada, Ontario, Kingsville
Kayla Youskow, RPNCanada, Ontario, London
Jimmy Poon, MDCanada, Ontario, Mississauga
Imke Schaible, DCCanada, Ontario, Newmarket
Andrea Bjel, BScN, RNCanada, Ontario, Niagara Falls
Holly Wilson, MSN, RNCanada, Ontario, Oshawa
Jessica Allan, RPNCanada, Ontario, Ottawa
Pankaj JainCanada, Ontario, Ottawa
Christiane Dauphinais, PhD, MD (ret.)Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Claudia Chaufan, MD (Argentina), PhDAssociate Professor of Health Policy and Global Health, York University, Canada
Canadian COVID Care Alliance, Member of Steering Committee & Chair of the Post Vaccine Events & Long COVID Committee
Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Helen Kelly, MSN, RNUnity HealthCanada, Ontario, Toronto
Margarita Gitev, MDPrivate PracticeCanada, Ontario, Toronto
Michael Proussalidis, RPhCanada, Ontario, Toronto
Nabeel Elkhafif, MD, M.Sc.Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Ken Southward D.D.SCanada, Ontario, Vineland
Jen Hagan, BSNCanada, Ontario, Wallaceburg
Joseph Clarke, MDCanada, Ottawa
Paul Cavalieri, NDInternational Institute of NaturopathyCanada, Quebec, Montreal
Maria-Fernamda MonroyUniversity Health NetworkCanada, Toronto
Caroline Wang, MDCanada, Vancouver
Elizabeth Bastian, MDCanada. British Columbia
Julio Bretas, MDBUPAChile, Santiago
Cristian Silva, BSNClinica Dr. SilvaChile, Santiago, Santiago
Enrique Quinteros, MDHospital NavalChile, Talcahuano
Sebastian Otero, MDChile, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar
Marlon Burbano Hurtado, MDCovid Columbia, CaliColombia, Cali
Andres Felipe Velsasco Bedoy, MDColombia, Medellin
Elaine Suarez, MDColombia, Medellin
Laureano Mestra, MDMast Cell Research InstituteColombia, Medellin
Yamil Bojanini, MDColombia, Medellin
Franco Eugenio Jimenez Acosta, MDBiorigenColombia, Nariño, Pasto
Carlos Alonso Valencia Bernal, MDColombia, Yumbo
Melita KinclCroatia, Grubisno Polje
Irena Barbaric, MSN, RNKBC RijekaCroatia, Hrvatska, Rijeka
Klaudija Pervan Curko, MDGeneral Hospital ZadarCroatia, Zadar
Andreas Rossos, MuDrCyprus
Anna Yiannikou, MSc PharmacyCyprus, Paphos
Michal Rezek, MDSt. Anne University HospitalCzech Republic, Brno
Andrea Málková, MDCenter for Complex MedicineCzech Republic, Brno
Pavel Sedlak, MDKrajská nemocnice LiberecCzech Republic, Liberec
Simon Reich, MDCzech Republic, Prague
Stig Ekkert, MDDragør Lægeklinik og PatientcentrumDenmark, Copenhagen
Camilla Ellen Gregersen, DVMDenmark, Nordjyland, Aalborg
Gideon Plaut, MDCemedin Dominican RepublicDominican Republic, Cabarete
José Ernesto Pujols Báez, MDDominican Republic, Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo
Diego Barahona Pinto, MDHospital de Los VallesEcuador, Quito
Fabián Delgado, MDColegio Médico Quito 6190Ecuador, Quito
Mario Medhat Michael Tadrous Bishara, MDEgypt, Alexandria
Emad Issak, MDAin Shams UniversityEgypt, Cairo
Mohamed Saleh Gomaa, MDFayoum University HospitalEgypt, Fayoum
Monkez M. Yousif, MDZagazig University HospitalEgypt, Zagazig
Mario Ruben Gurrra Morataya, MDEl Salvador, San Salvador
William Andres Hoyos Arango, MDEl Salvador, San Salvador
Chris Van Selm, MD, BSC (MED), MBCHB(STELL), DIP MID, CO&G (SA), FCFP(SA) ,ODH (WITS)Eswatini, Mbabane
Ashebir Getu, BSN, Government Health OfficerEthiopia, Addis Ababa
Mitra Mahdavi, MDEU, Iran, United Kingdom
Artur Bartosik, MDEuropean Union Germany, Poland
Tupou Raqona, MDFiji, Nadi
Isabelle Krief, Pharmacist (ret.)France, Anglet
Jacques Lemoine, MD (ret.)France, Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Sallanches
Pinoteau Jean-Jacques, PsychiatreFrance, Billere
Stephane Cerboni, DOFrance, Gignac-la-Nerthe
Michel Alibert, MDFrance, Joué-lès-Tours
Dr. Christine De TaddeoFrance, La Ciotat
Benoit Artault, MDFrance, Le Hezo
Laleh Amini Ricard, MDFrance, Nice
Claude Jeanne MadelinFrance, Paris
Boret Henry, MDFrance, Saint-Raphael
Leonard Vulpe, MDFrance, Senonches
Patrick Jeanmougin, MDFrance, Strasbourg
Matthias Judex, NPFrance, Talissieu
Jean-Paul Theron, MDFrench Polynesia, Tahiti, Arue
Tamar Akhvlediani, MD, PhDGeorgia, Tbilisi
Heinz-Jürgen Träger, MDGermany, Bad Mergentheim
Sonja Wernitz, MDHausarztpraxis Rheinfelden - MinselnGermany, Baden Württemberg, Wehr
Oliver Haas, MDGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Epfendorf
Gretel Frohn, MDSelbständigeGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
Sgrun Imhäuser, MDPraxis für KommunikationsmedizinGermany, Bayern, Klingenberg
Peter Josseck, MDGermany, Bayern, Zangberg
Franz Brettner, MDGermany, Munich
M. Stoffel, Professor, MDGermany, Munich
Karl Schaller, General Medicine SpecialistGermany, Nagel
Sabine Heldsdörfer, Health Coach, Naturopath, and NurseSabine Heldsdörfer Private and Company Health Advice
[email protected]
Germany, Niedersachsen, Wolfsburg
Anette Jacks, Dr. Med VetLandeslabor Schleswig-HolsteinGermany, Schleswig-Holstein, Soren
Julien Dufayet, MDGermany, Stuhr
Peter Hallermann, MDGermany, Wachtberg
Aggelos Margetis, MD, Resident Phsyician, Integrative Health and Medicine;
Certified in: Nutrition and Disease, Cancer Survisorship, Precision Medicine
2nd Department of Internal Medicine, Athens Naval and Veterans Hospital
Greece, Athens
Nick Kalampogias, MDL.A.I.K.O. Hospital of AthensGreece, Athens
Maria Vassiliou, MDGreece, Thessaloniki
Theodoros Aslandis, MDSt. Paul General HospitalGreece, Thessaloniki
Mario Ganddini, DDSGuatemala, Guatemala
Ishaku Zechariah, BSN, RNGuyana, Demerara-Mahaica, Georgetown
Luis Fernando Acosta Nolasco, MDHospital Mario Catarino RivasHonduras, San Pedro Sula
Laszlo Hidvegi, Pharm.DHungary, Budapest
Padányi Klára Mária, MDHungary, Budapest
Tibor Cselenyi, MDHungary, Gödöllő
Szalay Hajnalka, DDSLaserdentHungary, Mosonmagyaróvár
Zsuzsanna Rago, MDAlbert Szent-Gyorgyi Clinical Center of Szeged UniversityHungary, Szeged
G. Karl Snaebjornsson, MDIceland, Kopavogur
Viralkumar B Patel, MDKSP Super Specialty CentreIndia, Balasinor
Nidhi Jain, MBBS, MDHimalayan Institute of Medical SciencesIndia, Dehradun
Rajan Arora, MDIndia, Dehradun/Uttarakhand
Lalit Gupta, MDMaulana Azad Medical CollegeIndia, Delhi
Lovenish Bains, MDMaulana Azad Medical CollegeIndia, Delhi
Ankur Gupta, MDApollo HospitalIndia, Indore
Jagadish G. Donki, MDIndia, Karnataka, Bangalore
D. Jagadesh, MDIndia, Karnataka, Hampi
Vinayak S Hiremath , MDKMK - HOSPITAL (Cochin)India, Kerala
KM Thomas, MDOrentIndia, Kerala, Chengannur
Pradeep Kuriakose ThomasIndia, Kerala, Trivandrum
Anraj Singh, MDAsia Rescue & Medical Services PVT LTDIndia, Kolkata
Vipul Shah, MDR P Shah Memorial TrustIndia, Lucknow
Surya Kant, MDKing George Medical UniversityIndia, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Chinmay Erram, MDSharada Clinic Erram Multispeciality HospitalIndia, Maharashtra
Darrell DeMello, MD, MBBS, MBAIndia, Maharashtra, Mumbai
Nimisha Naresh Sharma, MDIndia, Maharashtra, Mumbai
Akshat Singh Thakur, MDRemedio Connecting HealthcareIndia, New Dehli
Rohan Fonseca, MDIndia, Panjim
Mehul Patel, MDGeeta ICUIndia, Patan
Gulshan Rai, MDCivil Hospital Ludhiana and KhannaIndia, Punjab, Khanna
Sai Kiran, MDGovernment Stanley HospitalIndia, Tamil Nadu
Anil Kumar, MDGalaxy HospitalIndia, Uttar Pradesh, Deoria
Raghu Ram U, MDPulmonary Emergency and Critical Care Society of IndiaIndia, Vijayawada
Abhijit Das, MBBS, MDIndia, West Bengal, Kolkata
I Gusti Ngurah Mahaalit Aribawa, MDIndonesia, Bali, Denpasar
Ubeta Adikusnadi, MDKlinik PratamaIndonesia, Banten, Kota Tangerang
Leopold Trisno, MDMerry Medica ClinicIndonesia, Banten, Tangerang
Mariza Andika Ambarsari, MDIDIIndonesia, Banten, Tangerang Selatan
Mohamad Nasrun, MDPPKPIndonesia, Banten, Tangerang Selatan
Vera Indrayani Sadeli, MDUnimedikaIndonesia, Bekasi, Lippo Cikarang Bekasi
Masyithah Nurul 'Aini, MDProdia Clinics dan Clinical LaboratoryIndonesia, Central Java, Semarang City
Catherine Tjahjadi, MDTriha ClinicIndonesia, DKI Jakarta
Deiby Y Kotambunan, MDIndonesia, DKI Jakarta
Dewi Atika Putri, MDIndonesia, DKI Jakarta
Isabella Margie, MDTrueCare ClinicIndonesia, DKI Jakarta
Lemi Rosmini, MDIndonesia, DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Barat
I. Made Suryanto, MD, SpKKLPHalodocIndonesia, DKI Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Timur
Ike Sukma Dewi Kunwardhani, MDClinic QuinzaIndonesia, East Java, Sidoarjo
Fanny Imannuddin, MD, M.Biomed (AAM), ABAARMSukhavita ClinicIndonesia, East Java, Surabaya
Mochamad Yusuf, MD PhD FIHA FESC FAsCCAirlangga UniversityIndonesia, East Java, Surabaya
Sri Budiwati, MDQ-Life ClinicIndonesia, East Java, Surabaya
W. Wilianto, MDIndonesia, East Kalimantan, Berau
Evi Maryam, MDIndonesia, Jakarta
Genti Nanere, MDLife Tree ClinicIndonesia, Jakarta
Grace Hilza, MDDocto House ClinicIndonesia, Jakarta
Grace Santhy Sasnan, MDPT Dipa Pharmalab IntersainsIndonesia, Jakarta
Indahwati Limarta, MDIndonesia, Jakarta
Novita Rahmawati, MDSyifa Medical Centre ClinicIndonesia, Jakarta
Rachellicya R. Sihaloho, MDDr. Sihaloho ClinicIndonesia, Jakarta
Sandra Eka Septiani, MDIDIIndonesia, Jakarta
Siti Mashitah, MDRsup FatnawariIndonesia, Jakarta
Marlinda Effendi, MDIDIIndonesia, Jakarta Pusat
Heni Safitri, MDClinic Dr. HeniIndonesia, Jakarta Salatan
Silvana Sartika, MDTriha ClinicIndonesia, Jakarta Selatan
Anita Yuliasari, MDPuskesmas Kecamatan KojaIndonesia, Jawa Barat, Bekasi
Irni Savitri Nasution, MDIndonesian Medical AssociationIndonesia, Jawa Barat, Bekasi
Merry Anne Natalina, MDIndonesia, Jawa barat, Bekasi
Bhakti Gunawan, MDIndonesia, Jawa Barat, Depok
Mesati Magdalena Gulo, MDIDIIndonesia, Jawa barat, Depok
Sitha Nurahma, MDIndonesia, Jawa Barat, Kabupaten bekasi
Johana Bundong, MDIndonesia, Jawa Timur, Gresik
Luluk Cynthia Wahyuni, MDTsuraya ClinicIndonesia, Jawa Timur, Jombang
Lia Amalia, MDKimia FarmaIndonesia, Jawa Timur, Surabaya
Ingrid Jeannette, MD, MSParas ClinicIndonesia, Kalimantan Timur, Balikpapan
Rika Rahma Dewi, MDUPT Puskesmas Duri KotaIndonesia, Riau, Bengkalis
Rakhmat Agung P, MDIndonesia, Surabaya
Rita Hapsari Meta Octaviani, MD, Sp.P, FAPSRNational Hospital SurabayaIndonesia, Surabaya
Woelan Magriet, MDIndonesia, Tangerang
Simon Nanloly, MDEka Hospital Bekasa, West Java, IndonesiaIndonesia, West Java, Jakarta
Edwin Suprayogi, MD, MKesIndonesia, West Sumatera, Sijunjung
Aiiar Ahmadi, MDMilad HospitalIran, Tehran
Khalaf Gargary, MDUniversity of DuhokIraq, Duhok
Mohammed Abdulrahman, MDVajeen HospitalIraq, Duhok
Ahmed Hakim, MD, FICMS, CABM, DMIraq Ministry of HealthIraq, Karbala
Ephraim Palmero, MD, FRSTMHhttps://www.actionforhumanity.org/Iraq, Kurdistan, Erbil
Razhan Mohammed Qadir, MDShahid Dr. Hemn Teaching HospitalIraq, Kurdistan, Sulaymaniyah
Goran Muhedeen Hama Raza, MDShar HospitalIraq, Sulaymaniyah
Richard Teller, MD, MA (Oxon), MB, BS, MRCGPIsrael, ,Ramat Bet Shemesh
Ephraim Ben-Zeev, MDIsrael, Efrat
Abraham Berger, MDAssuta AshdodIsrael, Har Adar
Ben-Daniel Yochanan, MDFrench Hospital of St. LouisIsrael, Jerusalem
Yoav Halfon, MDIsrael, Tel Aviv
Carlo Tonarelli, MDASL2 SavoneseItaly, Albenga
Puya Dehgani-Mobaraki, MDAssociazione “Naso Sano”Italy, Corciano, San Mariano
Francesco Savelli, MDER & Emergency Medicine Hospital of FaenzaItaly, Faenza
Fabrizio Pedrabissi, MDItaly, Finale Emilia
Davide Giustivi, RNItaly, lodi
Beatrice Barbolan, MDItaly, Lombardia, Carate Brianza
Simon Rauch, MDIntensive Care Unit, Merano HospitalItaly, Merano
Maria Antonietta Balzola, MDIppocrateOrgItaly, Novate Milanese
Giuseppe Mammero, MDDellavalle (Alba) e Bios (Mondovi)Italy, Piemonte, Moncalieri (Torino)
Francesco Raggi, MDItaly, Terni
Plino Calligaro, MDItaly, Villafranca di Verona
Lee Martin, MD, MB, BS, FRCS (EDIN)Jamaica, Kingston
Yoshitsugu Seo, MDOmotesandou FM ClinicJapan, Gohongi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Yoko Masuda, MDBFL ClinicJapan, Shizouka
Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhDJapanese Society for Orthomolecular MedicineJapan, Tokyo
Ikuo Soeno, DDSJapan, Tokyo
Morimasa Yagisawa, PhDJapan, Tokyo
Tomoko Ogasawara, MDTokyo Women's Medical University Medical Center EastJapan, Tokyo
Shinichi Arai, MDJapan, Tokyo, Todoroki
Dave K Kihara, MD, MBChBKenya, Nairobi
Arber Hoti, PhDUniversity of PristinaKosovo, Pristina
Jamal Hassan, MDKuwait NIH, Kuwait Ministry of HealthKuwait
Fawaz Nasr, RNLebanon, Alay
Pierre RizkLebanon, Beirut
Maxson Musama, MDLighthouse Trust - Kamuzu Central HospitalMalawi, Lilongwe
Kiran Jayaraman, MDMalaysia, FT, Kuala Lumpur
Shamsul JasmiUnity FarmasiMalaysia, Gombak
Francis Yap, MDOne A Day MDMalaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Vijaendreh Subramaniam, MDMAAFIMMalaysia, Melaka
Anthony Balavendrian, MDThe Association of Medical Doctors of Asia, NGO (Malaysian Chapter)Malaysia, Penang, George Town
Voon San Loo, MD, FRCSEdVS Loo Surgical Clinic Sdn BhdMalaysia, Perak, Ipoh
Mahathir Mohamed, MDKlinik Lina/TimelessMalaysia, Petaling Jaya
Nurulhuda Mohammed Zabidi, MDMAAFIMMalaysia, Selangor, Bandar Baru Bangi
Nimi Sutina Nordin, MDMalaysia, Selangor, Petaling Jaya
Lau Cher Rene, MDMalaysia, Selangor, Subang Jaya
Nurzawati Zakaria, MDKlink Dr. NurzwatiMalaysia, Shah Alam
Julio Salcido Noris, MDIMSS/ISSSTEMéxico
Rigoberto Cardenas Perez, MDInstituto Mexicano Del Seguro Social / Secretaria de Salud de TamaulipasMéxico
Robert Plinke, MD, Board Certified ER PhysicianMéxico, Chapala
Pablo Fernando Magallanes, MDBEST FoundationMéxico, Chihuahua
Juan Carlos Rojas, MDMéxico, Ciudad de México
Alejandro González Alvarado, MDIMSSMéxico, Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas
Fernando Gonzalez Valerio, MDChristus Muguerza - SaltilloMéxico, Coahuila, Saltillo
José Vincente Saavedra, MDMéxico, Guadalajara
Jake Ames, MD, HMDMéxico, Jalisco, Guanajuato
Alberto Mendez Campos, MDMéxico, México City
Jorge Marure, MDPrivadaMéxico, México City
Jose Angel Valdes Garcia, MDMedica CualiMéxico, México City
Lauro Manuel Loria, MDStar Médica CentroMéxico, México City
Leon Roditi Herrera, MDMéxico, México City
Maria Sonia Meza Vargas, MD, FACCP, FRCPCAmerican British Cowdray HospitalMéxico, México City
Victor Achar Samra, MDConamegeMéxico, México City
Eli Antonio Fraga Aguilar, MDMexico, Michoacan, Morelia
Juan Arturo Ramos RamosMéxico, Michoacan, Morelia
Gonzalo Izquierdo Davila, MDHospital Angeles Valle OrienteMéxico, Monterrey
Hernan Flores, MDMéxico, Monterrey
Jesus Eduardo Gonzalez Alvarez, MDHospital San LucasMéxico, Monterrey Nuevo León
Maria Guadalupe Lopez Delgado, MDMéxico, Morelos, Cuautla
Ricardo Raul Cadena Avalos, MDMéxico, Nuevo León, Guadalupe
Francisco Gijon Cruz, MDIMSsMéxico, Oaxaca
Laura Martínez Rodríguez, RNHospital General San Juan del RíoMéxico, Querétaro, San Juan del Río
Marco Antonio Bracho Ugarte, MDEspecialista Jubilado Servicio Médico "Pemex"México, Reynosa Tamaulipas
Jesus Martinez Valdez, MDHospital UniversitarioMéxico, Saltillo
Maria del Carmen Cruz Vergara, MDMéxico, San Juan del Rio
Rosalinda Valenzuela HigueraMéxico, Sinaloa, Mocorito
Jorge Antonio Grijalva Chávez, MDComudis dif HermosulloMéxico, Sonora, Bahia Kino
Armando Lagarda Tinajero, MDMéxico, Sonora, Hermosillo
Abraham Pereyra Martinez, MDIMSSMéxico, Tabasco, Villahermosa
Ricardo Estrada, NeurologoMéxico, Tampico
Ariel Ortiz, MD, FACS, FAST BSMéxico, Tijuana
César González Sampieri, MDConsultorio Santa TeresitaMéxico, Veracruz, Huatusco
Ye Thetsoe, MDUniversity of Medicine 2, YangonMyanmar, Yangon, Yangon
Esteban Blazic, MDNamibia, Erongo, Walvis Bay
Richard Coomer, RNNamibia, Khomas, Windhoek
Martin Wucher, MDDr. Wucher PracticeNamibia, Okahandja
Simon Idris Beshir, MDNamibia Heart CentreNamibia, Windhoek
GeertVan der Velde, RNQraadNetherlands, Friesland, Bakkeveen
Vicky Swanson, RNAbsorb Real HealthNew Zealand, Auckland, Torbay
Pieter Botes, MDNew Zealand, Hamilton
Johanna Coetzee, MDNew Zealand, Manawatu-Wanganui, Wanganui
Paul Butler, MDNew Zealand, Taneatua
Martha Lucia Fernadez Mendieta, MDHospital San José DiriambaNicaragua, Carazo, Diriamba
Martha Lucia Fernandez Mendieta, MDHospital San Jose, Diriamba, CarazoNicaragua, Carazo, Diriamba
Oscar Espino MDNicaragua, Managua
Akolawole Michael , MDLimi Hospital Group / Kola Institute of Translational Research and Molecular MedicineNigeria, Abuja
Uruakpa G. Uche, MDNigeria, Abuja
Onuwaje Mayomi, MBBS, FMCRNigeria, Delta, Warri
Aduloju Catherine Olufunmilayo, Chief Medical OfficerGeneral Hospital LagosNigeria, Lagos
Ayorinde Mojisola MargaretAfrica CDCNigeria, Lagos
Stella Obioha-Udeozor, MDFrancellia Hospital And Health ServicesNigeria, Lekki
Ilija Zdravkov, MDNorth Macedonia, Skopje
Annette Resch, MDDoktorBarnegodNorway, Akershus, Høvik
Elmer Edward, MDBergenvest Legesenter ASNorway, Bergen
Anne Døvre, BSN, RNValdres AkupunkturklinikkNorway, Innlandet, Ulnes
Arjun Balasingham, MDDiwan Medical ServicesOman, Muscat
Mujahid Z. Ali, MBBS, FCPSCMH QTAPakistan, Baluchistan, Quetta
Muhammad Nauman Shad, MDSahara Medical CollegePakistan, Punjab, Narowal
Asif Ahmed Khan, MBBSCivil HospitalPakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Irfan Khan, PhDPakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Carlos Staff, MDNational Medical Centre Aviation MedicalPanama
Ricardo Herrera, MDPanama Republic
Miryana Ceballos, MDCaja de Seguro SocialPanama, Colon
Carlos Ignacio Morinigo AguileraInstituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias AmbientalesParaguay, Asunción
Antonio Camargo Acosta, MDONKOSPeru, Lima
Elmer Antonio Vargas Silva, MDHospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati MartinsPeru, Lima
German Patron, MDPeru, Lima
Gunter Callata, MDPeru, Lima
Pedro Garcia-Mantilla, MD, FCCPInter NeurmoPeru, Lima
Ricardo Santos, MDCECRAFPeru, Lima
Risof Rolland Solís Condor, MDPeru, Lima
Roque Ruiz-Gonzalez Yunis, MDPeru, Lima
Juan Javier Castillo Camacho, MDCorporación Medicus SACPerú, Lima
Carlos Omar Alvarado Rodríguez, MDPeru, Loreto
Max Themme Florez, MDPeru, Loreto
Anita S. Sanchez, MDPhilippines, Angeles City
Rhodora M. Reyes, MDBatangas Medical CenterPhilippines, Batangas, Batangas City
Paul Stanley Ilagan, BSN, RNPhilippines, Calapan
Renan Dungog. MDPhilippines, Cebu
Romy Paredes, Founder, Medical DirectorWellnessland Health InstitutePhilippines, Cebu
Rodolfo Roman T. Bigornia , Professor of MedicineMedInfo HealthCare ResourcePhilippines, Cebu Cebu
Mary Cris Vargas, MDPhilippines Health Insurance CompanyPhilippines, General Santos City
Alvin L. Reyes, MDPhilippines, Isabela, Santiago City
Joel Lopez, MD, CNS, DABAARMA4M, ACAM, IFM, PRIMA-PhilippinesPhilippines, Makati City
Maria Helen Grace Perez-Florentino, MD, FPAAAMMIMecca Clinic / Recuenco General HospitalPhilippines, Manila
Ma Teresa Viterbo, MDPhilippines, Metro Manila
Grin Serenio, MDSerene Wellness ClinicPhilippines, Metro Manila, Makati
Johann Kim T. Manez, MD, DipBLM, FACLMFourLeaf Lifestyle Medical GroupPhilippines, Metro Manila, Pasay
Joseph C Palmero, MD, FPSMSPNP Crime Laboratory, Medicolegal DivisionPhilippines, Metro Manila, Quezon City
Nathaniel Anthony Salvador, MDAce Diagnostics CorporationPhilippines, Metro Manila, Quezon City
Rene Valerio, MDPhilippines, Metro Manila, Quezon City
Ysabella Espino, MDPhilippines, Metro Manila, San Juan
Angela Acedera, MD (Ophthalmologist)Las Piñas Doctors HospitalPhilippines, Muntinlupa City
Jose Rico Alva Antonio, MD, FPSOHNSPhilippines, National Capital Region, Paranaque
Bienvenido BalotroPhilippines, NCR, Manila
Denise J. Cosgrove, MDPhilippines, Negros Occidental, Bacolod
Miguel Sarabia, MDSarabia Vision Eye ClinicsPhilippines, Negros Occidental, Bacolod
Helen Serrano, MDHI Precision LabPhilippines, Quezon City
Jaime Catorce, BSN, RNPhilippines, Quezon City
Sigfried L. Galang, MDLAMMP, CDC PHPhilippines, Quezon City
Renacito Refuerzo Ramos, MD, DFMSaint Jude Hospital and Medical CenterPhillipines, Malolos
Borys Paculda, Master of Physical RehabilitationPoland, Lodz
Lekarz Magdalena Karpinska, MDPoland, Rzeszow
Tomasz Zawada, MD, PhDPoland, Wroclaw
Lourdes Cerol Bandeira, MDPortugal, Lagos
Jose Carlos Amado Santos, MDCentro Saude Marinha GrandePortugal, Leiria
Marta Araújo, ODPortugal, Lisbon
Cátia Patrícia Teixeira da Costa Viana, MDPortugal, Porto
Peter Olivier, Dip Pharm (ret.)Republic of South Africa, Eastern Cape, Kenton on Sea
Horia-Remus Siclovan, MDRomania, Arad
Padurau Mihai, MDHospital C. AngelescuRomânia, București
Emil-Octavian Iosef, MDCalarasi Emergency HospitalRomania, Calarasi
Claire Louisy, MD, MRCOGBLACKBAY MedicalSaint Lucia, Vieux Fort
Whaj Ali Almaktari, MDSaudi German HospitalSanaa, Yemen
Bettina Schleyerbach, MDSchweiz, Basel Land, Arlesheim
Ibrahima Gueye, PhDCMIA ZiguinchorSenegal
Privatna Ordinacija Dzaric Holistik, MDSerbia, Kragujevac
Tijana Cer Stoja, MDEmergency Service Novi Sad, SerbiaSerbia, Novi Sad
Mihailo Milanovic, MDGeneral Hospital BorSerbia, Zajecar
Khoo Boo Kian, MD, FRCS, FAMSSingapore, Singapore
Katarina Krechnakova, MDSlovakia Republic, Bratislava
Pavol Torok, MD, PhDClinic AIM, East Slovakian Institute of Cardiovascular DiseasesSlovakia, Kosice
Igor Joseph Kocijancic, MDUMC LjubljanaSlovenia, Ljubljana
Zivan Krevel, MDHomeopatski center KrevelSlovenia, Ljubljana
Erika Drewes, MDDr. Erika DrewesSouth Africa, Cape Town
Gawie Bruwer, MDMediclinic Southern AfricaSouth Africa, Cape Town
Mogamat Sharief Fortune, MD, MBChB (UHT)South Africa, Cape Town
Phindile Rejoice Jujuju, MDUbuntu Pulse MedicalSouth Africa, Eastern Cape, East London
Marlon Appolis, MDHPCSASouth Africa, Eastern Province, Port Elizabeth
Unine Snyman, MDSouth Africa, Free State
J.H. Lopez-Renjel, MDSouth Africa, Gauteng, Boksburg
Ahmed Haffejie, MDOptimum Healthspan InstituteSouth Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
Pran Andhee, MB ChBSouth Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
Sekgopi-Salejwe Nyhonyha, MPhilPelonngwe Wellness Retreat & Spa at www.pelonngwespa.comSouth Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
Margaret Gregersen, RNSouth Africa, Gauteng, Kempton Park
Rachelle Isakov, MDLife Flora HospitalSouth Africa, Gauteng, Sandton
Gwendolyn Cawood BartieSouth Africa, Gauteng, Vereeniging
Graciela Martinez Gonzalez, MDDepartment of HealthSouth Africa, Gauteng, White
Koos le Roux, MDSouth Africa, Koffiefontein
Nokuthula XuluSouth Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Province, Pietermaritzburg
Esther Rhodé Gerber, MDSouth Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
Sonette Dreyer, M.S.c. PhysioSouth Africa, KZN, Durban
Clarice Van Vreden, MDSouth Africa, North West, Hartbeespoort
Govindsamy Govender, MDSouth Africa, Port Elizabeth
Eugene Meyer, MDCenturion Eye HospitalSouth Africa, Prestoris
Albert Vilojoen, MDSouth Africa, Pretoria
Albertus Jansen Van Vuuren, MDSouth Africa, Pretoria
Roy EskapaClinical De Addiction Medical PsychologistSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
Theresa Greyling, RNBlue Mountain FrailcareSouth Africa, Western Cape, George
Colleen Fourie, BSN, RNACVV Helen BellinganhofSouth Africa, Western Cape, Oudtshoorn
Audrey E. Zietsman, MDSouth Africa, Western Cape, Pringle Bay
Francisco Garcia Fuentes, MDSpain, Algeciras
Francisco Ramirez Dominguez, MDSpain, Malaga
Luis Prieto-Valiente, MDUCAM Universidad Católica de MurciaSpain, Murcia, Los Alcazares
Viktor Lerke, MDCentro Medico GuerreroSpain, Puerto De La Cruz
Fernando Guillén Pino, MDUniversity de La LagunaSpain, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Arico
Shirley Canute Melville Pulle TisseraSri Lanka, Welisara
A. H. M. Marjan, MBBS (KEL), SRI LANKA, PGDCH, (COLOMBO), MRCGP (INT.), MCGP, (Associate), MSc. In Phy Edu. (COLOMBO)Abrar Medicare College of GPs of Sri LankaSri Lanka, Western Province, Beruwala
Charles Isidore, DCSt. Lucia, Castries
Fredrik Nord, RNSweden, Gothenburg
Masoud Arjomand Far, MDSweden, Jönköping
Laurie Kryder, MSN, CNMDanderyd HospitalSweden, Stockholms Län, Upplands Väsby
Rolf Ensner, MDKantonsspital AarauSwitzerland, Aarau
Peer Schleyerbach, MDPraxisgemeinschaft KairosSwitzerland, Basel Land, Arlesheim
Arroja José Manuel, MDSwitzerland, Geneva
Pablo Buono, MDSwitzerland, Geneva, Geneva
Myriam Urfer, HMP nurseCentre Plexus at www.centreplexus.chSwitzerland, Vaud, Mézières
Paul Robert Vogt, MDUniversity Hospital/ZurichSwitzerland, Zurich
Kai-Jow Tsai, MDDr. Tsai Kari-Jobe orthopaedic ClinicTaiwan, Taipei
Abuonrutt Wannawisute, DDS, MPH, MSDr.Aubonrutt Dental Ofc. & Piyavate HospitalThailand, Bangkok
Aurachon Witchapan, MD, ENTSamitivej HospitalThailand, Bangkok
Sudlah Prichanond, MDThailand, Bangkok
Jirachai Waiwarawooth, MDChonburi HospitalThailand, Chonburi, Chonburi
Vinoo Bheem, MDTrinidad, San Fernando
Johnny Siu-Chong, MDTrinidad, Tobago, Maraval
Sami Talbi, MDCentre National Pour La Promotion et la Transplantation D'organeTunisia, Tunis
Ozgar Karacan, Assoc Prof, Pulmonary PhysicianIstanbul Cerrahi HospitalTurkey, Istanbul
Ozgur Karacan, Assoc Prof, Pulmonary Medicine PhysicianIstanbul Cerrahi HospitalTurkey, Istanbul
Mayank Vats, MDRashid HospitalUAE, Dubai
Bina PandeUganda, Kampala
Ninshaba Jacob, MDMbarara University Teaching HospitalUganda, Mbarara
Podoliaka Dmytro, MDDonetsk National Medical University, Donetsk Municipal Hospital 3Ukraine, Donetsk
Mary Corrado, BSNUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Mohamed Jibril, MDZayed Military HospitalUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Abudhabi
Tess Magbanua, RNNazareth HouseUnited Kingdom, Belfast
Dean Patterson, MD, MBCHB, FRCPUnited Kingdom, Channel Islands, Guernsey
Simona Dixon, DNP, RNUnited Kingdom, Crowley
Mathew Oliver, BASRaTUnited Kingdom, Doreset, Bournemouth
Clare Berrington, OTExeter Community Rehabilitation TeamUnited Kingdom, England, Devon, Exeter
Franca LaneUnited Kingdom, England, London
Rosalind Franklin, MDCambridge UniversityUnited Kingdom, England, London
Michael Rudenko, Professor1 Care Products, LTD. United Kingdom, London
Nyjon Eccles, MDThe Natural DoctorUnited Kingdom, London
Richard J. Stone, MDUnited Kingdom, London
Shahzad Faisal Chaudhary, MDUnited Kingdom, London
Liz Chukwu, RNUnited Kingdom, Manchester
John AllinsonSocial Work EnglandUnited Kingdom, Merseyside, Leasowe
Deepak Shori, MDUnited Kingdom, Northolt
Sarah Myhill, MDUnited Kingdom, Powys, Knighton
Tina Peers, MDUnited Kingdom, Surrey, London
Ruth A. Litte, RNUnited Kingdom, Wales, Swansea
Mathias Sander, MBChB equivalent, MFHom, DRCOGUnited Kingdom, West-Midlands, Birmingham
Christopher Brown, HHCCell2n
[email protected]
United Kingdom, Yorkshire, Pickering
Elizabeth Kuh, BSN, RNUnited States, Alabama, Auburn
Jenny Molloy, ARNPUnited States, Alabama, Birmingham
Phillip Arthur Triantos, MDUnited States, Alabama, Birmingham
Sara Wood, DNP, ACNP-CUnited States, Alabama, Birmingham
Anna Tara Liddle, RN, MSNUnited States, Alabama, Birmingham
Noah Elise Gudel, DOAlabama Lifestyle MedicineUnited States, Alabama, Bringing
William Evanochko, PhD (ret.)
Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease
University of Alabama at BirminghamUnited States, Alabama, Chelsea
Kristin Gross, RTUnited States, Alabama, Cordova
Willia, Gammill, DOUnited States, Alabama, Enterprise
Rene ONeill, RNUnited States, Alabama, Fairhope
Amanda Mitchell, MSPAS, PA-CPush HealthUnited States, Alabama, Fort Payne
Veda Pierce MacLeod, RNDeKalb Regional Medical CenterUnited States, Alabama, Fort Payne
Rebecca Halechko, CRNPSouthern WellnessUnited States, Alabama, Gilbert
Rebecca Edwards, NPUnited States, Alabama, Huntsville
Connor Mason Fairchild, BSN, RNUnited States, Alabama, Irondale
Paul Rose, RNFresenius Medical North AmericaUnited States, Alabama, Mobile
Stewart Hill Tankersley, MDUnited States, Alabama, Montgomery
Thomas J. Alford, MDUnited States, Alabama, Mountain Brook
Jennifer Lawson, ACNP-BC, MSNColdwater HealthUnited States, Alabama, Muscle Sholas
A. Niles, Chair of Medical RelationsTogether RX Access
(800) 444-4106
[email protected]

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United States, Alabama, Northport
Erin Riggins Beeson, RNUnited States, Alabama, Odenville
Carol A. Costello, LPNEastern Shore Health and RehabUnited States, Alabama, Oneonta
Ericka Freeman, MSN, NP-CUnited States, Alabama, Pelham
Keith Allan Dillard, DMDKeith Allan Dillard, DMD
[email protected]
United States, Alabama, Pelham
Helen Schaddt, RNBrookwood Baptist HealthcareUnited States, Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Tandy Nathan Vaughn, RN, MBAUnited States, Alabama, Tuscumbia
Carl L. Brown, Jr., PA-CUnited States, Alaska, Anchorage
Dale J. Trombley, II, MDAlaska Private PracticeUnited States, Alaska, Anchorage
Janeen Russell, BSN, RNUnited States, Alaska, Anchorage
Megan Hathcoat, BSN, RNUnited States, Alaska, Anchorage
Richard McCoy, MSN, FNP-CFrontline Family Medicine LLCUnited States, Alaska, Craig
Nancy Bienvenue, BSN, RNUnited States, Alaska, Fairbanks
Sharon Lou Strutz Norton, MSN, RNUnited States, Alaska, Homer
Judy McCarter, BSN, RNAtrium Health MercyUnited States, Alaska, Huntersville
Scott E. WattsRon's Apothecary ShoppeUnited States, Alaska, Juneau
Kristie L. Colleti-Giesler, FNP-C, ENP-C, ABAAHPBe-Well MedicineUnited States, Alaska, Kenai
Ernest Koehrer, MD (ret.)United States, Alaska, Palmer
Jennifer Landis, RNUnited States, Alaska, Soldotna
John D. Hacker, BSN, RNUnited States, Alaska, Wasilla
Peter C. Johnson, MDUnited States, Arizona, Blue
Rene S. Egbert, LPN, CEOApproved Nursing Services, P.L.L.CUnited States, Arizona, Buckeye
Lorraine Anderson, BSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Camp Verde
Megan Spears, BSN, MSN, ANP-CHealthy Tomorrows, LLCUnited States, Arizona, Chandler
Sarah Fuller, FNP-CValley Mobile Medical, LLCUnited States, Arizona, Chandler
Jonathan Hood, MDUnited States, Arizona, Chino Valley
Kimberly Bailey, FNP-CWestern Heritage Health and WellnessUnited States, Arizona, Chino Valley
Shelly Rippy, RNUnited States, Arizona, Cornville
Shaida Sina, MDBreakthrough MedicineUnited States, Arizona, Cottonwood
James Meek Sheppard, M.D. (ret.)United States, Arizona, El Dorado
Annika Kariniemi, CNPUnited States, Arizona, Flagstaff
Molly Monahan Howe, DACM, LAcUnited States, Arizona, Flagstaff
Abe Sellards, PA-CGateway Urgent CareUnited States, Arizona, Gilbert
Alan Bradford, NMDDowntown Gilbert HealthcareUnited States, Arizona, Gilbert
Ginni Orava, FNP-CEast Valley Serenity HealthUnited States, Arizona, Gilbert
Ronald Lee, MDUnited States, Arizona, Gilbert
Sonja Kissinger, RNUnited States, Arizona, Gilbert
David Call, DOInternal Medicine Associates of TuscaloosaUnited States, Arizona, Glendale
Charles Oliver Thompson, MDUnited States, Arizona, Goodyear
Gregory Glick, PA-CNature Cure ClinicUnited States, Arizona, Green Valley
Marsha Perry, RN, BA Ed, MS VedantaUnited States, Arizona, Marana
Jane Hendricks, NMDNaturopathic Clinic of MesaUnited States, Arizona, Mesa
Marilyn Webb, RNC (ret.)United States, Arizona, Mesa
Wilf Meeds, NMDUnited States, Arizona, Mesa
Wilson Craghead, PA-CArk Family HealthUnited States, Arizona, Mesa
Peter K. Raisanen, NMDLifeDoc, LLCUnited States, Arizona, Paradise Valley
David Jensen, DOMiracle Med WellnessUnited States, Arizona, Peoria
Kimberly Flores, MSN, FNP-CMalia Medical PlusUnited States, Arizona, Peoria
Kevin Borg, PharmD, FAPC, FACAPotter's House Apothecary/Prescott Compounding PharmacyUnited States, Arizona, Peoria, Prescott
Antonio Sabal, MDAt My Best HealthUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Ashley Magee, NMDUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Connie McLaughlin-Miley, PharmD, MBAUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Dave NashSummit Male Medical CenterUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Edgar A. Suter, MDUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Gabriele Guillen, BSN, RN, ParamedicUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Jeffrey Winton, NMDActive Lifestyle ClinicUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Karin Weixler, Assistance of Counsel
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Provides the following services:
Covid and other vaccine/medication Religious Accommodation Affidavits
Medical Advocate
Medical Advocate Concierge Services
Medical Documents: Hospital Plans, Medical Power of Attorney Affidavits, etc.
Legal Documents and Notices
United States, Arizona, Phoenix
Katie Maurer, MSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Kayla Berns, BSN, RNAnner-Health Del E WebbUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Sarah Mugnaini, RNFamily Comfort HospiceUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Shelby Custer, BSN, RNFrontline Patient Care Advocates at https://www.flpatientadvocates.com/United States, Arizona, Phoenix
Ubong Attah Prince, NMDUnited States, Arizona, Phoenix
Kurt Krupnick, MDUnited States, Arizona, Prescott
Manja Mason, BSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Prescott
Maria Koveikis, RNUnited States, Arizona, Prescott
Gregory Scallon MS PA-CUnited States, Arizona, Queen Creek
Bonnie Titre, DNAP, CRNAUnited States, Arizona, Rio Rico
Lisa Minne, MDUnited States, Arizona, Rio Verde
Clark H. Hansen, NMDHansen Clinic of Natural MedicineUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Coreen Zalot, LPNWholesum Health & WellnessUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Elizabeth Sadler FNP-CUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Jennifer J. Sosnowski, MDMVP Medical Care, PLLCUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Kathryn Cutter, CVTUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Loretta Hayko, FNP-CUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Thomas L Eaton, MDUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Victor Cunha Coelho, MDPush HealthUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
William D. Dixon, MDUnited States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Mark Burnes, MDUnited States, Arizona, Scottsville
Connie Rosenbeck, LPNUnited States, Arizona, Sedona
Jessica Hayman, NDVerde Valley Naturopathic MedicineUnited States, Arizona, Sedona
Kamli Jura, MDUnited States, Arizona, Sedona
Laura Rubiales, NDSedona Holistic MedicineUnited States, Arizona, Sedona
Stephanie Bailey, NDVerde Valley Naturopathic MedicineUnited States, Arizona, Sedona
Debora Wilkins, BSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Sheridan
Mitzi Melero, RNSummit Healthcare Regional Medical CenterUnited States, Arizona, Show Low
Simranjit Singh Galhotra, MD, MBA, FCCPSummit Healthcare Regional Medical CenterUnited States, Arizona, Show Low
Elizabeth Livengood, NDLivengood HealthUnited States, Arizona, Tempe
Xan Simonson, NMDXan Medical ClinicUnited States, Arizona, Tempe
Annie McCarter-Bayer, MSN, NP (ret.)United States, Arizona, Tucson
Jocelyn C. Santos, MDUnited States, Arizona, Tucson
Larry M Fountain, RNUnited States, Arizona, Tucson
Megan Schopp, BSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Tucson
Stephen Parker, MDUnited States, Arizona, Tucson
Susan Ripaldi, BSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Tucson
Tamara Wilson, BSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Tucson
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MDVive Life CenterUnited States, Arizona, Tuscon
Tammy Norton, MSN, FNP-CUnited States, Arizona, Vail
Michelle Gordon, BSNUnited States, Arizona, Waddell
Rayette Casiano, MDUnited States, Arizona, Waddell
Susan Heidner, BSN, RNUnited States, Arizona, Wickenburg
Becky Gilliam, RNUnited States, Arizona, Wittmann
Judy Myers, RNUnited States, Arkansas, Cove
Alison McLeod, FNP-BCUnited States, Arkansas, Fayetteville
Derek Brown, PhD, MSPACUnited States, Arkansas, Fayetteville
Paul L. HarrisUnited States, Arkansas, Fayetteville
Robert C. Karas, MDKaras Health CareUnited States, Arkansas, Fayetteville
Linda Murray, BSN, RNUnited States, Arkansas, Fort Smith
Melinda Ericson, PAUnited States, Arkansas, Gentry
Diane Fletcher, DNM
Ozark Natural Health SolutionsUnited States, Arkansas, Harrison
Kimberly Hill, DNP, APRN, FNP-CPinnacle Health PartnersUnited States, Arkansas, Little Rock
William Blake McGowan, MDUnited States, Arkansas, Little Rock
Laura Brown, BSN, RNUnited States, Arkansas, Malvern
Ashley Knittig, RNUnited States, Arkansas, Mena
James McWilliams, NP-CUnited States, Arkansas, Mena
Melanie Morgan, RNUnited States, Arkansas, Mena
Charles Lewis, NDSimplify Your LifeUnited States, Arkansas, Mountain Home
Sara Branch, RN, EMT-B, CFRNUnited States, Arkansas, Murfreesboro
Michael Fox, DDSUnited States, Arkansas, North Little Rock
Brock Wrinkles, PA-CUnited States, Arkansas, Sherwood
Rebecca Beschta, BSN, RNUnited States, Arkansas, Siloam Springs
Jennifer Landis, RNUnited States, Arkansas, Soldotna
Reagan G. Baber, MDUnited States, Arkansas, Springdale
Richard Stewart, RNVAMCUnited States, Arkansas, West Memphis
Sandy M. Branson, APRNUnited States, Arkansas, Winslow
Lori Ann Deck, RNUnited States, Blanford, IN
Janet Newman, RNArkansas Vein Clinic and Skin CareUnited States, California
Jennifer Ross, RNUnited States, California, Aiken
Bradford Stewart, MDTeam Health NEA BaptistUnited States, California, Anaheim
Chris Harper, MDUnited States, California, Anaheim
Samara Palacio Caredenas, MDUnited States, California, Anaheim
Albertine Omani, MDOmani Beauty and WellnessUnited States, California, Antioch
Leo Noel Pamaran, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Antioch
George W. Wood II, MD, FACS, FAAOSUnited States, California, Apple Valley
Suvannee Vidhyapum, MDUnited States, California, Arcadia
Julia K. Harrison, MSN, RNUnited States, California, Atascadero
Donald Cornforth, MDUnited States, California, Bakersfield
Lorna Wharton, RRTUnited States, California, Bell
Douglas A. Palenschat, MD, FACS (ret.)United States, California, Bonita
Michelle T. Wahl, RNUnited States, California, Boulder Creek
Lupe Labourdett, Exercise SpecialistUnited States, California, Brentwood
Diana Noland, MPH, RDN, IFMCPNoland NutritionUnited States, California, Burbank
Annette Trahan, RNUnited States, California, Campbell
Gina Mut, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Citrus Heights
Angelita Senior, MSN, CNM, NPUnited States, California, Claremont
Jeanette Kay Lasater, LMFTUnited States, California, Columbia
Harris Meyer, DCEast Bay Disc Centers
(925) 320-3472
[email protected]
United States, California, Concord
Milka Price, RNUnited States, California, Concord
Tarcisio C. Diaz, MDCorona Regional Medical CenterUnited States, California, Corona
Joshua Deitz, RRTUnited States, California, Costa Mesa
Kelly McCann, MD, MPHUnited States, California, Costa Mesa
Eric R. Bates, MDUnited States, California, Danville
David Riggs, FABEMUnited States, California, Delano
Shannon Parra, RNUnited States, California, Denair
Hitendra H. Shah, MDWellness Medical ClinicUnited States, California, Diamond Bar
John M. Strong, MDVo Medical CenterUnited States, California, El Centro
Tammy J. Maher, BSN, RN, PHNUnited States, California, El Dorado Hills
Mary L Davenport, MD FACOG MS CFCMCMagnificat Maternal HealthUnited States, California, El Sobrante
Laurie MartinezUnited States, California, Encinitas
Linette Williamson, MDUnited States, California, Encinitas
Mark LaBeau, MDUnited States, California, Encinitas
Brian Hopkins, MDUnited States, California, Ensenada
Mimi Crandall, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Escondido
James Ladika, RNUnited States, California, Eureka
Teresa Diaz, MDFunctional Lifestyle MedicineUnited States, California, Fair Oaks
Aleksander Peter Ostrowski, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Felton
Michelle Epperson, RNUnited States, California, Folsom
Mary McClain, MDUnited States, California, Fresno
Robin Data, MDUnited States, California, Fresno
Stephen Nelson, RNUnited States, California, Fullerton
Silva KaraguzianUnited States, California, Glendale
Diedre Lavers, RphUnited States, California, Glennville
Erin Fiedler, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Grover Beach
Misty Tartaglia, RNUnited States, California, Harmony
Julia McCabe, RNAmerican Frontline Nurses
[email protected]
United States, California, Herald
Carol Ann Brogan, RNUnited States, California, Huntington Beach
Marlene J. Fedderson, RNUnited States, California, Huntington Beach
Katherine Kemper, RNUnited States, California, Imperial
Danielle Brown, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Indio
Corinna T. Bagley, MSN, RNC-OBUnited States, California, Irvine
Carol Anne Chan, RN, MPHChi WellnessUnited States, California, La Mesa
Jackie R. See, MD, FACCUnited States, California, La Mesa
Jesus Humberto Burboa Delgado, MDBurboa RadiologosUnited States, California, La Mesa
Ron Medak, MDUnited States, California, La Mesa
Stephen Chan, DMDSmileHaven Dental CenterUnited States, California, La Mesa
Katherine Varma, MDUnited States, California, Lincoln
Patti Novotny, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Lincoln
Lisa Alaine Gemberling, RNUnited States, California, Livermore
Michael H. Walter, MD (Ret.)United States, California, Loma Linda
Deanna Windham, DOWhole Human LifeUnited States, California, Long Beach
Patricia Deckert, DONew Beginnings Health CareUnited States, California, Long Beach
Byron Flores, MDUnited States, California, Los Angeles
David Elliott, BSNWagner Holistic ClinicUnited States, California, Los Angeles
Eric Trubschenck, MDUnited States, California, Los Angeles
Joseph Sciabbarrasi, MDUnited States, California, Los Angeles
Nima Pahlavan, MDUnited States, California, Los Angeles
Robert Hidalgo, MDAmerican Medical AestheticsUnited States, California, Los Angeles
Shiva Lalezar, DOHealth and Vitality CenterUnited States, California, Los Angeles
Harlan Carey, PharmDSanta Monica Homeopathic PharmacyUnited States, California, Marina del Rey
Iris Howard, PhDUnited States, California, Marysville
Tiffany Lamb Drake, BSN, RN, TNCCUnited States, California, Merced
Alexandra Gash, RNUnited States, California, Mission Viejo
Elizabeth Adams, FNP-BCUnited States, California, Morrow Bay
Christina Carr, RNUnited States, California, Mt. Shasta
Iman Bar, MDHousecalls DoctorUnited States, California, Newport Beach
James Rosing, MD, FACSHoag Cancer Center/Allure MDUnited States, California, Newport Beach
Jorge Moreno, DOCenter for WellnessUnited States, California, Newport Beach
Sarah Green, PA-CRegenerative Mind BodyUnited States, California, Nipoma
Catherine Jordan, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Norco
Blanca Aranda-Cox, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Oakland
Claire Clark, RRTUnited States, California, Oroville
Diane KindredUnited States, California, Oroville
Patrick Milburn, ODUnited States, California, Palm Dale
Joanna Ransier, RNUnited States, California, Palm Desert
Bruce Bornfleth, MDPreventative Medicine of the PacificUnited States, California, Palm Springs
Ariel Garcia, MDUnited States, California, Palmdale
Sharmane Marron, LVNUnited States, California, Pico Rivera
Elize Estrella Dos Santos, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Pinole
Thomas R. Phelps, MDUnited States, California, Placentia
Rochelle Lara, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Pomona
Martin Falappino, DOUnited States, California, Porterville
Wendy Devlin, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Rancho Cordova
Lisa Malloy, RDUnited States, California, Redding
Marcus Wheeler, MDPush HealthUnited States, California, Redding
Melissa Mondala, MDDr. LifestyleUnited States, California, Redding
Michelle Bruny, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Redlands
Kerry Nelson, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Redondo Beach
Carlos Rivas, MDUnited States, California, Redwood City
Yvonne Walker, RNUnited States, California, Ripley
Jerry P. Diaz, RRT/CRTT, ASUnited States, California, Riverside
Diana Pearson, BSN, RN, MSNUnited States, California, Roseville
Ed J. Hendricks, MDHendricks for HealthUnited States, California, Roseville
Andrea Alley, RVTUnited States, California, Sacramento
Karla Lazier, MSW (ret.)United States, California, Sacramento
Glenmore Hendricks, RNP, DNPPush HealthUnited States, California, San Bernardino
Terril K. Haws, DOArlington Longevity InstituteUnited States, California, San Clementine
Elizabeth Purdy, BSN, RNUnited States, California, San Diego
Jennifer Parker, MSN, RNUnited States, California, San Diego
Julie Rybinski, RphUnited States, California, San Diego
Luisa Fijman, MDUnited States, California, San Diego
Mitchell Holland, DC, QMEVitality Health Group, Inc.
[email protected]
United States, California, San Diego
Rhonda Renee StrattonUnited States, California, San Diego
Ryan D. Partovi, NMD, JD, MifHIAspen Wellness InstituteUnited States, California, San Diego
Suhk D. Snutts, MDUnited States, California, San Diego
Tanya Campbell, BSN, RN, ALNCUnited States, California, San Dimas
Elena Zorn, MS, Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach
Esseme Functional Wellness
(415) 843-1109
[email protected]
United States, California, San Francisco
Ronald A. Bacon, LMFTRelationship Visions, Inc.
(949) 463-3102
[email protected]
United States, California, San Juan Capistrano
Kendall Perrine, NDPurist Natural MedicineUnited States, California, San Luis Obispo
Kimiko Miller, PA-CKmillerpac Inc.United States, California, San Mateo
Jeffrey Grolig, MDUnited States, California, San Pedro
Veronica Gonzales, PAUnited States, California, San Rafael
Alice ShiouWen Pien, MDA.M.A Regenerative Medicine & SkincareUnited States, California, Santa Ana
Jose R. Cilliano, DOPopular Medical ClinicUnited States, California, Santa Ana
Michael Warren Fitzgibbons, MDUnited States, California, Santa Ana
Paul Aijian, MDUnited States, California, Santa Barbara
Raymond Mark Lorenzato, MDUnited States, California, Santa Barbara
Bret Alan Barker,DNP, FNP, RNUnited States, California, Santa Cruz
Christina DiBernardo, MSN, RN-BC, CNLUnited States, California, Santa Cruz
Tracy Hawse, NPUnited States, California, Santa Cruz
Amanda Gonzales, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Santa Fe Springs
Mark J. Kelly, MDUnited States, California, Santa Monica
Alexander Meyer, MDAlexander Meyer MD Inc.United States, California, Santa Paula
Karen Miller, DCUnited States, California, Santa Ynez
Collen Galvin, PA, DACM, NMD, PhDWellb4lifeUnited States, California, Sausalito
Theresa Escalante, MDMy Catholic DoctorUnited States, California, Seal Beach
Lisa Hughes, RNSutter HealthUnited States, California, Sebastopol
Amit Gupta, DOAG Simply MedicineUnited States, California, Simi Valley
Marjorie Thoman-Lomas, DCUnited States, California, Sonora
Spring Maddox, APRN, CNM/WHNPUnited States, California, Sonora
Mary Sponsler, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Soulsbyville
Paul Macario, RNUnited States, California, Stockton
A. Pamela Rosario, NPI MASK WellnessUnited States, California, Temecula
Gloria Tumbaga, MDI MASK WellnessUnited States, California, Temecula
Sharon Soper, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Temecula
Lynne Landers, RN, MPHUnited States, California, Thousand Oaks
Bente Hansen, BSN, RNUnited States, California, Tiburon
Donna C. Smawley, NPPush Health, IncUnited States, California, Torrance
Amani Hishmeh, RPhUnited States, California, Ventura
Michael D. Ramirez, MDUnited States, California, Ventura
Sonja Fontana, DNP, FNP-COakwood Medical GroupUnited States, California, Visalia
Margaret Aranda, MD PhDAranda MD EnterprisesUnited States, California, West Hills
Natalie D. Kosmidis, BSN, RNUnited States, California, West Hills
Cristiano Christian, LacAcupuncture by ChristianUnited States, California, West Hollywood
Robert Rosett, MDUnited States, California, Westminster
Robin Ketchum, RN/NPUnited States, California, Westminster
Michael Carlos, PharmDAAA Compounding/Community PharmacyUnited States, California, Westnister
Maryann Fox, RN, CCRNUnited States, California, Whittier
Gary Fan, MDWhite Memorial HospitalUnited States, California, Wildomar
Sherry Levine, RNUnited States, California, Woodland Hills
Schelli Henderson, RNDepartment of HealthUnited States, California, Yucca Valley
Laurie Martinez, BSN, RNUnited States, Calinfornia, Costa Mesa
Monica Platten, BSN, MSN, RNUnited States, Colorado
Michael Truppo, DCUnited States, Colorado, Aurora
Michelle Theresa Priselac, RRTUnited States, Colorado, Aurora
Jessica Hernandez, MSN, AGPCNP-CRenova Infustion And Comprehensive HealthUnited States, Colorado, Castle Rock
Meghan Notartomaso, PT, DPTFix It Therapies, LLCUnited States, Colorado, Castle Rock
Cora Matterson, PARoots MedicalUnited States, Colorado, Centennial
Rachel Corbett, MDRoots MedicalUnited States, Colorado, Centennial
Tracy Dark, NPRoots MedicalUnited States, Colorado, Centennial
Erin Rose Benson, BSN, RNUnited States, Colorado, Colorado Springs
Jamey Oakley, NPHydration Wellness BarUnited States, Colorado, Colorado Springs
Kaycee Timken, AG-ACNP-BCRock Haven HealthcareUnited States, Colorado, Colorado Springs
Paula Kay Hornell, BSN, RNUnited States, Colorado, Colorado Springs
Rae Ann Weber, DODirect Care, LLCUnited States, Colorado, Colorado Springs
Thomas Allen, MDUnited States, Colorado, Colorado Springs
Andrew Kyle Cawthon, BSN, RNDenver HealthUnited States, Colorado, Denver
Anna R. Yoder DNP, APRN, ANP/GNP-BCTelehealth NPUnited States, Colorado, Denver
John Corrigan, RPhUnited States, Colorado, Denver
Carol L. Ewing, CNM, MSN, Advanced Holisitic Healing Touch Practitioner-ApprenticeUnited States, Colorado, Durango
Kristina Danovich, WHNPBella Health + WellnessUnited States, Colorado, Engelwood
Denise M. Chism, MSN, NPBella Health + WellnessUnited States, Colorado, Englewood
Devon Nelson, FNPBella Health + WellnessUnited States, Colorado, Englewood
Lynne R. Studebaker, MDUnited States, Colorado, Englewood
Sarah Hodack, MDBella Health + WellnessUnited States, Colorado, Englewood
Judy Toney, DOAgeless Health, LTDUnited States, Colorado, Erie
Tamara Cox, NP-CAbundant Health Wellness CenterUnited States, Colorado, Eureka Springs
Deanna McNulty, DNP, FNP-CFlorissant Family MedicineUnited States, Colorado, Florissant
Hilary Wells, RNUnited States, Colorado, Fort Collins
Rachele D. Maffett, RNUnited States, Colorado, Fort Collins
Adonica Kelly Gosman, BSN, RNUnited States, Colorado, Fountain
Leigh Otto, M.Ed RRTUnited States, Colorado, Foxfield
Elisa BlairBlair Case Management, LLCUnited States, Colorado, Fruita
JD WidemanJane & Jayne Primary Care & AestheticsUnited States, Colorado, Ft. Collins
Christopher FabijanicElemental HealingUnited States, Colorado, Glenwood Springs
Ellen Wise, BSN, RNUnited States, Colorado, Golden
Carl A. Malito, MDUnited States, Colorado, Grand Junction
Scott Rollins, MDAdvantAge Integrative MedicineUnited States, Colorado, Grand Junction
Shayna L. Keller, NDWest Elks WellnessUnited States, Colorado, Hotchkiss
Lindy Sharon, RNUnited States, Colorado, La Junta
Cassie Elder, BSN, RNUnited States, Colorado, Las Animas
Denise M. Chism, MSN, NPDevon Nelson, FNPUnited States, Colorado, Littleton
Kathleen E. Middleton, ANP-CBella Health + WellnessUnited States, Colorado, Littleton
Kimberly Wood, RNUnited States, Colorado, Littleton
Chad Prusmack, MDResilience CodeUnited States, Colorado, Lone Tree
Sheryl K Hallock, RN,BSNUnited States, Colorado, Longmont
Laura Kuba, RN-BSNUnited States, Colorado, Loveland
Siegfried Emme, FNPLoveland Medical ClinicUnited States, Colorado, Loveland
Sara Hart, ND, MSOM, LAcStillwater ClinicUnited States, Colorado, Lyons
Ken A. Stone, MDUnited States, Colorado, Monument
Michelle Mochalski, BSN, RNUnited States, Colorado, Pagosa Springs
Brienne Stoneberger, FNP-BC5900 HealthUnited States, Colorado, Parker
Laurie Reeder, PNHNPUnited States, Colorado, Parker
Dana Lyn Foreman, Practical NurseUnited States, Colorado, Penrose
L. Ginger Frederiksen, MDUnited States, Colorado, Pueblo
Mark Hermacinski, MDAlpine SurgicalUnited States, Colorado, Steamboat Springs
Richard Amesquita, DOPatient Centered PracticesUnited States, Colorado, West Cliffe
Kent G Roberson, MDFamily Health CenterUnited States, Colorado, Westcliffe
Jolene Nawrocki, DNPStarfish WellnessUnited States, Colorado, Wheat Ridge
Georgina S. Walker, RN BSNUnited States, Colorado, Windsor
Debbie Larreau, RNUnited States, Colorado, Woodland Park
Mary F. Nelson, BSN, RNUnited States, Connecticut, Bristol
Kenneth Hoffman, DACM, L.Ac.Sophia Natural Health Center
(203) 740-9300
[email protected]
United States, Connecticut, Brookfield
Stephen Albert, DPMRocky Vista University School of Osteopathic MedicineUnited States, Connecticut, Cromwell
Steven Barrett, RN, LMTUnited States, Connecticut, East Hartrford
Arnoldo Alejandro Padilla Vazquez, MDMyCatholicDoctorUnited States, Connecticut, New Canaan
Jacqueline Solimini, MPH, CPRCSuperformance Wellness Counseling at https://www.superformance.onlineUnited States, Connecticut, Northford
Lori Schneider, RNUnited States, Connecticut, Southbury
Jayme Krisak, RNUnited States, Connecticut, Southington
Lindsay Wayman, APRNUnited States, Connecticut, Waterbury
Adam Propper, DCPropper Chiropractic
[email protected]
United States, Connecticut, Westport
Kimberly C. Brasure, NP-CUnited States, Delaware, Frankford
Toni S. Gallon, RNUnited States, Delaware, Millsboro
Michael Salvatore, MD (ret.)United States, Delaware, Milton
Pamela Nitsche Poad, MSN, FNP-BCUnited States, Delaware, Newark
Laura Nunno, RN, DC, DICCPHolistic Health CenterUnited States, Delaware, Wilmington
Taryn Pariag, BSN, RNUnited States, Delaware, Wilmington
Avery Shockley, BARNUnited States, Florida
Chris Backsman, APRNOptimized Health and WellnessUnited States, Florida
Jordin K Driscoll, BSN, RN, CENUnited States, Florida
Maria Del Sol, MDUnited States, Florida
Erica Burke, RPhUnited States, Florida, Alachua
Jane D. McMillan, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CPNP-PCCellular Health InstituteUnited States, Florida, Altamonte Springs
Deborah J. Chambers, MD9DPCKTUnited States, Florida, Archer
Alani Kalfayan, NP-CSecure Your WellnessUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
David Poces, DCUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Jane Freitas, APRNSecure Your WellnessUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Laurie Brown, I-MD, FNPSecure Your WellnessUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Lorie Pistone, AANP-BCSecure Your WellnessUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Michael Austin, DOAffinity Wellness GroupUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Pamela Sutula, RNDisease Case Manager ConsultantUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Shannon Braslavsky, APRNSecure Your WellnessUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Thomas Sanders, MDUnited States, Florida, Boca Raton
Angela Fjelstad, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Bonita Springs
Jahaira Lasanta, MSN, ARNPIntimate Healthcare and Counseling, LLCUnited States, Florida, Bonita Springs
Jonathan Baldia, MSN, FNP-BCMedela ClinicUnited States, Florida, Bonita Springs
Jody S. Greenfield, DOGet Well Medical Care of South FloridaUnited States, Florida, Boynton Beach
John Pfeilsticker, MDUnited States, Florida, Bradenton
Rebecca J. Roberts, DOUnited States, Florida, Bradenton
Tim Blend, MDThe Blend Institute, Blake Medical CenterUnited States, Florida, Bradenton
Kevan D. Kruse, D.C.Absolute Wellness CenterUnited States, Florida, Brandon
Roland Cayer, DCThree Kings ChiropracticUnited States, Florida, Celebration
Paula Stanley, APRNUnited States, Florida, Chipley
Glenn E. Davis, MA, ParamedicUnited States, Florida, Clearwater
Kevin Granger, DCNutritional Wellness
(727) 248-0930
[email protected]
United States, Florida, Clearwater
Donna Lowery, RNUnited States, Florida, Cocoa
Sonya Merritt, MSN, APRN-CLatitude ClinicUnited States, Florida, Cocoa
Laraine Abbey-Katzev, RN, MS, CNSMAMM.org, Steering & Content Creaters CMTEUnited States, Florida, Coconut Creek
Tara Solomon, MDWomens Wellness Center of South Florida, LLCUnited States, Florida, Coconut Creek
Gerilyn Elizabeth Cross, MDHormone Therapy of Citrus CountyUnited States, Florida, Crystal River
Nicola Jasmin Kaur Sarohia, MDFree World MedicalUnited States, Florida, Davie
Judith Sherpa, MSNUnited States, Florida, Daytona Beach
Paulson Kotturan, MDDiverse Care NowUnited States, Florida, Deerfield Beach
Peggy Johnson, RNUnited States, Florida, Deland
Candace Terul, DNPUnited States, Florida, Delray Beach
Sangeetha R. Hanlon, RNDelray Medical CenterUnited States, Florida, Delray Beach
Sandra MacCallum, RNUnited States, Florida, Edgewater
Cordelia Okwuosah, MSN, FNP-BCPush HealthUnited States, Florida, El Segundo
Debra Boswell, MSN, RN, MBAUnited States, Florida, Elkton
Stephanie Goertz, RNUnited States, Florida, Englewood
Bernard Garcia, MDICARE VIPUnited States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale
Jean-Jacques Rajter, MDPSC FloridaUnited States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale
Ronald J. Scott, MDHoly Cross Medical GroupUnited States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale
Tara A Solomon, MDThe Women's Wellness Center of South FloridaUnited States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale
Ginge Brien, MDUnited States, Florida, Fort Meyers
Kamila Tursi, DNP, FNP-BCIntegrative MedicineUnited States, Florida, Fort Meyers
Jennifer Conlin, MSN, APRNUnited States, Florida, Gainesville
Samantha Noah, MSN, APRNUnited States, Florida, Gainesville
Angela Moodie, MSN, APRN, FNP-CWaymaker NP Care, LLCUnited States, Florida, Holly Hill
Dr. Carlos Pardo, Autonomous Nurse Practitioner CaliMed Wellness CenterUnited States, Florida, Hollywood
Fernando A. Lauraucente, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, NP-CLauraucente HealthCare AssociatesUnited States, Florida, Hollywood
Cynthia L. Eames, LMHChttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/cynthia-l-eames-lmhc-indian-harbour-beach-fl/135711United States, Florida, Indian Harbour Beach
Michael Uphues, DOCaduceus Medical Partners, LLC and Michael Uphues, PLLCUnited States, Florida, Iverness
Bryan Kaufman, MD, MSUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Debra Kiely, RNUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Laura McLauchlin, DNP, APRNBegin Health, LLCUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Matthew G. Erickson, MDVA Medical CenterUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Philip Kartsonis, MDUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Raymond Kordonowy, MDUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Sunil Lalla, MD PAUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Zachary K Fallon, RT(R)United States, Florida, Jacksonville
Mark A. Peacock, MDPeacock Family PracticeUnited States, Florida, Jacksonville
Richard E. Graefe, President and CEOConcierge Healthcare Partners
(561) 602-4725
[email protected]

No telehealth services offered.
United States, Florida, Juno Beach
Elizabeth Sandt, MDUnited States, Florida, Jupiter
Gregory McNamara, MDEast Coast ClinicUnited States, Florida, Jupiter
Janice A Dennis, APRN, CCR, FNPUnited States, Florida, Jupiter
Kathleen Anne Fahey, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Jupiter
Bruce L. Boros, MD, FACCAdvanced Urgent CareUnited States, Florida, Key West
Gregory Jaynes, BSN, RNAdvanced Urgent Care Key West
(305) 294-0011
United States, Florida, Key West
Susan Spell, MSN, FNP-BC, DipACLMHeadwaters HealthUnited States, Florida, Key West
Cathy Jo Jones, DNP, RN, CNEUnited States, Florida, Lakeland
Jennie Evans, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Lakeland
Jose A. Pares, MDUnited States, Florida, Lakeland
Malinda L. Crews, RNUnited States, Florida, Lakeland
Michelle Scott, MDUnited States, Florida, Lakewood Ranch
Deborah Evans, DNP, ANP, APRN-CFreedomcare4UUnited States, Florida, Largo
Allison Fitzpatrick, PhDVeracity International Wellness InstituteUnited States, Florida, Lauderdale Lakes
Lois Krug, DNP, CRNAUnited States, Florida, Lighthouse Point
William Nields, MDUnited States, Florida, Lighthouse Point
Howard C. Dittrich, MDUnited States, Florida, Live Oak
Patricia Metcalf, MSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Lutz
Brendan McLaughlin, DCMcLaughlin Health & PerformanceUnited States, Florida, Maitland
Amy L. Smeen, RNUnited States, Florida, Melbourne
Stefa Hartman, MPAS, PA-CIron Direct Primary CareUnited States, Florida, Melbourne
Jessica Regan, PAUnited States, Florida, Melbourne Beach
Carlos E. Wiegering, MDHCA; TenetUnited States, Florida, Miami
Carmen Isabel Torres, BSN, RNQNPHealth
(305) 741-2110
[email protected]
United States, Florida, Miami
Elliot Dinetz, MDUnited States, Florida, Miami
Jason M. Lakatos, DOUnited States, Florida, Miami
Monica Orzoco Cantillo, FNPQuality NP Health ServicesUnited States, Florida, Miami
Ksenia Petrushkina, PA-CAzuri Medical CenterUnited States, Florida, Miami Beach
Elsa Frederic, APRN, FNP-BCTelehealth NPUnited States, Florida, Miramar
Michele Conger, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Miramar
Yovana Woods, MSN, APRN-CUnited States, Florida, Miramar
Brian J. Petrucci, PharmDSoWal Health & DrugUnited States, Florida, Miramar Beach
Amy Clissold, MSN, MHA, RN-BCUnited States, Florida, Naples
Denise Devoit, RNUnited States, Florida, Naples
Lisa Dolezel, PTUnited States, Florida, Naples
Marc McColaum, MPAS, PAEstates Medical Center, Inc. United States, Florida, Naples
Norman Ruiz-Castaneda, PharmDUptown Chemist
United States, Florida, Naples
Ryan StephensMast Cell Research InstituteUnited States, Florida, Naples
Sabrina Arguelles, MSN, ARNP, FNP-CRF Medical ServicesUnited States, Florida, Naples
Yolani Baker, BSN, RNPhysicians Regional - Collier
(914) 438-2669
[email protected]
United States, Florida, Naples
Marianne Mason, MDUnited States, Florida, Nassau
W. Campbell Douglas, MDUnited States, Florida, New Smyrna Beach
William C. Douglas, MDUnited States, Florida, New Symrna Beach
Thomas A. Gionis, MDFlorida Medical Speciality GroupUnited States, Florida, North Palm Beach
Florence Patricia Glynis McEachrane-Gross, MDCassia Javanica House Calls and Tele-MedicineUnited States, Florida, Ocala
Joan Mathis, BSN, RN (ret.)United States, Florida, Ocala
Lisa M. Slusher, ARPN, ENP-CUnited States, Florida, Ocala
Nadine T. Rolando, MSN, ARNP, CRNACRNA Anesthesia, LLCUnited States, Florida, Ocala
Steve Tieche, MDRecharge ClinicUnited States, Florida, Ocala
Eric Weiss, MDUnited States, Florida, Orange
Carrie Cannon, MD, MSUnited States, Florida, Orlando
Craig Sicinski, RPhOrlando Pharmacy
United States, Florida, Orlando
Jeffrey Mueller, MDSaJune Center for Regenerative and Restorative MedicineUnited States, Florida, Orlando
Michael Roberts, MDYourDocIsOnline.comUnited States, Florida, Orlando
Rachel Groves, MSN, ARNP-CIntegrated Health NP, LLCUnited States, Florida, Orlando
Rebecca N. Pirela, MDUnited States, Florida, Orlando
Todd Murphy, MDBaptist Medical Center NassauUnited States, Florida, Orlando
Martin Pourkesali, MDUnited States, Florida, Ormond Beach
Maritza Bentley, APRNUnited States, Florida, Pace
Denny Cormier, MDUnited States, Florida, Palm Bay
Donna GesualdiUnited States, Florida, Palm Bay
Suresh Rajamanickam, MDEvolution Hyperbaric InstituteUnited States, Florida, Palm Beach Gardens
Maria Kotowski, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Palm Coast
Peter Hibberd, MD, FACEP, FAAP, FAAEMUnited States, Florida, Palm Springs
Cammie Baird, RN, APRN, FNP-BCBe at Home Primary Care, PLLCUnited States, Florida, Palmetto
Jamie Yost, FNP-BCUnited States, Florida, Palmetto
Matthew Lee Meehan, MSN, APRN, FNP-BCHigher Dimension Medical ClinicUnited States, Florida, Palmetto
Daniel T. Layish, MDCentral Florida Pulmonary GroupUnited States, Florida, Panama City
Carlos A. Pardo, APRN-CT.P.H.T., Inc.United States, Florida, Pembroke Pines
Aaron Ryals, Vice President of Sales, MBAEverwell Specialty Pharmacy
United States, Florida, Pensacola
Alison Feeney, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Pensacola
Knadia Scott, MPH, FNP-BC, ARNPUnited States, Florida, Plant City
Chris Osborne, PharmDPrescription Pad PharmacyUnited States, Florida, Plantation
Tamika Singh, MDAspire HealthUnited States, Florida, Plantation
Justina Palacios Reyes, ARNPMedstationUnited States, Florida, Pompano Beach
Cesar Perez, MDMedstationUnited States, Florida, Pompano Beach
Dana L Rainieri, RDHUnited States, Florida, Ponte Vedra Beach
Shana Lewandowski, RNUnited States, Florida, Port Charlotte
Anthony P. Nicosia, MDUnited States, Florida, Port Saint Lucie
Karen Tapley, MDTapleyMDPLLCUnited States, Florida, Punta Gorda
Joanne Turner, MSN, FNP-C, CME, CHCInspire Total Wellness, LLCUnited States, Florida, Ridge Manor
Sherre L. Ungar, BSN, RN, CCRN, CLNCUnited States, Florida, Riverview
Melissa Bowen, MSM, PA-CUnited States, Florida, Rockledge
Thomas L. Edwards, DOUnited States, Florida, San Antonio
Ben Marble, MDMyFreeDoctorUnited States, Florida, Santa Rose Beach
Michael Anderson, MDAnderson Allergy & AsthmaUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
Robert L. Klein, MDUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
Simon Mater, MDMy Christian DoctorUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
Stephen Guffanti, MDUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
Steve Wohlrab, LPN, MA, MPAUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
Thomas G. Adams, DOUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
Vanessa Hamalian, APRNLatitude Clinic LLCUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
William Cole, Jr., DORetire the PandemicUnited States, Florida, Sarasota
Deepti Sadhwani, MDQuality Health CAre & Wellness InstituteUnited States, Florida, Sebastian
Hraish Sadhawani, MDQHC Wellness InstituteUnited States, Florida, Sebastian
Paula Church, RNAdvent HealthUnited States, Florida, Sebring
Michael D. Courtney, MDBrooksville Pain ManagementUnited States, Florida, Spring Hill
Avery Brinkley, Jr., MDUnited States, Florida, St. Augustine
Christine Mallatt, RNUnited States, Florida, St. Augustine
Denise Halversen, RNUnited States, Florida, St. Petersburg
Rebecca J. Roberts, DORebecca J. Roberts, D.O.United States, Florida, St. Petersburg
Sherri L. Koning, OTRUnited States, Florida, St. Petersburg
Dr. Timothy Cheung, Chief Medical OfficerSeven Cells Telehealth Platform


Ivermectin product page here
United States, Florida, Stuart
David Browne, MSN, APRNFirst Choice Wellness Care Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal
(850) 671-3800
[email protected]
United States, Florida, Tallahassee
David M Tharp, RPh, RCPhUnited States, Florida, Tallahassee
Mary Pennington, BSNUnited States, Florida, Tallahassee
Anthony T. Duany, MDMDVIPUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Christopher Dziopala, APRNCommunity Health Centers of Pinellas CountyUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Danielle M. Carrera, DNP, APRNCarrera Consulting CC, LLCUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Jason Ancer, BSN, CCRNUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Kim Ngo, MSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Margaret Devlin, MSN, RN, CNLUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Mari W. Cogan, RNUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Mechel LeBlanc, RNUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Prudhvi Karumanchi, MDUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Ricardo Santayana, MD (ret.)United States, Florida, Tampa
Rizwana Ismail, DNP, APRN, FNP-CCarrera Consulting CC, LLCUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Valerie Jean Baptiste, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Victoria James, APRN-CApple A Day Virtual ClinicUnited States, Florida, Tampa
Victoria F. Graves, BSN, RNUnited States, Florida, Temple Terrace
Kristopher M. Lugo, PASCCMUnited States, Florida, Tequesta
Betty Michels, Arps, BSN, MSUnited States, Florida, The Villages
Stasha-Gae Roberts, NPCompassion Primary CareUnited States, Florida, The Villages
Brianne Bechard, ARNPVilla Health CenterUnited States, Florida, The Villiages
Deborah Sauls, APRNDiscreet Health SolutionsUnited States, Florida, Valrico
Travis Lynn Prachar, RN, MSN, APRNUnited States, Florida, Venice
Susan Kathleen Hirth, MDUnited States, Florida, Weirsdale
Jerry Cattelane, Jr., DO Remote Health SolutionsUnited States, Florida, Wellington
Hilesca Hidalgo, MSN, APRN, FNP-BCUnited States, Florida, Wesley Chapel
Michele D. Baker, RN United States, Florida, Wesley Chapel
Jennifer Guthrie, MDMEDCLUB by DR. JENNUnited States, Florida, West Palm Beach
Judith Jensen, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BCMobile Urgent Care, LLCUnited States, Florida, West Palm Beach
Rainford George Poyser, APRNBroward Integrative MedicalUnited States, Florida, Wilton Manors
Kasie Russell, MSN, Autonomous APRNImages Medical ClinicUnited States, Florida, Zephyrhills
John B. Abell, MDGeorgia Functional MedicineUnited States, Georgia, Albany
Peggy Perry, RNUnited States, Georgia, Alma
Marivic Villa, MDVilla Health CenterUnited States, Georgia, Alpharetta
Joseph W. Gattuso, MDUnited States, Georgia, Altoona
Anitra GravesUnited States, Georgia, Athens
Christine B. Berding, DNP, RN, NBC-HWCBerdWell Health and WellnessUnited States, Georgia, Athens
Jason N. Cox, MDUnited States, Georgia, Athens
Omar Mushfiq, MD, MPHPiedmont HospitalUnited States, Georgia, Athens
Katherine Hendricks, MD, MPH & TMUnited States, Georgia, Atlanta
Linda H. Katz, DChttps://www.fayettechiropractic.com/United States, Georgia, Atlanta
Frances Ann Lloyd, MD (ret.)United States, Georgia, Augusta
Logan Tillman, RNUnited States, Georgia, Baxley
Michael T. Carson II, RNUnion General HospitalUnited States, Georgia, Blairsville
Cynthia M. Shaw, BSN, RNUnited States, Georgia, Byron
Mason Todd Trebony, MDJuvenscence Medical SpaUnited States, Georgia, Camilla
Amber Herring, PAUnited States, Georgia, Carrollton
Jim Richards, PharmDCorner DrugsUnited States, Georgia, Chatsworth
Deidre Dorman, RNUnited States, Georgia, Chula
Kelly LeCroy, RNUnited States, Georgia, Claxton
Barbara Jockers, RN, NP-COptimal WellnessUnited States, Georgia, Cleveland
Joseph T. KersyeUnited States, Georgia, Cochran
Terri Jordan, PAAcute Care Emergence, LLCUnited States, Georgia, Columbus
Lois J. Lassiter, DVMBudget Vet, LLCUnited States, Georgia, Conyers
George L. Smith, III, MDUnited States, Georgia, Covington
Sheryl Cox, FNP-CUnited States, Georgia, Darien
Lisa Suggs, ParamedicUnited States, Georgia, Dexter
Thomas Rostas, MDUnited States, Georgia, Douglas
Diane Ware, RNUnited States, Georgia, Evans
Angela Russ, RNCMUnited States, Georgia, Fayetteville
Petra C. Raville, BSN, RNUnited States, Georgia, Fayetteville
Candace Gregory, NMTCBUnited States, Georgia, Fitzgerald
Freddie G. Monroe, RNUnited States, Georgia, Florida
Emily Faulkner, NP-CUS MedClinicUnited States, Georgia, Flowery Branch
James Barton, MD (ret.)United States, Georgia, Greensboro
Farah Smith, FNP-CUnited States, Georgia, Hartwell
Patricia Patterson, RN, BSN, LNCPatterson Legal Nurse ConsultingUnited States, Georgia, Kennesaw
Robert W. Marsh, DOUnited States, Georgia, Lawrenceville
Modupe Agbeyomi, DNP, MSN, FNP-CLifeguide HealthcareUnited States, Georgia, Lilburn
Lita Boyer, BSN, RNUnited States, Georgia, Lithonia
Jennifer McAlister, BSN, RNUnited States, Georgia, Madison
Gena Mastrogianakis, MDUnited States, Georgia, Marietta
Melissa Payne, RNWellstar KennestoneUnited States, Georgia, Marietta
Michael Carter, MDUnited States, Georgia, Marietta
Patrick McGann, MDUnited States, Georgia, Marietta
Thomas B. Lintner, MD, FACSUnited States, Georgia, Marietta
Leslie Brinkman, RNUnited States, Georgia, Midland
Julie Doyle, RNUnited States, Georgia, Nahunta
Gloria Carol Miller, MSN, FNPUnited States, Georgia, Newnan
Heidi Ryan Kapusta, BSN, RNCancer Treatment Centers of AmericaUnited States, Georgia, Newnan
Charles Dean, MDCharles W. Dean, MD, LLCUnited States, Georgia, Perry
Tammy Renee Tucker Cross, LPNUnited States, Georgia, Perry
Mosche Dekel, MDElite Medical CenterUnited States, Georgia, Pooler
Sara Lee Jennings, BSNUnited States, Georgia, Rabun Gap
Sonza Curtis, PA-CUnited States, Georgia, Roswell
Suzanne Turner, MDVine Medical AssociatesUnited States, Georgia, Roswell
Austin Jones, DC, DACNB, FABVRThompson ChiropracticUnited States, Georgia, Savannah
Joseph A. DeStefano Jr., MDUrgent Care 247United States, Georgia, Savannah
Pamela Gaudry, MDThe Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine and Direct Primary CareUnited States, Georgia, Savannah
Anna M. Cabeca, DOUnited States, Georgia, Sea Island
Billy Eugene Greening, MDPush HealthUnited States, Georgia, Senoia
Lisa Scimeca, BSN, RNUnited States, Georgia, Sharpsburg
Tammy Rivers, FNPUnited States, Georgia, Snellville
James Small, MDUnited States, Georgia, Statesboro
Brent Todd Madaris, FNP-CMinistry Medical InternationalUnited States, Georgia, Summerville
Kelly Spangler, BSN, RNUnited States, Georgia, Suwanee
Nancy Lefever, MDTate Medical Associates, LLCUnited States, Georgia, Tate
Waters Merrill Hicks, MDUnited States, Georgia, Thomasville
Nancy Moreau, RN, PhDUnited States, Georgia, Tyrone
William Thomas Redwood, MD, FACEPUnited States, Georgia, Tyrone
Jinger McElhannon, BSN, RNUnited States, Georgia, Union Point
Melissa Milicevic, MSN, APRN, ACNPC-AG, CFMPiThrive Health and WellnessUnited States, Georgia, Valdosta
A. Daniel Toland, DO, FACSTotland Centre for Wellness & RejuvenationUnited States, Georgia, Warner Robins
Wila ZanghiBleckey Memorial HospitalUnited States, Georgia, Warner Robins
Jeffrey P. Gabel, DOUnited States, Guam, Tamuning
John Bellatti, MDUnited States, Hawaii, Captain Cook
Alison Lorraine Semanoff, MDUnited States, Hawaii, Honolulu
Joan Craft, BSN, RNUnited States, Hawaii, Kailua
Carrie Brennan, NDUnited States, Hawaii, Kapaa
Rona Silva, MSN, RNUnited States, Hawaii, Keneohe
Johanna Maria AnandaUnited States, Hawaii, Kula
Kristine Williams, ND< LAcUnited States, Hawaii, Waialua
Nadia Taylor, MDUnited States, Hawaii, Wailuku
Mary E Holmstrand, BSN, MSHSUnited States, Helotes, Texas
Shane Anderson, DOBingham Memorial HospitalUnited States, Idaho Blackfoot
Amaya Basta, MDUnited States, Idaho, Boise
Brian Hoynak, MD, FAAEMUnited States, Idaho, Boise
Jane Litsey, NMDMountain Cat Natural MedicineUnited States, Idaho, Boise
Melody Keller, NDRadiant Health Natural MedicineUnited States, Idaho, Caldwell
Joseph W. Petrie, PA-CGem ExpresscareUnited States, Idaho, Challis
Susan Johnson, RNUnited States, Idaho, Couer d'Alene
Cynthia Culp, MSN, NP-C, IFMCPFoothills Functional Medicine, PLLCUnited States, Idaho, Eagle
Riggs Bailey Roberts, MDUnited States, Idaho, Eagle
Monica Martinez, DPTUnited States, Idaho, Hayden
Martin R. Lee, DVMIdalee Veterinary ServicesUnited States, Idaho, Jerome
Joshua Morris, MDMorris ConsultingUnited States, Idaho, Lenore
Cheryl Mallory, MDUnited States, Idaho, Lewiston
Frank Shull, M.ED, LCPC, LMHCBridgeway CounselingUnited States, Idaho, Lewiston
Mikayla Todd, FNP-C, IFMCPCultiv8 HealthUnited States, Idaho, McCall
Vanessa Mae Klaus, FNP-BCUnited States, Idaho, Meridian
Victoria Stump, BSN, RNSalt and Light WellnessUnited States, Idaho, Meridian
Wallene A. Stoddard, MSN, CNM, APRNNew Beginning Birth CenterUnited States, Idaho, Meridian
BillieSue Mayo, AGPCNP-BCMayo Family Healthcare PLLCUnited States, Idaho, Napa
Pamela Bitsch, RNUnited States, Idaho, Napa
Leah Zoellner, BSN, RNUnited States, Idaho, New Meadows
Michael Monohan, DOUnited States, Idaho, Post Falls
Leonard War, DC, Ac, NMDPreston ChiropracticUnited States, Idaho, Preston
Sarah Davis-Murphy, RNMedical SolutionsUnited States, Idaho, Rigby
Brenda Arrington, FNP-CFreedom TelemedUnited States, Idaho, Salmon
Malinda Horton, MSN, RNUnited States, Idaho, Sandpoint
Scott Porter, RPh, PharmDSandpoint SuperdrugUnited States, Idaho, Sandport
Amie Scheinost, NPTamarack WellnessUnited States, Idaho, Santa
Susan Ashley, MDAshley MedicalUnited States, Idaho, St Maries
Joseph J. Benerakis, DPM (ret.)United States, Idaho, Star
Rachel Oliver, MDUnited States, Idaho, Star
Matt Reasch, RNUnited States, Idaho, Twin Falls
Betty Kline, BSN, RNUnited States, Illinois, Aurora
Cindy Becker, RNBlack Hawk CollegeUnited States, Illinois, Aurora
Margaret Sheehan, RNWaterleaf Women’s CenterUnited States, Illinois, Aurora
Sheren M. Alshwaiyat, PharmDYour Pharmacy CorpUnited States, Illinois, Aurora
Thomas L. Hesselink, MDUnited States, Illinois, Boiling Brook
Georgette Brokopp, BSN, RNUnited States, Illinois, Brookfield
Mariah Miyat, (DNP student), MSN, RNUnited States, Illinois, Champaign
Alan Bain, MDChicago Health & Wellness AllianceUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Betsie Weil, RNUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Carolyn DoetschUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Daniel P. Saviano, DOSouth Shore HospitalUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
John Dybis, DOIVME Wellness + AestheticsUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Joseph Thomas, MD, MBA, DDUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Lora Chamberlain, DOUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Lori Branda, RNUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Milton Chavez, MDM. Chavez MD, SCUnited States, Illinois, Chicago
Regina Barango, RNGenerations at Regency, LLC
United States, Illinois, Chicago
Jill Chmielewski, BSN, RNUnited States, Illinois, Clarendon Hills
Terrah Cornell, APRN, FPAThe TLC Health and Wellness ClinicUnited States, Illinois, Cuba
Frederick A. Smith, MDUnited States, Illinois, Darien
Tabitha Walster, RRTUnited States, Illinois, East Carondelet
Melissa Rooney, MDUnited States, Illinois, Elmhurst
Jose M. Paredes, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology Honorary staff at Palos Community Hospital in Palos Heights, ILUnited States, Illinois, Flossmoor
Martha Villalba, MDUnited States, Illinois, Glenview
Thomas Neumann, MDNorthShore University HealthUnited States, Illinois, Glenview
William A. Hare, DDSUnited States, Illinois, Lemont
Joyce Roling, RNUnited States, Illinois, Lena
Christine Izzarelli, FNPUnited States, Illinois, Manhattan
James N. Bitakis, MSN, RNUnited States, Illinois, Melrose Park
Melody Rawley, BSN, RNUnited States, Illinois, Naperville
Paul Schattauer, MD, ABFM, AAFPThe Green Medical PracticeUnited States, Illinois, Oak Park
John Allen, DNP, CRNAUnited States, Illinois, Olney
Miguel Antonatos, MDText2MDUnited States, Illinois, Orland Park
William Crevier, MDThe Center for Primary HealthcareUnited States, Illinois, Orland Park
Janelle L Schmidt, RNUnited States, Illinois, Pekin
Corey Dolan Pharm D, Owner A.J. Preckshot Compounding Pharmacy
United States, Illinois, Peoria
Shelley Waldrop, BSN, RN (Ret.)United States, Illinois, Peoria
Kenda Callahan Hess, BSPharm, RPh (ret.)United States, Illinois, Rantoul
Kasia Pilewicz, PhD, LCPCPsycological Counseling CenterUnited States, Illinois, Schaumberg
Brian J. Weinstein, MS, APN, NPC, RNSynergy Health DPCUnited States, Illinois, Skokie
David A. McWhinnie, DDSwww.smilesofskokie.comUnited States, Illinois, Skokie
Linda Passini, DNP, RNUnited States, Illinois, Sparta
Craig A. Backs, MDUnited States, Illinois, Springfield
Shawn P. Hanlon, MDUnited States, Illinois, Sterling
Denise Shostek, DCMy Natural Health CenterUnited States, Illinois, Wheaton
Sherryl Aldridge, BSN, RN, CEN, TNSNorthwestern MedicineUnited States, Illinois, Wheaton
Elizabeth A. Steffens, MSN, APRN, FNP-CLake Behavioral HospitalUnited States, Illinois, Woodstock
Jodie Kay Meyer, RNUnited States, Indiana, Auburn
Robert Leonard Goddard, Jr., MDUnited States, Indiana, Bloomington
Steve Wiley, PT, PhDUnited States, Indiana, Bloomington
Emily Buckhave, RN, BSN, CMSRNUnited States, Indiana, Brookville
Susan Julian, NPUnited States, Indiana, Cambridge City
Leslie Thomas, DNP, MSN, RNUnited States, Indiana, Carmel
Jennifer Beasely Milliard, RNLaPorte HospitalUnited States, Indiana, Chesterton
Karley Ditgen, LPN, WCCUnited States, Indiana, Coatesville
Cheryl Tupper-PetersonUnited States, Indiana, Evansville
Kisha D. Byers, RNUnited States, Indiana, Evansville
Sara Surber, FNPUnited States, Indiana, Fischers
Nanette McDaniel, RNUnited States, Indiana, Fort Wayne
Vishaal Veerula, MDFort Wayne Integrative MedicineUnited States, Indiana, Fort Wayne
David Ayoub, MDRadiologistUnited States, Indiana, Frankton
Joanna Roth, ACNP-BC, FNP-CCrossroads Health and Cosmetic CenterUnited States, Indiana, Goshen
Laurie Gordon, RNUnited States, Indiana, Greenfield
S. Campbell Gabrielsen, MDUnited States, Indiana, Greenfield
Christina Troncin, RNUnited States, Indiana, Henryville
D. Craig Roberts, Clinical Pharmacist (inactive)United States, Indiana, Hernando
Andrew Johnstone, RPh, MDUnited States, Indiana, Indianapolis
Cheryl Meeks, RNUnited States, Indiana, Indianapolis
Cynthia Bane, RN, BSNUnited States, Indiana, Indianapolis
Debi Fehrman, FNPIndy Family MedicineUnited States, Indiana, Indianapolis
Katherine M. Brooks, MDUnited States, Indiana, Indianapolis
Milica Vranic, BSN, RNUnited States, Indiana, Indianapolis
Daryl L. Herschberger, MDUnited States, Indiana, LaGrange
Laurence Behney, MDUnited States, Indiana, Martinsville
Rebekah Scarlett Ferrell, FNPUnited States, Indiana, Muncie
Patricia A. Gunning, MSN, RNUnited States, Indiana, Munster
Karen D. Farris, DO, ACOFPUnited States, Indiana, Paoli
James Gruber, MDUnited States, Indiana, St. Meinrad
Jessica Wisdom, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, FNP-CNWI Health & Wellness, LLCUnited States, Indiana, Valparaiso
John M. Diveris, MDDiveris Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PCUnited States, Indiana, Valparaiso
Susan Lee Lambeau, BSN, RN (ret.)United States, Indiana, Valparaiso
Richard Allen Potts, DOUnited States, Indiana, Washington
Heather Alexander, BSN, RNUnited States, Indiana, West Lafayette
Melissa Donahue, FNP-BCFFR Integrative HealthUnited States, Indiana, West Lafayette
Kristi Bogseth, FNP, ANP, MSN, BSN, BAUnited States, Iowa, Ankeny
Linda Jager, MDUnited States, Iowa, Bettendorf
Diana Lynn Frazier, RNCrawford County Memoria Hospital/ClinicUnited States, Iowa, Dunlap
Kathleen Malcolm, BSN, RNUnited States, Iowa, Fairfield
Bruce A. Pudenz, DCGowrie Family Chiropractic & Nutrition
(515) 352-3880
[email protected]
United States, Iowa, Gowrie
Paul D. Meyer, MD (ret.)United States, Iowa, Iowa City
Julia Quigley, RNUnited States, Iowa, Lamoni
Nanette M. Gutschmidt, BSN, RNUnited States, Iowa, Lisbon
Rebecca Krogmann, BSN, RNUnited States, Iowa, Manchester
Douglas McLaws, DOUnited States, Iowa, Manning
Susan Peters, SW, SCP, QMRPUnited States, Iowa, Manning
Anita C. Hoch, BSN, RN, CCRNJames ClinicUnited States, Iowa, Melcher-Dallas
Sandra Kay Binder, RNUnited States, Iowa, Sioux City
Bradley R. Meyer, DOOkoboji Wellness ClinicUnited States, Iowa, Spirit Lake
Stacy Cook, PA-CUnited States, Iowa, Winterset
Jazper Torres, ND, DCStillwater Family MedicineUnited States, Kalispell, Montana
Sicily Bruner, BSN, RNUnited States, Kansas, Andover
Barbara Brocker, BSN, RNUnited States, Kansas, Fontana
DeAnna L. Vaughn, NDUnited States, Kansas, Fredonia
Jesse Findley, RNUnited States, Kansas, Freedonia
Dawn Varney, MD (ret.)United States, Kansas, Hutchinson
Angela Randle, BSN, MSN, FNP-BCUnited States, Kansas, Leawood
Michelle Peterson, DNP, APRN, NP-CUnited States, Kansas, Leawood
Jeremy Kirchoff, MDCollege Park Family Care CenterUnited States, Kansas, Lenexa
Regan M. Tilley, MDWHOLEhealth MHK, LLC-ManhattanUnited States, Kansas, Manhattan
Esther Rettig, MDEsther V. Rettig, MDPA, McPherson Center for Health, Surgery Center of South Central Kansas, Salina Surgical HospitalUnited States, Kansas, McPherson
Kristina A SterlingUnited States, Kansas, McPherson
Theodore J. Williams, MDUnited States, Kansas, Olathe
Jessica Jellison, MDJellison Integrative MDUnited States, Kansas, Overland Park
Scott Roethle, MDIn2Great Functional MedicineUnited States, Kansas, Overland Park
Virginia "Ginny" Scott, BSN, RNUnited States, Kansas, Prescott
Portia Reed, RN, BSNUnited States, Kansas, Richmond
Charissa Roberds, RNUnited States, Kansas, Topeka
Steve Rovenstine, DOUnited States, Kansas, Topeka
Renee Sinclair, CRNA, MAEUnited States, Kansas, Webber
Karen Gallardo, BSN, RNUnited States, Kansas, Wichita
Marie Hand, MDUnited States, Kansas, Wichita
Regan Sellmeyer, BSN, RNAscension Via ChristiUnited States, Kansas, Wichita
Terrence Lee Lakin, DO, MPHLakin PLLCUnited States, Kansas, Witchita
Teresa E. Flick, BSNUnited States, Kentucky, Covington
Teri AshleyUnited States, Kentucky, Crestwood
Kevin Scribner, COScribner Orthotic ServicesUnited States, Kentucky, Eubank
Meredith Kosko, BSN, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Fisherville
Erin L. Pinkston, BSN, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Fort Thomas
Shawn Flora, FirefighterFrankfort Fire and EMSUnited States, Kentucky, Frankfort
Carrie Janelle Pollard, BSN, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Gamaliel
Tonya Mitchell, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Greensburg
Kevin Pettus, MDUnited States, Kentucky, Lexington
Daniel Jones, APRN, FNP-CHolton Direct CareUnited States, Kentucky, Louisville
Ivy Sams, RN, BSN, CCMUnited States, Kentucky, Louisville
Kathryn Ruth Marshall, MDUnited States, Kentucky, Louisville
Matthew Hogan, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Louisville
Peggy Fishman, MDCenter for Integrative & Age-Management MedicineUnited States, Kentucky, Louisville
Vatsalya Vatsalya, MD PgD MSc MSUniversity of LouisvilleUnited States, Kentucky, Louisville
Deborah J. Giger, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Madisonville
William Klompus, MDBaptist HospitalUnited States, Kentucky, Madisonville
Christopher Lee Poor, MD, PhDUnited States, Kentucky, Murray
Jennifer Cagel, APRNUnited States, Kentucky, Murray
Amy Lee Bush, BS, LPN, Health Coach, Fitness TrainerUnited States, Kentucky, Pleasureville
Tracy Boller, BSN, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Stanford
Brandi N Story, RNUnited States, Kentucky, Wickliffe
Ginger T. Songne, RN, CNOR United States, Louisiana, Abbeville
Seth Landry, FNP-BCUnited States, Louisiana, Abbeville
Christopher Franco, DOUnited States, Louisiana, Alexandria
Maria Cecilia M. Cuntz, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Sharon Ross, FNP-BCUnited States, Louisiana, Belle Chasse
Culpepper Hewitt McCuller, Jr., MDUnited States, Louisiana, Bossier City
Dale Joseph Misiek, DMD - (Professor and Program Director Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery LSU Health Sciences Center)United States, Louisiana, Covington
Jeffrey J. Andry, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Covington
Jody Mitiga, DNM, ANP-BCTelehealth NPUnited States, Louisiana, Erath
Alicia Newman, CRNAUnited States, Louisiana, Geismar
Umez Vatsalva, MDUniversity of LouisvilleUnited States, Louisiana, Gretna
Allison Plaisance, APRNUnited States, Louisiana, Hammond
Nancy T. Faucheaux, MSN, APRN-BCUnited States, Louisiana, Houma
Cindy Richards, APRNUnited States, Louisiana, Lafayette
Floyd Michael Hinderlang, III, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Lafayette
Mandie Romero, PDRestore CounselingUnited States, Louisiana, Lafayette
Thomas K. Bond, Sr., MD, MSTotalCare Health & Wellness Medical ClinicUnited States, Louisiana, Lafayette
William Michael Gaar, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Lafayette
Chris Thompson, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Lake Charles
Christen Flowers Granger, PN (ret.)United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles
Mary L Anderson, MD (ret.)United States, Louisiana, Metairie
Carol S. Twyman, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Minden
Arie Spitzfaden, PhamDUnited States, Louisiana, Monroe
Gregory J. Redmond, DPT, CWS, CertDNEberhard Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Wellness ClinicUnited States, Louisiana, New Orleans
Thomas J. Davis, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Oakdale
Mignonne Mary, MDUnited States, Louisiana, Ponchatoula
John McLean, MDPrairieville Family HospitalUnited States, Louisiana, Shreveport
Michelle Renee Crais, COAUnited States, Louisiana, Shreveport
Gabrielle Higginbotham, RNUnited States, Louisiana, Sulphur
Kristie Whisenhunt, RNUnited States, Louisiana, Sulphur
Marure A. Whannel, ARNPUnited States, Louisiana, Traer
Billie Ann Howard Marcotte, RNUnited States, Louisiana, Washington
Kathleen Willis, MDUnited States, Louisiana, West Monroe
Melissa B. McKinney, BSN, RNUnited States, Louisiana, West Monroe
Rodney Voisine, MDUnited States, Maine, Belfast
Winter Robinson, LCPWinter Robinson
(207) 929-6960
[email protected]
United States, Maine, Buxton
Jeffrey Greenfield, MDUnited States, Maine, Falmouth
Sarah Ann McDermott, RNUnited States, Maine, Falmouth
Yvonne Peabbles, MSN, NPUnited States, Maine, Falmouth
Jessica Sobey, RNUnited States, Maine, South Portland
Paul Gabriel Gosselin, MDPatriot's HealthUnited States, Maine, Waterville
Maranda Rowe, RNUnited States, Maine, Wilton
Charlene Sullivan, NPUnited States, Maine, Winslow
James Greene, MDUnited States, Maine, Winterport
Deborah Anne Spooner, PA-CUnited States, Maryland, Baltimore
Pamela Pellegrini, RNUnited States, Maryland, Baltimore
Stacie Noble-Shriver, MDUnited States, Maryland, Boston
Kristian Larsen, PAAlteonUnited States, Maryland, Brandywine
Thomas Huesers, MDEastern Maine Medical CenterUnited States, Maryland, Chevy Chase
Sultana Afrooz, DOBe the Changed Health & Wellness CenterUnited States, Maryland, Columbia
Delara Tavakoli, MDTavicareUnited States, Maryland, Conowingo
Adrianna Babette Maguire, BSN, RN Arundel Ambulatory Surgery CenterUnited States, Maryland, Edgewater
GailJean Gallon, RNUnited States, Maryland, Frederick
Janna Mustafina, CRNPeCarenNow TelehealthUnited States, Maryland, Frederick
Nancy Lou Little, DVMUnited States, Maryland, Gaithersburg
Laura Kelly, CNS, LDNUnited States, Maryland, Gambrills
Deborah Hockett, BSN, RNUnited States, Maryland, Marriottsville
Leonard J. Leo, MDToday's Integrative HealthUnited States, Maryland, North Bethesda
Jeffrey Lapinski, MSN, NNPUnited States, Maryland, Odenton
Judith Lowitz, BSN, RNVeterans AffairsUnited States, Maryland, Rockville
Robert Heydaya, MD, DLFAPACenter for Whole Psychiatry and Brain RecoveryUnited States, Maryland, Rockville
Susan K. Vonk, FNPUnited States, Maryland, Rockville
Andrew Norwalt, RNAmerican Mobile NetworkUnited States, Maryland, Severn
Patricia Gurny, MDBenner Medical GroupUnited States, Maryland, St. Inigoes
Julie Fitzgerald, MDUnited States, Maryland, Townsend
Cecelia Isales, MSN, RNUnited States, Maryland, Towson
Mary Ellen Gwynn, BSN, RNUnited States, Maryland, Upper Marlboro
Kenneth B. Singleton, MD, MPHCytokine Storm SolutionsUnited States, Maryland, Virginia
Myelene T Huynh, MD, MPH, FAAFP, IFMCPUniformed Services University of the Health SciencesUnited States, Maryland, Waldorf
Shari Flowers-Sweeney, RN BSNUnited States, Maryland, Waldorf
Samantha Orfanos, BSN, RNUnited States, Massachusettes, Arlington
Michelle Orfanos, MSN, RN, BSN, BCUnited States, Massachusetts, Arlington
Scott Rogers, BSN, RNUnited States, Massachusetts, Boston
Tatyana Tenenboym, MSN, CRNAUnited States, Massachusetts, Boston
Lyudmila Rakita, MDBrockton HospitalUnited States, Massachusetts, Brockton
Suzanne Elkind, CNMUnited States, Massachusetts, Cambridge
Bruce Homstead, MS, RDN, LDN, AFMCPHomstead Health
(413) 527-7524
[email protected]
United States, Massachusetts, Easthampton
Matthew Timberger, MDUnited States, Massachusetts, Falmouth
Roberto Larios, MDUnited States, Massachusetts, Gardner
Maureen Spencer, RN, M.Ed, CIC, FAPICUnited States, Massachusetts, Halifax
Mary A Berry, BSN, RN, HN-BCUnited States, Massachusetts, Kingston
Debra M. Race, BSN, RNUnited States, Massachusetts, Lincoln
Maryellen Rossibi, BSN, RNUnited States, Massachusetts, Malden
Nicole Fortes-Williams, LPN, MBAThe Health Terrain Education Consultants LLC
[email protected]
United States, Massachusetts, New Bedford
Patricia Hopkins, MDHopkins Medical GroupUnited States, Massachusetts, Weymouth
Connie Elliot-Young, RNUnited States, Michigan, Ada
Julie Marie Wilson, DOUnited States, Michigan, Ada
Ronalyn Allen, BSN, RNUnited States, Michigan, Allendale
Daniel J. Benz, MDUnited States, Michigan, Ann Arbor
Pedro Toweh, MD, FAIHM, ABOIMPremier Integrative Medical GroupUnited States, Michigan, Battle Creek
Jane Bombardier, RNUnited States, Michigan, Benton Harbor
Hailey Brownstein, DOAscension ProvidenceUnited States, Michigan, Berkley
Heather Abraam, MSN, NNP-BCHenry Ford Health SystemUnited States, Michigan, Beverly Hills
Joel Kahn, MD, FAACKahn Center for Cardiac LongevityUnited States, Michigan, Bingham Farms
Michael Casey-Palmisano, DOPalms MedicalUnited States, Michigan, Bingham Farms
Daniel Boyer, RNUnited States, Michigan, Brownstown Township
Susan EricksonGenesee County Free Medical ClinicUnited States, Michigan, Burton
Rachael Bender, CPC, CEDCUnited States, Michigan, Caledonia
Gilbert A. Noirot, MDUnited States, Michigan, Charlevoix
Michelle DunnUnited States, Michigan, Chelsea
David V. Fuchs, MDUnited States, Michigan, Coldwater
Mary Lazar, MDUnited States, Michigan, Farmington Hills
Erin Lee, PA-CUnited States, Michigan, Grand Blanc
James C Culver, MDUnited States, Michigan, Grand Blanc
Marie Estelle Spike, LMHC, PCUnited States, Michigan, Grand Ledge
Amy Kaiser, BSN, RNUnited States, Michigan, Grand Rapids
Diane Culik, MDABC WellnessUnited States, Michigan, Grand Rapids
Lorraine Pearl-Kraus, PhD, MSN, CS, FNPUnited States, Michigan, Grand Rapids
Michael Gates, MDUnited States, Michigan, Hillsdale
Jon Kroeze, MDUnited States, Michigan, Holland
Gerald Natzke, DO, FAAEM, DIBEMAmerican Academy of Environmental MedicineUnited States, Michigan, Indian River
Kelly Summerfield, MSN, RN, CNMUnited States, Michigan, Lake Orion
William C. Vuillemot, DDSTrillium Dental, PCUnited States, Michigan, Lansing
John Travis McMillian, LPNVeterans AdministrationUnited States, Michigan, Lyons
Daniel Knobloch, MDUnited States, Michigan, Marshall
Marka Machalka, MDWhole Family Direct CareUnited States, Michigan, Marshall
Anne Davis, CRNAUnited States, Michigan, Mason
Kay Holbrook, BSNUnited States, Michigan, MIlan
Vincent Rimanelli, DOUnited States, Michigan, Monroe
Sarah Marschner, BSN, RN, CMUnited States, Michigan, Muskego
Val Hoot, BSN, RNUnited States, Michigan, Northville
Kimberly Singer, BSN, RNWelcome Home Assisted Living
United States, Michigan, Owosso
Andrea Hintz, RNUnited States, Michigan, Oxford
Ron Fila, RPhUnited States, Michigan, Petoskey
Jonathan Brewis, MDUnited States, Michigan, Plymouth
Michael D Steward, MDUnited States, Michigan, Saline
John CirauloAA Shelby Family PharmacyUnited States, Michigan, Shelby Charter Township
Michelle Mortillaro, BSN, RNUnited States, Michigan, Shelby Township
Danny Anouti, PharmD, RphPanacea Compounding PharmacyUnited States, Michigan, Southfield
Yvette Proctor, LPNUnited States, Michigan, Southfield
Judith DunnUnited States, Michigan, Sterling Heights
Nancy Lonnstrom, RNUnited States, Michigan, Sterling Heights
Lori Aline Chapo-Kroger, RNPure Simple Products, LLCUnited States, Michigan, Traverse City
Kim Shunkwiler, DCShunkwiler Chiropractic
(734) 728-5533
[email protected]
United States, Michigan, Wayne
Debbie VanderWeyden, FMCHCJenna and Her Mom Coaching & Training, LLCUnited States, Michigan, Wyoming
Lisa Dreger, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Alexandria
Julie Ahlsten, BSN, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Andover
Elizabeth Hill, BSN, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Apple Valley
Lacee Pomerleau, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Big Lake
Kristina Leicu, MDNorth Star Family MedicineUnited States, Minnesota, Brainerd
Joan Dawson, DOSouthdale Osteopathic ClinicUnited States, Minnesota, Burnsville
Monica Sproul BSN, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Burnsville
Kelly Thompson, NP-CKey Wellness, PLLCUnited States, Minnesota, Crosslake
Kelly VanVickle, NP-CKey Wellness, PLLCUnited States, Minnesota, Crosslake
Jessica Bueling, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Detroit Lakes
Steven Noran, MDAbbott NortwesternUnited States, Minnesota, Edina
Jacquelyn Wiermaa, MDUnited States, Minnesota, Esko
Erik Rives, PA-CUnited States, Minnesota, Glenwood
Connie Thach, DNP, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Lakeville
Denise Buss, APRN, CNPRevive Health and WellnessUnited States, Minnesota, Maple Grove
Alexander Y. Zubkov, MD, PhDZubkovMDUnited States, Minnesota, Minneapolis
Casandra Mulder, BSN, RN, PHNUnited States, Minnesota, Renville
Peter T. Smith, MDUnited States, Minnesota, Rogers
Heather E. Ingbretson, DC, FICPAIngbretson ChiropracticUnited States, Minnesota, Roseville
Kimberly M. Boecker, MDUnited States, Minnesota, Shakopee
Judy Anderson, BSN, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Shoreview
Gerald Werlinger, BSN, RNUnited States, Minnesota, St. Cloud
Tisha Palmer, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Stillwater
Keith Novak, DC (ret.)United States, Minnesota, Wabasha
Paul Savaryn, MDUnited States, Minnesota, Waconia
Lisa Ohman Erhard, MDUnited States, Minnesota, Wayata
Elizabeth Charlong, RNUnited States, Minnesota, Windom
Jeff Taber, MDWindom Family Medical CenterUnited States, Minnesota, Windom
Charles J. Grulich, MDUnited States, Mississippi, Biloxi
Amber King, RNBaptist HospitalUnited States, Mississippi, Coldwater
Mary P. Hudson, BSN, RN, MPHUnited States, Mississippi, Florence
John Witcher, MDUnited States, Mississippi, Flowood
Ben P. Folk, MDUnited States, Mississippi, Greenville
Joe Pulliam, MDFamily Medical CenterUnited States, Mississippi, Greenville
Joseph F. Roberts, MD, PAUnited States, Mississippi, Grenada
Ayslin M. Beckett, MDUnited States, Mississippi, Long Beach
Casey Sanford, MDUnited States, Mississippi, Lucedale
Ralph Condon Hughes, III - MD, FCAP, CPECiCLOPS Telepathology, LLCUnited States, Mississippi, Meridian
Linzi Blacklidge, BSN, RNUnited States, Mississippi, Monticello
Edward Willoughby, Offshore ParamedicUnited States, Mississippi, Moselle
Leslie Carnahan, MDUnited States, Mississippi, Pass Christian
John Beaman, MDUnited States, Mississippi, Richton
Donald R. Bonner, DOUnited States, Mississippi, Ridgeland
Debbie Ball, RNUnited States, Mississippi, Summit
Mary Cook, CRNAUnited States, Mississippi, Tupelo
LaRissa Arbuckle, BSN, RN, CCRNUnited States, Mississippi, Water Valley
Jama R. Gilpin, MDTexas County Memorial Hospital ERUnited States, Missouri, Aldrich
Kelbie Abercrombie, MPAS, PA-CFreedom Health SystemUnited States, Missouri, Battlefield
Michael Bauer, MDFreedom Health SystemUnited States, Missouri, Battlefield
Susan Dixon, BSN, RNUnited States, Missouri, Bolivar
Linda Scherder, MT/CLS-ASCPUnited States, Missouri, Bowling Green
Preston Howerton, MDHCCUnited States, Missouri, Buckner
Jeff Rudloff, MBA, EMT-PUnited States, Missouri, Cottleville
Catherine A. Rinne, APRN, FNP-BCUnited States, Missouri, Eldon
Mollie James, DO, MPH, FACOS, FACS, IFMCPThe James ClinicUnited States, Missouri, Ellisville
Christina Thomas, BSN, RN, CCRNUnited States, Missouri, Ewing
Karen McCrain Coleman, DOUnited States, Missouri, Farmington
Douglas Poss, MTUnited States, Missouri, Imperial
Angela Drebes, RNUnited States, Missouri, Independence
Connie Lynn Irish, BSN, RNUnited States, Missouri, Independence
Shirley Elaine Schilare, RNUnited States, Missouri, Jefferson City
Diana L. Willy, RNUnited States, Missouri, Joplin
Rance Junge, Clinical PharmacistUnited States, Missouri, Joplin
Kristina Benedict, RNUnited States, Missouri, Kansas City
Linda James, RNUnited States, Missouri, Kansas City
Michael Czervinske, RRT-NPS, FAARCUnited States, Missouri, Kansas City
Jennifer Riggs, RNUnited States, Missouri, Latham
Francis Elliot, RNUnited States, Missouri, Lathrop
Rebecca Mercer, BSN RN, CCS CPCUnited States, Missouri, Lee's Summit
Justin Hildebrand, DCNorthern Lights Wellness, LLC dba IV Nutrition NowUnited States, Missouri, Liberty
Mary Anne Coatney, MSN, FNP-BC, RN, MA (ret.)United States, Missouri, Moberly
Bethany Fast, MSN, ANP, PMHNPCommunity Mental Health Consultants
(417) 667-8352
[email protected]
United States, Missouri, Nevada
Bethany KatchmarikUnited States, Missouri, Odessa
Matthew W. Meier, DOUnited States, Missouri, Ofallon
Rebecca Meier, BSN, RNDr. Matthew Meier, DOUnited States, Missouri, Ofallon
Gary Lee Miller, RRTUnited States, Missouri, Ozark
Dennis Daniels, MDExecutive Pulmonary MedicineUnited States, Missouri, Poplar Bluff
Tracy Forker, CWON, RNUnited States, Missouri, Reeds Spring
Ellis Froschle, MDUnited States, Missouri, Rocheport
Kimberly Barron, MBA, MSN, RN, NC-BCUnited States, Missouri, Saint Joseph
Elizabeth Johnson, DNP, FNP-BCElite Telehealth Care, LLCUnited States, Missouri, Saint Louis
James Sturm, DO, DABA, FIPPArch Advanced Pain ManagementUnited States, Missouri, Saint Peters
Bonnie Johnson, MSN, RNUnited States, Missouri, Springfield
Kimberly Stoltz, RN, BSN, CCRNUnited States, Missouri, Springfield
Luke Van Kirk, DOCommand Family MedicineUnited States, Missouri, Springfield
Teresa Jolley, PA-CUnited States, Missouri, Springfield
Teresa Marie Mealy, APRNTeresa Mealy Total Health and Wellness, LLCUnited States, Missouri, Springfield
Timothy Hubbard, MHSc, MPAS, PA-CUnited States, Missouri, Springfield
Christine Salter, MDThe Centre for Vibrant Health and WellnessUnited States, Missouri, St. Louis
David B. Holman, RPhPharmax PharmacyUnited States, Missouri, St. Louis
Debra MerkelUnited States, Missouri, St. Louis
Lynn Doer, RNUnited States, Missouri, St. Louis
Richard A. Bligh, MD, MBAMissouri Baptist Medical CenterUnited States, Missouri, St. Louis
Sandra B. Ghormley, MSN, RNYoungevity InternationalUnited States, Missouri, St. Louis
Sandi McClary, MOTR/LUnited States, Missouri, Trimble
Mary K. Pendergrass, DOUnited States, Missouri, West Plains
Sandra Hafner, ADN, RN (ret.)United States, Missouri, Wildwood
Astrid Rodas, BSN, RNUnited States, Montana, Belgrade
Jeanne Schnelbach, RNUnited States, Montana, Bozeman
Laura Rear, DNP, NP-CRocky Mountain Health and HealingUnited States, Montana, Clancy
Tristan Ulmer, BSN, RN, CCRN, CLCUnited States, Montana, East Helena
Dianna Carvey, DOUnited States, Montana, Eureka
Deanna L. Babb, RNUnited States, Montana, Great Falls
Walter Smith, DOUnited States, Montana, Havre
James E. Young,MDUnited States, Montana, Miles City
David S. Costner, FNPCostner Care Family ClinicUnited States, Montana, Plains
Bridget Roe, BSN, RNUnited States, Montana, Shepard
Ellie Krise, BSN, RNUnited States, Montana, Terry
Kassandra Marjerrison Moore, RNUnited States, Montana, Trout Creek
Carrie Hoppler, BSN, RNUnited States, Nationwide
Krystle Kageyama, BSN, RNUnited States, Nebraska, Bellevue
Donald V. Cain Jr., DVM MSCentral Nebraska ClinicUnited States, Nebraska, Broken Bow
Scott A. Haughawout, DOUnited States, Nebraska, Elkhorn
Gail Cattoor, LPNUnited States, Nebraska, Lincoln
Shannon Patterson, BSN, RNUnited States, Nebraska, Lincoln
Jacqueline Stanzel, DNP, FNP-CUnited States, Nebraska, Omaha
Jeanie Garcia, RNUnited States, Nebraska, Omaha
Kathleen Kraft, PMHNP-c, ANP-cUnited States, Nebraska, Omaha
Lisa Chanez, BSN, RNUnited States, Nebraska, Papillion
Celeste K. Johnson, BSN, RN, CNORUnited States, Nebraska, Weston
Robin Willcourt, MDBMGHUnited States, Nevada, Battle Mountain
Dulce Santacroce, DNP, RNTouro UniversityUnited States, Nevada, Henderson
Emily Allina, MSN, APRN, FNP-CHigh Sierra House CallsUnited States, Nevada, Incline Village
Arezo Fathie, MDGenerations Medical CenterUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Barbara Rowe, LPNPerspective Home HealthUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Christopher A. Pederson, MDUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Erich C. Acebedo, MDValhalla WellnessUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Jasper O. Bliss, EMTUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Patrick Ticman, MDSouthwest MedicalUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Robert Seik, PharmDPartell PharmacyUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Sanghyun Lee, OMDWongu University of Oriental MedicineUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Scott Morgan, BSN, RNUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Soy Ramsumeer, DNP, MSN, DM Ed. Footcare Cert, FNP-BCComprehensive Diabetes ServicesUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Steve Lissau, MDUnited States, Nevada, Las Vegas
James M. Gocke, NPUnited States, Nevada, Minden
Rose Paiva, MDPaiva MDUnited States, Nevada, Reno
Theresa Goins, APRN, NP-CUnited States, Nevada, Sparks
Connie Helm, BSN, RN (ret.)United States, Nevada, Wellington
Robbie Grant, DOUnited States, Nevada, Winnemucca
Theresa Trebisacci, RNUnited States, New Hampshire, Derry
Michelle Schiel, APRN, GNP-BCHope House CallsUnited States, New Hampshire, Grand Island
Valerie Varela, APRNUnited States, New Hampshire, Londonderry
Douglas Mailly, MDUnited States, New Hampshire, Mount Vernon
Carmina Lolley, RNMedicine World Inc.United States, New Hampshire, Nashua
Jamie Morse, PT, DPT, CIDNAltitude, PLLCUnited States, New Hampshire, Nashua
Kristy Frassier, NDKristy Frassier ND-Proactive Healing PLLCUnited States, New Hampshire, Portsmouth
Nicole Schertell, NDVibrant Health Naturopathic Medical CenerUnited States, New Hampshire, Portsmouth
Katherine Reese Kusza, RNUnited States, New Hamshire
Linda Choate, RN, BSN, CSNUnited States, New Jersey, Bayville
Nancy Pontes, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, FNAP, FAANUnited States, New Jersey, Camden
Alexander Klyashtorny, MDJersey Anesthesia and Pain ManagementUnited States, New Jersey, Edison
Renee O'Connor, PharmDUnited States, New Jersey, Forked River
Brandon Howard, MDUnited States, New Jersey, Hackensack
Douglas Mark Leonard, DOUnited States, New Jersey, Haddonfield
Sir Clarence Charles E. Cutsforth, OMS, MBA, DAScIntegrative Wellness Centers
[email protected]

No telehealth services offered.
United States, New Jersey, Holmdel
Richard Zambrano, BSN, RNUnited States, New Jersey, Howell
Tracey Podolsky, MPT, CLT-LANAUnited States, New Jersey, Howell
Christine Simoes, RDMSUnited States, New Jersey, Jackson
Joaquin E. Gonzales-MelaquiadesUnited States, New Jersey, Lake Hopatcong
Micki Contini, MS, BCNCSimple Good Health
(732) 659-0227
[email protected]
United States, New Jersey, Lavallette
Vincent Leonti, MDPrinceton Integrative MedicineUnited States, New Jersey, Lawrenceville
Michael Yin, MDUnited States, New Jersey, Livingston
Avraham Schreiber, MDConcierge Services PCUnited States, New Jersey, Long Branch
Patty Saveriano, MSN, RNUnited States, New Jersey, Manahawkin
Lisa LaGrego, RDMSUnited States, New Jersey, Monroe
Kevin Ng, MDChung Institute of Integrative MedicineUnited States, New Jersey, Moorestown
Sharon Rosenhaus, RNUnited States, New Jersey, Morristown
Mark Steven Gray, DCUnited States, New Jersey, Mullica Hill
Dante Joa, MDWest New York Healing CenterUnited States, New Jersey, North Bergen
Steve Stein, MDUnited States, New Jersey, Passaic
Alieta Eck, MDUnited States, New Jersey, Piscataway
Jeanieve Caputo, BSN, RNOcen Medical CenterUnited States, New Jersey, Point Pleasant
Angela Beams, RN, PA-CUnited States, New Jersey, Sewell
Jackie Noland, APRNUnited States, New Jersey, Stanford
Joylyn Martinez-Davis, BSN, RN, CCRNUnited States, New Jersey, Tabernacle
Matthew Feller, MDCity MD, Trinity Health CTUnited States, New Jersey, Tenafly
Ruben Ong, MDUnited States, New Jersey, Titusville
James Orlando, MD, FACC, FSCAIShore Heart GroupUnited States, New Jersey, Toms River
Leah Guardino, RN, MSN, CCRNUnited States, New Jersey, Toms River
Rehan Shah, MDSaint Francis Medical Center NJUnited States, New Jersey, Trenton
Kevin Kargman, DOWashington Family PracticeUnited States, New Jersey, Turnersville
Michael Edward Rothman, MD, FACEPMD WellnessUnited States, New Jersey, Wall Township
Lillian Checchio, MDUnited States, New Jersey, Warren
David Michael Sileo, NPUnited States, New Jersey, West Deptford
Robin Lunt, BSN, RNUnited States, New Jersy, Logan Township
Jennifer Culver, MD, FACEP (ret.)United States, New México, Albuquerque
Sharon Zito, BSN, RN, CCRNUnited States, New México, Albuquerque
W. Weston Sumner, DOPediatric Health Services, PCUnited States, New México, Albuquerque
Ashley Jordan Smith, FNP-CUnited States, New México, Aztec
Brandi De La Torre, RNUnited States, New México, Bayard
Christy Jaqua, BSN, RNUnited States, New México, Farmington
Stephanie Wilks, FNP-CNor-Lea Hospital DistrictUnited States, New México, Hobbs
Ernest Rhett Jabour, MDGerald Champion Regional Medical CenterUnited States, New México, Las Cruces
LeAnn D. Jons-Cox, DOLiberty Health LLCUnited States, New México, Las Cruces
Louise Shrecengost, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC, IBCLC (ret.)United States, New México, Los Lunas
Leslie S. Johnson MLS (ASCP)United States, New México, Mimbres
Martha Lynch, RNUnited States, New México, Roswell
Christine Hughes, MDUnited States, New México, Santa Fe
Luis C. Cordova, APRN-FNP-CLimitless Aesthetcis and Healthcare, Push HealthUnited States, New México, Santa Teresa
Scott Forman, MDDeep Well HealthUnited States, New México, Taos
Dumadi Fernandez, MSN, RN, NPUnited States, New York, Amherst
Thomas H. Davis, DMDUnited States, New York, Binghampton
Moshe Dekel, MDRejuvinate HealthUnited States, New York, Bohemia
Maya Ali-Dross, RNUnited States, New York, Brentwood
Martha BouchardUnited States, New York, Brewster
Sally B. Mann, RN, LMTAlbany Area Healing Touch
(941) 408-4941
[email protected]
United States, New York, Broadalbin
Aleksei Belousov, MDUnited States, New York, Brooklyn
Dina Liberman, MDMount Sinai Medical CenterUnited States, New York, Brooklyn
Ilana Zablozki-Amir, MDBrooklyn Integrative MedicineUnited States, New York, Brooklyn
Jamie Rehmann, Obst, DO, FACOGUnited States, New York, Buffalo
Jennifer CoxUnited States, New York, Buffalo
Kathleen Breault , NP, CNM, LMSafe Passage MidwiferyUnited States, New York, Cambridge
Mareen Nunez, NPMyCatholicDoctorUnited States, New York, Center Moriches
Steve AbazisUnited States, New York, Center Moriches
Kelly Ward, RN, CCRN-KUnited States, New York, Cicero
Dorothy Kollak, RNUnited States, New York, Clifton Park
Linda Apen, RNUnited States, New York, East Aurora
John Renna, PharmD, MS, RPhUnited States, New York, East Northport
Diane L Reid, BSN, RNUnited States, New York, Floral Park
Nedenia Glaeser, MSN, RN (ret.)NYP QueensUnited States, New York, Flushing
Stephen Paul Esposito, MDHepatobiliary Associates of New YorkUnited States, New York, Flushing
Yuriy Israel, MDUnited States, New York, Forest Hills
Kristine French, BSN, RNUnited States, New York, Fort Edward
Barbara Luthi, RN, MSNUnited States, New York, Gloversville
Peter Marino, BSN, RN, CRNI, VA-BCUnited States, New York, Greenlawn
Jeffrey N. Olin, MDNorthwell HealthUnited States, New York, Hewlett
Jean O'ConnorUnited States, New York, Hopewell Junction
Robert J. AquinoGold Coast Medical Wellness, PLLCUnited States, New York, Huntington
Linda Tosetto, PA-CUnited States, New York, Lewiston
Larraine Cullam, BSN, RNUnited States, New York, Manorville
Ted Stucka, PharDUnited States, New York, Maryland
Jack LaCalamita, MDNorth American Partners in AnesthesiaUnited States, New York, Middletown
Heather Reilly, RNUnited States, New York, New Hampton
George A. Kozminski, LAcUnited States, New York, new Hartford
Bruce Oran, FACEPUnited States, New York, New York
Chris Starpoli, LCSWUnited States, New York, New York
Cynthia Casucci MDEnvision HealthcareUnited States, New York, New York
Gregory Haber, MD, FRCP (C)United States, New York, New York
Kevin Hu, MDIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiUnited States, New York, New York
Magdolna Saringer, MDUnited States, New York, New York
Marcia Harris, MDThe Wellness Restoration CenterUnited States, New York, New York
Raymonda Rastegar, MDHeartwideUnited States, New York, New York
Robert L. Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMSBard Cancer CenterUnited States, New York, New York
Serena Fox, MDUnited States, New York, New York
Sharon Herzfeld, MDHolistic Neurology
[email protected]
United States, New York, New York
Sherri Greene, DPMUnited States, New York, New York
Somer Delsignore, BS, MSN, DNP candidate, BC-PNPLeda Medical by Dr. FridUnited States, New York, New York
Stacey Samuels, MSN, FNPUnited States, New York, New York
Hansus Wurstus, MDUnited States, New York, New York City
Nicos Nicolaou, MDUnited States, New York, New York City
Valentina Boguslavskaya, MSN, NPUnited States, New York, New York City
Beth E. Cooke, BSN, RNUnited States, New York, Newfane
Peter Sosnow, MDUnited States, New York, Niskayuna
Elizabeth Morales, BSN, RNUnited States, New York, North Bellmore
Lisa M. Burger, MSN, RNUnited States, New York, Oakland Gardens
Luzer Klein, EMT-PKT Covid-19 Response TeamUnited States, New York, Palmtree
Alla Joutovsky, MDUnited States, New York, Port Washington
Thomas J. Francescott, NDToms Tonics-A Modern Apothecary, LLCUnited States, New York, Rhineback
Clayton Baker, MDUnited States, New York, Rochester
Debra Ullaury, RNC, BSNUnited States, New York, Seaford
Christine Cavoto, BSN, RNUnited States, New York, Setauket
David R. Cooley, MDCNYFertilityUnited States, New York, Skaneteles
Robert Vitolo, MDUnited States, New York, Staten Island
Cindy Ferrara, BSN, RNUnited States, New York, Wantagh
Nicole Gregware, RNUnited States, New York, West Chazy
Ken Dannett, PhDUnited States, New York, West Nyack
Laura Dean, LPN - Private Home Health Care NurseUnited States, New York, Wurtsboro
Misty Reagan, AGNP-CHOPE-Full WellnessUnited States, North Carolina, Asheboro
Anne Walch, MHS, PA-CUnited States, North Carolina, Asheville
Constance Cantwell, RN, PMH-BCUnited States, North Carolina, Asheville
David Clements, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Asheville
Jonathan Williams, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Burlington
Amy Deer, BSN, RN United States, North Carolina, Camden
Cherry Pfau, MSN, RN, AHN-BCIntegrative Medical of North CarolinaUnited States, North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Kate Hansen, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Darryl Kelly, BSN, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Charlotte
Deborah Allen, RPhUnited States, North Carolina, Charlotte
James P. Johnston, DOYour Home Medical CareUnited States, North Carolina, Charlotte
Phyllis Love, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Charlotte
William F. Taylor, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Charlotte
Brittany Barber, BSN, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Clemmons
Bridgett Farell, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Durham
Cynthia Cooke, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Durham
Kathryn Godly, PA-CThe Functional Medicine CenterUnited States, North Carolina, Durham
Shiela Zeigler, BSN, RNWakemed HospitalUnited States, North Carolina, Emerald Isle
Julie Andrews, MSN, RN, FNPOnespirit WellnessUnited States, North Carolina, Fairview
Dawn Ruminski, DO, MDValley Physical Medicine, PLLCUnited States, North Carolina, Fayetteville
Alesha Logan, NPLgos HealthUnited States, North Carolina, Gastonia
Kimberly Shelton, MDTIMA WellnessUnited States, North Carolina, Greensboro
Kimberly Wells-Lewis, BSN, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Hamstead
Gary C. Prechter, MD, MS (Biochem), MPH, FACP, FCCP, FAASMUnited States, North Carolina, Hendersonville
Tracey Long, RDNBig Picture Health LLCUnited States, North Carolina, Hendersonville
Franklin McGuire, MD FccpUnited States, North Carolina, Hickory
A. Claire Wilson, DDSUnited States, North Carolina, High Point
Courtney Love, BSN, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Kernersville
Ralph Carter, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Laurinburg
Julie Lederle, BSN, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Lexington
Maelia M. Stamey, MSN, FNP-CUnited States, North Carolina, Lincolnton
Cathy J. Fanning, DOUnited States, North Carolina, Lowgap
Jason LeonardMars Hill ChiropracticUnited States, North Carolina, Mars Hill
Mary Gantt, MSN, RN (ret.)United States, North Carolina, Mills River
Mary C Medford, BSN, RN, CCMHealthy Strategies PLLC
(704) 690-3676
[email protected]
United States, North Carolina, Monroe
Leigh Meier, MSN, RN, CENUnited States, North Carolina, Mooresville
Hope McIntyre, MDLyme Hope LLCUnited States, North Carolina, Mount Airy
Thomas Lash, CTBSUnited States, North Carolina, Murphy
Jill Hatcher Kopanski, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Pink Hill
J. Lee Harris, RN, MSNUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Kiara Eiley, MDCarolina Center for Restorative MedicineUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Kiera Eily, MDCarolina Restorative CenterUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Kira Eily, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Lisa Hogan, MDYouthologie Outpatient Practice OnlyUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Maribeth Malone, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Michael O. Citron, MDFoundationMEDUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Natalie Jane Adams, MSN, FNP-CUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Octavian M. Belcea, MDWakefield Family MedicineUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Sabrina Kittilson, RTTUnited States, North Carolina, Raleigh
Joseph Guarino, MD, MPH, FACOEMPiedmont Occupational and Urgent Care
United States, North Carolina, Reidsville
Randall M. Carlyle, MT(ASCP), MPACareSouth CarolinaUnited States, North Carolina, Rowland
Joseph N. Holmes, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Salsbury
Felisa Hammonds, MSN, FNP-CUnited States, North Carolina, Shannon
Karen Fitch Theis, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Shelby
Betsy Walker, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Siler City
Carleen M. Willeford, DNP, MS, FNP, RN, BSN, BSWUnited States, North Carolina, Supply
Laurie Winner, RN, BSN, DCHolden Beach Family ChiropracticUnited States, North Carolina, Supply
Gregory Lee Jones, MDValdese HospitalUnited States, North Carolina, Valdese
Vincent G. Williams, PA-CUnited States, North Carolina, Wake Forest
Ayvee Lavendar, APRN, FNP-CAt Home Family CareUnited States, North Carolina, Willow Spring
Chris Lace, RN, CNORUnited States, North Carolina, Wilmington
Gregory Schimizzi, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Wilmington
Kristen Soles Ludwig, BSN, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Wilmington
Morgan Wallace, AGAC-NPMorgan Lefleur Aesthetics and WellnessUnited States, North Carolina, Wilmington
Christy Saunders, PharmDUnited States, North Carolina, Wilson
Laura W. Blackman, BSN, RNUNC NashUnited States, North Carolina, Wilson
Shannon Lee Petty, BSN, RN, EMT-P, CENUnited States, North Carolina, Wilson
Martha Shuping, MDUnited States, North Carolina, Winston Salem
Staci Kay, AGACNP-BCSophelina Consulting, PLLCUnited States, North Carolina, Winston Salem
William Miller, BSN, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Winston-Salem
Jeannie Lynn Sparks, NP, CNS, RNUnited States, North Carolina, Zebulon
Edward Fogarty, MDUniversity of North DakotaUnited States, North Dakota, Bismarck
Kayla Wheeler, RNEssential HealthUnited States, North Dakota, Horace
Karla Parkes, NP-CCavalier County Memorial HospitalUnited States, North Dakota, Langdon
Tami Briese, BSN, RNUnited States, North Dakota, St. Thomas
Kathleen Meyer, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Akron
Teri Tetzel, MSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Akron
Phil Whitecar, MDUnited States, Ohio, Beaver Creek
Patrick Jonas, MDNeighborly Family MedicineUnited States, Ohio, Beavercreek
Angela Shirk, RNHome Health Travel NurseUnited States, Ohio, Belle Center
Cynthia Lorraine Mattoni, FNP-CUnited States, Ohio, Brookfield
Laura Lewis, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Canfield
Fred Wagshul, MDLung Center of AmericaUnited States, Ohio, Centerville
Daniel Madsen, DOMadsen Medical Direct CareUnited States, Ohio, Chillicothe
Amy Thompson, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Cincinnati
Ashley Dishion, MSN, FNP-BCUnited States, Ohio, Cincinnati
Justin Braboy-Hapner, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Cincinnati
Virginia Summe, RNUnited States, Ohio, Cincinnati
Alisha Fiddler, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Cleveland
Deborah Wyler, RPhUnited States, Ohio, Cleveland
Isaac Allison, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Cleveland
Sherri J. Tenpenny, DOTenpenny Integrative Medicine CenterUnited States, Ohio, Cleveland
Vicki L. Ramirez, RNUnited States, Ohio, Cleveland Heights
Jim Hetzer, Reverend,
Freelance medical writer
https://revjimhetzer.com/United States, Ohio, Columbus
Melissa Miller, NPUnited States, Ohio, Columbus
Shandra Basil, DOBasil Family MedicineUnited States, Ohio, Columbus
Sheila Canini, MSN, FNP-BCCanini's Concierge Health and WellnessUnited States, Ohio, Columbus
Terry L. Irwin, MDOhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital / Knightsbridge Internal Medicine & CardiologyUnited States, Ohio, Columbus
Abigail Dillon, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls
Kim Kwiatek, MDUnited States, Ohio, Dayton
Murrell E Henderson, DOUnited States, Ohio, Deerfield
Khristina Lahm, BSN, RN, MSN, APRN-CNP, AGCNP-BCUnited States, Ohio, Delaware
Ronald Gaudio, ODDelaware Vision CareUnited States, Ohio, Delaware
Alisa Davis, RNUnited States, Ohio, Dennison
Lucas Beeley, DOUnited States, Ohio, Dublin
Joseph G. Bellian Jr., RNRN NetworkUnited States, Ohio, Fairport Harbor
Marty Craig Collins, RRT NRTKHNUnited States, Ohio, Franklin
Satyasagar Morisetty, MDUnited States, Ohio, Galion
Marlene Jerome, RNUnited States, Ohio, Grove City
Lori McElfresh, RNUnited States, Ohio, Hilliard
Aubrey M. Clark, DNP, APRN-FNP, CGRNUnited States, Ohio, Hillsboro
Amanda Angus, CRNA, RNMind and Body Infusion TherapiesUnited States, Ohio, Kirtland
Catherine A. NeuUnited States, Ohio, Lima
Heather Davis, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Lima
Lynne W. SmithUnited States, Ohio, Mansfield
Dorota Rytwinski, MDUnited States, Ohio, Maumee
Barbara Lee Steel, MDUnited States, Ohio, Middletown
Joy King, RNUnited States, Ohio, Milford
Julie Arent, RNUnited States, Ohio, Millbury
Stephanie Shinaver, MSN, RNC-OB, CCMUnited States, Ohio, Millbury
Shawna Burns, RNUnited States, Ohio, New Carlisle
Jennifer Weaver, MSN, FNP-BCFamily Medicine of North Hampton, LLCUnited States, Ohio, North Hampton
Jeremy Hughes, BSN, RN, CCRN, CEN, NRP, EMS-AIUnited States, Ohio, North Ridgeville
Elaine Connelly, RNWealth & Wellness Journey, Inc.United States, Ohio, Parma
Elizabeth Kays, BSN, RN, MSN, CNS-BCUnited States, Ohio, Peoria
Alisa A. Smith, BSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Perrysburg
Jennifer Pfleghaar, DOPflegMed: Center for Integrative MedicineUnited States, Ohio, Perrysburg
Kathleen Clayton, BSNUnited States, Ohio, Perrysburg
Rebecca Felch, RNUnited States, Ohio, Perrysburg
Curtis L. Birchall, MDThe Fountain ClinicUnited States, Ohio, Rocky River
Jean Feick CNP, CDE (Ret.)United States, Ohio, Sandusky
Linda Clarke, RNUnited States, Ohio, Seville
Carol Moraco, RNUnited States, Ohio, Streetsboro
Jeremy Cherry, RNUnited States, Ohio, Sylvania
Gerald R. Knierim, DDSUnited States, Ohio, Toledo
James Roberts, MDUnited States, Ohio, Toledo
Brad Schneider, MDConcierge Health NetworkUnited States, Ohio, Warren
Holly Maggiano, MDHolly J. Maggiano, MD, Inc.United States, Ohio, Warren
Pete Kondolios, MDUnited States, Ohio, Warren
Holly Papenek, DOUnited States, Ohio, Waynesville
Collen Brown, PA-CUnited States, Ohio, West Lake
Kim Nguyen, MSN, RNUnited States, Ohio, Westerville
Susan Finzer-Moor, BSN, RN (ret.)United States, Ohio, Westerville
Judith G. Brown, RN (ret.)United States, Ohio, Youngstown
Michael Draia, Physical Therapy AssistantUnited States, Ohio, Youngstown
Karen R. Walker, RNUnited States, Ohio, Youngsville
Eric Fete, DOhttps://drericprimex.com/United States, Ohio, Zanesville
Jerry Brad Jarrell, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Bartlesville
Juliann Merciez, BSN, RNUnited States, Oklahoma, Bartlesville
Melissa Sue Weaver, BSN-RNUnited States, Oklahoma, Bartlesville
James Hogan, PA-CUnited States, Oklahoma, Cashion
Devon Mullins, RNUnited States, Oklahoma, Claremore
Courtney Elliot, MSN, RNUnited States, Oklahoma, Cushing
Randy J Grellner, DOStillwater Medical CenterUnited States, Oklahoma, Cushing
Margaret Katherine Brown, MSNUnited States, Oklahoma, Davis
Kristi Pollock, BSN, RNUnited States, Oklahoma, Duncan
Kevin W. Croft, MD, FACSTexoma Regional Eye InsstituteUnited States, Oklahoma, Durant
Gina L. Ressler, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Edmond
Jean Coyer, APRN-CPUnited States, Oklahoma, Edmond
John Chiaffitelli, DOFirstcare Medical ServicesUnited States, Oklahoma, Edmond
Joseph Freund, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Edmond
Sydney Holland, NPGreat Salt Plains Health CTRUnited States, Oklahoma, Enid
Deanne Shollenberger, ARNP-CUnited States, Oklahoma, Inola
Michael F. Stratton, DO, FAAP, FAOCPChildren's ClinicUnited States, Oklahoma, Muskogee
Gregory J. Dennis, MDVibrant Life Direct Care, PLLCUnited States, Oklahoma, Mustang
Lydia Dennis, DOVibrant Life Direct Care, PLLCUnited States, Oklahoma, Mustang
John A. Munneke, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Joshua Hayes, FNB-BCUnited States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Laura Moreno, APRN-CNPThunder Healthcare APRN PLLCUnited States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Richard P. Berry, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Seiling
Hang Vu, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
Helen Collier, BSN, RNUnited States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
James Ross, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
Jim Meehan, MDCatalystMDUnited States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
Ken Warren, NPVibrant Health Family ClinicUnited States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
Sarah Washatka, MDRapidCare, Inc.United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
William Henry Dudney, MDUnited States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
Jennifer Nicole Rhodes, MS, RN, TCRNVillage Health Care of CorvallisUnited States, Oklahoma, Vinita
Blake Badgett, MDWeatherford Regional HospitalUnited States, Oklahoma, Weatherford
Kathleen M. Kennedy, PhD, RNUnited States, Oregon, Albany
Mitch & Shannon Leslie, MDUnited States, Oregon, Albany
Bridgett Stockwell, RT (R)St. Charles Medical CenterUnited States, Oregon, Bend
Jennifer Paulson, DNP, FNP-BCUnited States, Oregon, Bend
Joshua Phillips, NDHawthorn Healing Arts CenterUnited States, Oregon, Bend
Mark Bricca, ND, MAcBodhicitta Healing ArtsUnited States, Oregon, Bend
Richard J. Maunder, MD (ret.)United States, Oregon, Bend
Alisa Green, RNUnited States, Oregon, Brookings
Christina Rummel, FNPAmbassadors Healthy AllianceUnited States, Oregon, Corvallis
Renee Edwards, NPVillage Health Care of CorvallisUnited States, Oregon, Corvallis
William Brus, MDUnited States, Oregon, Dexter
Jane Katra, PhD (Public Health)United States, Oregon, Eugene
Pamela Rathbone, WHCNPAura Integrative HealthUnited States, Oregon, Gladstone
Catherine Clark, RNUnited States, Oregon, Gleneden Beach
Suzanne Plate, RNUnited States, Oregon, Grants Pass
Suzanne Platte, BSN, RNUnited States, Oregon, Grants Pass
Janice D. Jones, RNUnited States, Oregon, Gresham
Shonda MilmoreUnited States, Oregon, Keizer
Amanda Lynn Hoffman, NDCalypso Natural ClinicUnited States, Oregon, Mcminnville
Duncan McClane, NDSiskiyou Vital MedicineUnited States, Oregon, Medford
Joel B. Klein, MDComplete Integrative CareUnited States, Oregon, Medford
Patrick Gillette, MDUnited States, Oregon, Medford
Patricia Fay, BSN, CNORUnited States, Oregon, Milwaukie
Jim Bourquin, BSN, RN, BSRT, RRT, CCRN, CEN, CSRUnited States, Oregon, Port Orford
Adiperm Porcuss, PhDUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Andrea Baker, RN, BSNUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Chris Bentley, RNUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Ivor Thompson, Medical TechnologistUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Katna Omidfar-Tran, ND, MPHUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Laura Rubiales, NDPortland Holistic MedicineUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Monica Clark, PTNWRESDUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Robert Sayson, MDGood News Community Health ClinicUnited States, Oregon, Portland
Linda Middlekauff, RN, BSN, LCCE, SpBCPEUnited States, Oregon, Roseberg
Abigail Jo Bisson, NDUnited States, Oregon, Salem
Donald D. McBride, Jr.Saleum Naturopathic ClinicUnited States, Oregon, Salem
Meredith Peyton, NDVital Spirity NaturopathicUnited States, Oregon, Salem
Mark Stefanelli, MDShamanigans Medical ServicesUnited States, Oregon, Seaside
Donna Crawford, RNUnited States, Oregon, Springfield
Tina Veltri, BSN, RNUnited States, Oregon, Springfield
Francie Fisher, BSN, RNUnited States, Oregon, St. Helens
Shirley Champion, DNP, RN (ret.)United States, Oregon, Summerville
Robert Jay Schwartz, ND, LAcGorge FAmily Health/Oregon Association of Naturopathic PhysiciansUnited States, Oregon, The Dalles
Judi Wick, RNUnited States, Oregon, Tualatin
Laura Van Horn, PharmDUnited States, Oregon, Veneta
Sara Miranda, RNUnited States, Oregon, Yamhill
Anthony G. MessinaUnited States, Pennsylvania, Allentown
Terri Cherry, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Altoona
Christa Nedimyer, CRNAUnited States, Pennsylvania, Bellefonte
John Perry, MDTower Health (PA) Reading HospitalUnited States, Pennsylvania, Birdsboro
Nathan Mealy, ParamedicUnited States, Pennsylvania, Bradford
Gregory P. Wheeler, DOCompetent Compassionate CareUnited States, Pennsylvania, Breinigsville
Michelle Lunger, PharmDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Bridgeport
Leonard M. Checchio, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr
Lorna R. Gavin, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Butler
Carolyn Baddorf, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Camp Hill
Richard E. Ferraro, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Carlisle
Joanne Fallon, RNLehigh Valley Pocono HospitalUnited States, Pennsylvania, Catasauqua
Michael B. Goodkin, MD, FACCUnited States, Pennsylvania, Chadds Ford
Wayne Meyers, PharmDNorland Avenue Pharmacy, LLC
United States, Pennsylvania, Chambersburg
Gregg Novak, DOUnited States, Pennsylvania, Clarks Summit
Danielle Aragon, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Clifford Township
Diane M. Coughlan, CRNPDr. Goldberg's OfficeUnited States, Pennsylvania, Clifton Heights
Steve Zanders, DO, FCCPUPMC, Pinnacle & AltoonaUnited States, Pennsylvania, Coopersburg
Jacqueline Genova, MDLansdowne Park PediatricsUnited States, Pennsylvania, Darby
Portia Reed, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Douglassville
Karen Bubier, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Duncansville
Kelly Rupp, BSN, RNMasterpeace Wellness
(412) 418-6063
[email protected]
United States, Pennsylvania, Ellwood City
Daniel Francoeur, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Erie
Jeannie Dawn Bauer, MSN, BSSW, PMNHP-BS, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Erie
Steven Eric Lucking, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Hershey
Jeffrey D. Hartman, DMD, PCUnited States, Pennsylvania, Huntingdon
Roger G. Kimber, MDUnion Community CareUnited States, Pennsylvania, Lancaster
Sara Shrouds, DPTUnited States, Pennsylvania, Landenberg
Felecia Sumner, DOUnited States, Pennsylvania, Landsdowne
Nadia Tillett, BSN, RNGrand View HospitalUnited States, Pennsylvania, Lansdale
Nan I Crews, DOUnited States, Pennsylvania, Lebanon
Samuel Badger, MSN, CRNAUnited States, Pennsylvania, Lebanon
Diana Fern Demming, MDLigonier GynecologyUnited States, Pennsylvania, Ligonier
Nancy Theodore, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Matamoras
Curtis Garrison, DOGarrison Family MedicineUnited States, Pennsylvania, Meadville
Jamie McKalip, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Meadville
David G. Marx, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Mechanicsburg
Kelsie Judd, MSN, ANP-C, CFMPRPG HealthUnited States, Pennsylvania, Milford
Linda D'Eramo, DOD'eramo Family MedicineUnited States, Pennsylvania, Moon Township
Michael Roberts, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Mountain Top
Stacey R. Martin, RN https://laurelhillwellness.com/United States, Pennsylvania, Narvon
Leisa Glotfelty, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, New Freedom
Michael Knolle, MDHeritage Family HealthUnited States, Pennsylvania, Newmanstown
Barb McGuiness, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Newton
Laureen A. Cummings
Lorimar Home Care
(570) 451-1181
[email protected]
United States, Pennsylvania, Old Forge
Carrin Francis Sicinski, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Orefield
Mark V. Caliendo, MDAffiliated Interventional ServicesUnited States, Pennsylvania, Orwigsburg
George L. Danielewski, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Joanna Dilonardo, MSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Kathleen Sweeney, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Paul G. Bogosian, BA, DCUnited States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Dennis J. Courtney, MDCourtney Medical GroupUnited States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Jon Nicassio, MD/DOUnited States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Mitchell Duane Bjerke, RRT, BS, MSUnited States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Ann Marie Lago, DOUnited States, Pennsylvania, Sinking Springs
Robert J. Schmidt, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, St. Marys
Stephen Pandolph, PAUnited States, Pennsylvania, State College
Dorri Miller, AGNP, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Vandergrift
David M. Wyke, DMDProfessional Dental AssociatesUnited States, Pennsylvania, Walnutport
Catherine Harmer, MSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, Wayne
Korilynn Orth, MSN, RN-C, IHPUnited States, Pennsylvania, West Chester
Gregory C. Tuke, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, Wyomissing
Jennifer Strayer, BSN, RNUnited States, Pennsylvania, York
Roger Wayne Boatwright, MDUnited States, Pennsylvania, York
Virtual Medical Clinic, LLCUnited States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Elizama Montalvo, MDUnited States, Puerto Rico, Ponce
Wendy Hackleman Leonard, MS, RDN, LDNRhode Island Nutritrition Therapy, LLC
United States, Rhode Island, North Kingstown
Barbara Quigley, RNUnited States, Rhode Island, Pawtucket
Evelyn Rose, MD (Dermatologist)United States, Rhode Island, Providence
Laura Burgher Fisher, MDUnited States, Rhode Island, Providence
Robin A Lockhart, MSNAugusta UniversityUnited States, South Carolina, Aiken
Shannon Goff, RN, MSN, CHPNUnited States, South Carolina, Bennettsville
Bethany Gaultney, AGNP-CHALO Primary CareUnited States, South Carolina, Bluffton
Yasseen Kuzbary, MD (ret.)United States, South Carolina, Camden
Briana Jamshidi, BSN, RN United States, South Carolina, Charleston
Yusef M. Saleeby, MDCarolina Holistic MedicineUnited States, South Carolina, Charleston
Paul Gaston del Valle, MDUnited States, South Carolina, Daniel Island
Paul R. Steadman, MDUnited States, South Carolina, Fort Mill
Shawnie Perkins, PACArbor Vitae Medical CenterUnited States, South Carolina, Fort Mill
Pamela W. Snelgrove, BSN, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Gray Court
Bassam Haddad, MDUnited States, South Carolina, Greenville
James Bloodworth, MDPRISMA HealthUnited States, South Carolina, Greenville
Kristi Rae Williams, MSN, FNP-BCWell Within Family PracticeUnited States, South Carolina, Greenville
Margaret Smith, BSN, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Greenville
Ronal Phillips, DOUnited States, South Carolina, Greenville
Thomas Watts, DOUnited States, South Carolina, Greenville
Kendra Hertzog, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Greer
Nathan DixonLAVA 24 FitnessUnited States, South Carolina, Hilton Head
Shelley Simmons, FNP-CUnited States, South Carolina, Irmo
Kimberly M DeVolld, MDCarolina Health & Wellness Pediatric & Adult MedicineUnited States, South Carolina, Johns Island
Tracy Murphy, BSN, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Lexington
Jennifer Zangara, BSN, RN, CCRNUnited States, South Carolina, Loris
Kristina Johnson, FNP-CProMedicaUnited States, South Carolina, Mt. Pleasant
Angela Knight, BSN, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Murrells Inlet
Roxanne Altman, FNP-CUnited States, South Carolina, Murrells Inlet
Liz Mancel, MSN, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach
Amy Chamma, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Simpsonville
Anthony MatthewsUnited States, South Carolina, Spartanburg
Karen Fox, LPNUnited States, South Carolina, Spartanburg
Margaret A. Zahrowski, MDUnited States, South Carolina, Summerton
Brittany Dalzell, BSN, RNUnited States, South Carolina, Summerville
Danielle Hohm, FNP-CFamily Wellness ClinicUnited States, South Dakota, Brookings
Jennifer Olson, MDFamily Wellness ClinicUnited States, South Dakota, Brookings
Vicki VanSchoiack, RNUnited States, South Dakota, Bryant
Annette Weller, APRN, MSN, CNMBlack Hills MidwiferyUnited States, South Dakota, Hermosa
Karen Nietz, BSN, RNUnited States, South Dakota, Rapid City
Srinivas K. Gangineni, MD, MBA, FCCPMonument HealthUnited States, South Dakota, Rapid CIty
Suzanne Chrisco-Wilcox, ARNP-CNM, ND, MS, Certified Menopause Clinician, Diplomat AIIM, HomWell BeyondUnited States, South Dakota, Rapid City
Alex A. Falk, MD Redfield Community Memorial HospitalUnited States, South Dakota, Redfield
Erin L. Greer, MDUnited States, South Dakota, Sioux Falls
Oleg Georgiev, MD, MS, FAARFM, ABAARMUnited States, South Dakota, Sioux Falls
Susan Rohr, MDUnited States, South Dakota, Sioux Falls
Susan M. Rufner, BSN, RN, LNCUnited States, Teas, Austin
Myra Ekrem, RNUnited States, Tennessee
Cheryl L Albury, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Ardmore
Sue A Piller, DNP, APRN, ANP-BCUnited States, Tennessee, Bartlett
Marysuzanne Biggs, MSN, FNP-CAdvantage Healthcare Services, LLCUnited States, Tennessee, Bean Station
Shanna Ryan, BSN, RNAdvantage HealthCareUnited States, Tennessee, Bean Station
Suzanne Biggs, FNP-CAdvantage Healthcare Services, LLCUnited States, Tennessee, Bean Station
Jeffrey Levine, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Blountville
Tammie Howalt, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Brentwood
Cleve Anderson, RPh, PCABAnderson Compounding PharmacyUnited States, Tennessee, Bristol
Deborah Andrews, BSN, CCRNUnited States, Tennessee, Chapmansboro
John Dorizas, MDErlanger Medical CenterUnited States, Tennessee, Chattanooga
Mario Villengas, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Chattanooga
Dennis Ford, MDFord Center for Pain management and AntiagingUnited States, Tennessee, Cleveland
Shelley Tapley, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Cleveland
Elton Kerr, MDKerr WEllness P.S.United States, Tennessee, Collegendale
Tad Barrington, BSN, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Collierville
Cenchrea Lanier, FNPUnited States, Tennessee, Columbia
Cenchrea Lanier, MSN, BSN, ANP-BC, CardiologyThird Circle Medical Clinic, LLCUnited States, Tennessee, Columbia
Todd Perkins, CRNAUnited States, Tennessee, Cross Plains
Gilbert Ghearing, MDFamily Medicine and PediatricsUnited States, Tennessee, Crossville
Stacey Carlton, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Crossville
Jeffrey Flinner, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Cumberland Gap
Jamie L. Moore, RN-OCNUnited States, Tennessee, Del Rio
George Graves, DODunlap Medical CenterUnited States, Tennessee, Dunlap
Savannah Whitehead, MSN, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Elizabethton
Chris Hancock, LCSWTherapy Outside the BoxUnited States, Tennessee, Franklin
Omar L. Hamanda, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Franklin
Rita Williams, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Franklin
Brandy Dawson, FNP-BCUnited States, Tennessee, Gallatin
Carle C. Kalsi, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Germantown
Lyn Clay, BSRNUnited States, Tennessee, Germantown
Joseph Kretschmar, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Greeneville
Jennifer West, ACNPForward and Focused MedicineUnited States, Tennessee, Hendersonville
Oyedotun Oyewole, MDICare Primary CareUnited States, Tennessee, Hendersonville
Tony Dyer, RN, RRTSeabreeze Healthcare Consultants, LLCUnited States, Tennessee, Hendersonville
Tony Dyer, RN, RRTSeabreeze Healthcare Consultants, LLC.United States, Tennessee, Hendersonville
Eric Telfer, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Jackson
Mark Withrow, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Kingsport
Caleb Selby, PharmDThe Phoenix Pharmacy & Fountain
(865) 692-1603
[email protected]
United States, Tennessee, Knoxville
Jasmina Milenkoviv, BSN, RNLeConte Medical CenterUnited States, Tennessee, Knoxville
Nan Sprouse, FNP-BC, FAAMMForum Health KnoxvilleUnited States, Tennessee, Knoxville
Salma Ramadan, FNPPush HealthUnited States, Tennessee, Knoxville
Windy Harley, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Knoxville
Ginger Chaffins, BSCLS, ASCPUnited States, Tennessee, Knoxville
Melissa Taylor, BSN, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Lakeland
Karen Oldham, MDUnited States, Tennessee, Lebanon
James Green, MD (ret.)United States, Tennessee, Louisville
Melissa Bowers, MSN, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Maryville
Christina Brown, FNPElite Total WellnessUnited States, Tennessee, Memphis
Rabin Shrestha, MDUTHSC (Univ. of TN Health Science Center)United States, Tennessee, Memphis
Robert H Ball, MDPromedica Clinic, PCUnited States, Tennessee, Menphis
Jenni Kolka, CRNAUnited States, Tennessee, Milton
Jeanette Daniels, BSN, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Morristown
Carrie M. Shortridge, LPNUnited States, Tennessee, Murfreesboro
Douglas C. Beatty, MD, MS (ret.)MyFreeDoctor.comUnited States, Tennessee, Murfreesboro
John Smith, PhDUnited States, Tennessee, Nashville
Pattie Rose, MSN, FNP-BC, ABAAHPHealing Mold Sickness, LLCUnited States, Tennessee, Nashville
Rosa Mayes, RNUnited States, Tennessee, New Market
Catherine J. Hagner, RN, BSNUnited States, Tennessee, Newport
Tim Albonetti, PharmDPharmacy Care of TennesseeUnited States, Tennessee, Nolensville
Deborah T. Stafford, MSN, FNP-CNurse Debi's Health & WellnessUnited States, Tennessee, Powell
Julie Crotzer, BSN, RNUnited States, Tennessee, Spring Hill
Nicole Sirotek, RNAmericas Frontline Nurses
(775) 560-7216, [email protected]
Patient advocacy, helps patients gets connected to services in the US and abroad.
United States, Texas
Diane Elaine Thomas, MSNUnited States, Texas, Abilene
Rena Salyer, MDMy Emergency Room 24/7United States, Texas, Abilene
Maria Santini, BSN, RN, VA-BCUnited States, Texas, Acworth
Frank Lee, MDNorth Tex Medcare Clinic & Urgent CareUnited States, Texas, Addison
Jerry Holubec, DOUnited States, Texas, Allen
Sharla Winters, RNUnited States, Texas, Allen
Westley Joseph Merritt, MDRegional Pain Care of North TexasUnited States, Texas, Allen
Richard J. Gluck, DOUnited States, Texas, Alpine
Deborah L. Moore, MDAmarilloMD, PLLCUnited States, Texas, Amarillo
Deni Hoyler Berry, MSNUnited States, Texas, Amarillo
Tamara Jarrous, APRN, ANCC-BCTop of Texas PsychiatryUnited States, Texas, Amarillo
Thomas M. Mercado, MDExceptional Emergency Centers, Envision HealthcareUnited States, Texas, Amarillo
Tom Clark, DCUnited States, Texas, Amarillo
Melinda R. Savage, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Argyle
Brendan Baird, MPAS, PA-CUnited States, Texas, Arlington
Cyndi Rains, BSN, RNCook ChildrensUnited States, Texas, Arlington
Dawn Lewellen, DNP, CRNAUnited States, Texas, Arlington
Ronald Manzanero, MDArlington Modern MedicineUnited States, Texas, Arlington
Monica Grosz, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Athens
Karen Dayton, RN, CCDSUnited States, Texas, Aubrey
Alicia Murphey, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Austin
Cecelia Cervantes, MDQuantumHeal ClinicUnited States, Texas, Austin
Margaret Listrom, MDUnited States, Texas, Austin
Peter Cashio, MD, MSCode 1 Concierge CareUnited States, Texas, Austin
Stefanie Dwyer, DAcOM, LAcSi Shou Acupuncture
(512) 387-4002
[email protected]
United States, Texas, Austin
William Franklin, MDVictory Medical Clinic & PharmacyUnited States, Texas, Austin
Gloria Rhodes, RNUnited States, Texas, Beaumont
Sidney Marchand, MDUnited States, Texas, Beaumont
Michelle Nations, RNUnited States, Texas, Bertram
John Turner, MDMy Urgent Care ClinicUnited States, Texas, Boerne
Osvaldo Villarreal, MDAbrazos Optimum HealthUnited States, Texas, Boerne
Robert Lowry, MD, MSUnited States, Texas, Boerne
Katarina Lindley, DOEagle Medical Center Direct Primary CareUnited States, Texas, Brock
Eder Hernandez, DMs, PA-CValley Medicine Urgent Care/ Univ. of Lynchburg MedicineUnited States, Texas, Brownsville
Teresa Saavedra, DO, MSTrueHealth Family ClinicUnited States, Texas, Brownsville
Richard L. Neel, MD, MPHAlsatian Care EnterprisesUnited States, Texas, Bulverde
Kenneth Malamud, MDHEALTHWELLBEINGUnited States, Texas, Burnet
Teresa Masdon, PhDUnited States, Texas, Carrollton
Miranda B. Erlanson, MACOVID Survivors From Texas, Inc. at https://texancare.org/United States, Texas, Cedar Creek
Julian Evans, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Celina
Karlan Downing, MDUnited States, Texas, Chilton
Anna Howard, EMTUnited States, Texas, Clarendon
Shelly R Smith, APRN, FNP-C, CRNFAUnited States, Texas, Cleburne
David Lewis Spence, MSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Coahoma
Kerry Dudley, MSN, RN, CCRN, KUnited States, Texas, Commanche
Cheryl Winter, DCN, FNP-BC, APRN, RDNHealth Steps RX, Inc. United States, Texas, Conroe
June Mabry, MDUnited States, Texas, Conroe
Shaunnah Moreno, LVNUnited States, Texas, Conroe
Judson Somerville, MD (ret.)Dr. Somerville's blog and website can be found here.United States, Texas, Conroe
Susan Harris, MSN, CNP, FNP-CLifestream Health CentreUnited States, Texas, Coppell
Joanne M. Guastaferro, MDUnited States, Texas, Corpus Christi
Lismarys Arjona, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Corpus Christi
Paul W. Loeffler, BME, MDUnited States, Texas, Corpus Christi
Rebeca Pinon, RRT, NOSUnited States, Texas, Corpus Christi
Amanda Caro, DOUnited States, Texas, Corpus Christie
Rebecca Rice, FNP-CUnited States, Texas, Corpus Christie
Claire Zengerle, DOUnited States, Texas, Cuero
Amanda Foux, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Cypress
Amanda Cox, MSN, FNP-BCHyatt Hydration and Wellness ClinicUnited States, Texas, Dalhart
Barbara Stark Baxter, MDUnited States, Texas, Dallas
Caitlyn Cowart, RNUnited States, Texas, Dallas
Cynthia Smith, MDUnited States, Texas, Dallas
Janice Riggins, RN, MSNEncompass Health Home Health and HospiceUnited States, Texas, Dallas
John Roland, MDRetire the PandemicUnited States, Texas, Dallas
Leopoldo Basilico, MDUnited States, Texas, Dallas
Nicole Henderson, RN ICU/CVICUUnited States, Texas, Dallas
Daniel McDonald, MDUnited States, Texas, Denton
Derek Farley, DOPrecision Direct Primary CareUnited States, Texas, Denton
Linda Lee Piatt, APRNUnited States, Texas, Denton
Jonna Lindsey-Marion, FNP-CBeauty Bar Health & Wellness ClinicUnited States, Texas, Denver City
Annessa Green Van De Walle, APRN, FNP-BCUnited States, Texas, Dripping Springs
Katheen Stinson, MDDripping Springs PediatricsUnited States, Texas, Dripping Springs
Larry Penick, MDRice Medical AssociatesUnited States, Texas, East Bernard
Letreise D. Winkfield, MDUnited States, Texas, Edinburg
Robert Bell, RNUnited States, Texas, El Lago
Debra Hilliard, CRT, RCPUnited States, Texas, Elkhart
Jeffrey Faulkner, MDUnited States, Texas, Floresville
Adam B. Smith, DOUltimate BariatricsUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Angela M. Aguila, MSN, RN, VA-BCUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Ann Alley, BSN, MAMFC, MAREUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Barry Ungerleider, MDUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Colton Philpott, MD, MPHUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
David P. Capper, MDUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Jessica Michelle Rutherford, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Lora M. White, MSN, APRN, FNPPursuit of HealthynessUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Michelle Hawks, RNUnited States, Texas, Fort Worth
Raymond H. Smith, MDUnited States, Texas, Fredericksburg
Harold Dennis Heald, PA-C, NDFitt Medicine Foundation Integrative Therapies of TexasUnited States, Texas, Frisco
Katrina Ann Lund, MSN, ACNP-CUnited States, Texas, Frisco
Robert L. Gispanski, DOUnited States, Texas, Frisco
Crystal Miller, CRT, RRTUnited States, Texas, Georgetown
Denver Bierstedt, NREMT-PUnited States, Texas, Georgetown
Dominic DeKeratry, MDGeorgetown Pulmonary AssociatesUnited States, Texas, Georgetown
Esther Fields, DOGeorgetown Pulmonary AssociatesUnited States, Texas, Georgetown
Marsha Sparks, RNUnited States, Texas, Glen Rose
Cheryl N. Knepp. BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Grandview
Cynthia McClarigan, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Grapevine
Marla Hadeler, MSN, CRNA, APRNUnited States, Texas, Harlingen
Anna Marie Burgess, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Heath
Erum Akhter, MDUnited States, Texas, Heath
Patricia Louise RobertsUnited States, Texas, Hideaway
Timothy Kostka, R.PhUnited States, Texas, Highland Village
Joy Varner, APRN, FNP-COld Rugged Cross HealthcareUnited States, Texas, Hockley
Rebecca Runyan-Dowdy, MSNUnited States, Texas, Hockley
Jill Robbins, LVNUnited States, Texas, Holland
Amanda Ramos-Rubalcava, DNP, APRN, FNP-CAMR Family Care ClinicUnited States, Texas, Houston
Barbara Montagnino, MS, RN, CNSUnited States, Texas, Houston
Christian Dianto, MDUnited States, Texas, Houston
Denenne Linke, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Houston
Diane Macomber, RN, BSNUnited States, Texas, Houston
Elie N. Saber, MD, FACP, FASNGlobal Nephrology & Hypertension Clinic, PLLCUnited States, Texas, Houston
Esther Moise, RN, CCMUNited States, Texas, Houston
Janine Hyden, RN, MSN, ACPNP-BCUnited States, Texas, Houston
Jed A. Graham, MDRed Bluf Alternative Family Medicine, Pasadena, TXUnited States, Texas, Houston
Jeffrey A. Jones, MDBreathe MDUnited States, Texas, Houston
Mary Talley Bowden, MDBreatheMDUnited States, Texas, Houston
Michael C. Mitschke, MDUnited States, Texas, Houston
Pamela Wilson, MDGlobal Wellness CentersUnited States, Texas, Houston
Priya Visweswaran Balakrishnan, MDThe Immortality InstituteUnited States, Texas, Houston
Veronica Amenedo, PA-CUnited States, Texas, Houston
Vicki Caillet, RDHUnited States, Texas, Houston
Rhonda Newberry, BSN, RN, CWOCNUnited States, Texas, Hurst
George Ryan Gilligan, MDUnited States, Texas, Irvine
David P. Sheridan, MDPhysicians Medical/Legal Consultants of Texas
(281) 705-6690
United States, Texas, Katy
Stanley Dykes, LVNUnited States, Texas, Killeen
Clovis R. Gentilhomme, MDUnited States, Texas, Lakehills
Megan Biggs, RN, MSN, AGACNPFamily Health ChiropracticUnited States, Texas, Lampasas
Sean Kevin Roden, MDUnited States, Texas, League City
Cami Jo Tice-Harouff, DNP, APRN, FNP-CHesed Health ClinicUnited States, Texas, Longview
Deborah BellUnited States, Texas, Longview
Karin Hanson, MSN, CCRNUnited States, Texas, Longview
Jamie Stice, APRN, FNP-CUnited States, Texas, Lubbock
Kelvin Sumlin, RNUnited States, Texas, Lubbock
Gia Marotta, MDUnited States, Texas, Lufkin
Barbara Weed, RNUnited States, Texas, Mansfield
Brenda Maese, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Marion
Peggy Williams, RNUnited States, Texas, Marlin
Stephen Parker, MD (ret.)East Texas Precison MedicineUnited States, Texas, Marshall
April Lopez, CWS,CSWS,APRN,ACNPC-AG, FNP-BCLopez Family & Wound Healing ClinicUnited States, Texas, McAllen
Letty Rutledge, FNPUnited States, Texas, McAllen
Vincent Rebugio, AGNP-CRGV Family ClinicUnited States, Texas, McAllen
Brian C. Procter, MDMcKinney Family MedicineUnited States, Texas, McKinney
James Edward Fambro, MDUnited States, Texas, McKinney
Donna E. Hall, AD, RN (ret.)United States, Texas, Mesquite
Sandra Groth, RNUnited States, Texas, Mission
Amanda Darling, APRN, FNP-BCUnited States, Texas, Monahans
Donald Gobel, LVNUnited States, Texas, Nacogdoches
Kelly Baker-Neel, APRN, FNP-CUnited States, Texas, Nacogdoches
John Leonard Forsythe, MDUnited States, Texas, Nederland
Claudia Mouton-McBrayer, MSN, RNUnited States, Texas, New Braunfels
Ronald Charles Ross, MDUnited States, Texas, New Braunfels
Ronald Ross, MDUnited States, Texas, New Braunfels
Stephanie Owen, PharmD, FNTPUnited States, Texas, New Waverly
Allan R. Jackson, RRTAll Things RespiratoryUnited States, Texas, North Lake
Jacqueline Marie Corn, RPH, FNTP, CGPUnited States, Texas, North Richland Hills
John Garcia, MDJohn Garcia MDUnited States, Texas, Odessa
Laura Pittman, NP-CHorizon Family Practice & GeriatricsUnited States, Texas, Orange
Paris Scarbro, BSN, RN, CCMUTMB Correctional Managed CareUnited States, Texas, Palestine
Delia Garcia, FNPUnited States, Texas, Pearland
Pamela G. DreverUnited States, Texas, Pearland
Heather McGhee, DNP, APRN, FNP-CHope & Healing Family Practice, LLCUnited States, Texas, Pecos
Ted Disque, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Pharr
Steve Griffin, MDUnited States, Texas, Pittsburg
Deborah M. Holubec, MDRegional Pain Care of North TexasUnited States, Texas, Plano
Hong Davis, MDUnited States, Texas, Plano
Odette Campbell, MDNorth Texas Medical SpecialistsUnited States, Texas, Plano
Meredith Caruso, MSN, BS, RNUnited States, Texas, Port Lavaca
K. Paul Gertsenberg, DOGertsenberg ClinicUnited States, Texas, Port Neches
Michael Keller, DOInternal Medicine AssociatesUnited States, Texas, Port Neches
Martha Moon, MSN, APRN, FNP-BCBridge Family PracticeUnited States, Texas, Portland
Annabelle Elias, RRTUnited States, Texas, Richardson
Juliet Amadi, MSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Richmond
Karen Richardson, MDUnited States, Texas, Richmond
Richard Todd, MPAS, PA-CCamrock ClinicUnited States, Texas, Rockdale
Rebeca Shearer, MSN, FNPBlossom Within, LLCUnited States, Texas, Round Rock
Shirley Goodman, MDUnited States, Texas, Round Rock
Yi-Kuan Chen, MDUnited States, Texas, Round Rock
Lanika Lawler, MDHealing Leaves PLLCUnited States, Texas, Rowlett
Lance E. Hafter, DO, FACEP, FAAEMUnited States, Texas, San Angelo
Erica Warford, LVNUnited States, Texas, San Antonio
Jessie Merie Hinojosa, RN, BSNUnited States, Texas, San Antonio
Joan Oetken, RNUnited States, Texas, San Antonio
Karen Williams, PA-CDeerwood Family PracticeUnited States, Texas, San Antonio
Olga B. Howell, BSN, RN (ret.)United States, Texas, San Antonio
Rhonda Devlin, RN, FMP, BCBT, Lic Min, CLCTherapuetic Counseling and Wellness Services of San Antonio
United States, Texas, San Antonio
R. Larry Williams, RPhUnited States, Texas, Santa Fe
Wendell Parkey, MDSeminole Memorial HospitalUnited States, Texas, Seminole
Ronald Van Buskirk, MDHome Hospice of Grayson CountyUnited States, Texas, Sherman
Paloma Blan RN BSNHansford HospiceUnited States, Texas, Spearman
Crystal J. Duval, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Spring
Jaime Chongs, FNP-CUnited States, Texas, Spring
Kenneth Ukauwa, PharmDPinecroft PharmacyUnited States, Texas, Spring
Lance Feray, MDUnited States, Texas, Spring
Tiffany Kristensen, DACM, LACVibe Acupuncture and Holistic HealingUnited States, Texas, Spring
Vicky Clark, RN, BSNUnited States, Texas, Spring
Audrey Jones, DOAdvantage HealthUnited States, Texas, St. Augustine
Shane Gilliam, MD PAUnited States, Texas, Stephenville
Barry Liberoni, MDUnited States, Texas, Sugar Land
Kami Owen, APRN, FNP-BC, ENPYou Only YoungerUnited States, Texas, Sugar Land
Shelley G. Cole, MDHealthy SuccessUnited States, Texas, Temple
Stephanie Tomasek, NPUnited States, Texas, Temple
Jim L. Ward, DVM, MDUnited States, Texas, Texacana
Charlotte Tina Tyson, MSN, RNChristus St. Michaels HospitalUnited States, Texas, Texarkana
Alan L. Hubbard, MD (ret.)United States, Texas, The Woodlands
Imran Khan, MDInternal Healing and Wellness MDUnited States, Texas, The Woodlands
Courtney Paulsen, ARPN, FNP-CUnited States, Texas, Thorndale
Alexandra Codie Borsboom, RN, AGPCNP-BCUnited States, Texas, Tomball
Linda W. Flower, MDUnited States, Texas, Tomball
Bradford Kay, Director of PharmacyUnited States, Texas, Tyler
Christopher D. Diaz, MDUnited States, Texas, Tyler
Frank D. Setzler, Jr., MDIntegrative Medicine of East TexasUnited States, Texas, Tyler
Trishia Hussey, BSN, RNMethodist NE/TexasUnited States, Texas, Universal City
Jana Radwanski, RPhUnited States, Texas, Victoria
Lillian LeVon Painter, RNUnited States, Texas, Victoria
Stephanie McAllister, NRCMAUnited States, Texas, Weatherford
Kriss Myers, MDUnited States, Texas, Westworth Village
Amber Savoy, BSN, RNUnited States, Texas, Willis
Austin Shelton, CAAUnited States, Texas, Willis
Emily Del La Rosa, NP-CSPME Health LLCUnited States, Tucson, Arizona
Judson B. Wall, DDSDental Solutions Inc.United States, Utah, Bountiful
Sheila Chavez, RNViso BellaUnited States, Utah, Ivins
Allison Brumley, NDAspire Integrative MedicineUnited States, Utah, Kaysville
Layne Kamalu, MDKaysville ClinicUnited States, Utah, Kaysville
Bruce Wickersham,BSN, RN, PHNUnited States, Utah, Layton
Steven Jones, NP, MSNAlpine ClinicUnited States, Utah, Lehi
Kristin Neibling, NDPrecision Natural HealthUnited States, Utah, Moab
Kelly Barrows Botero, RNUnited States, Utah, Park City
Laura Fisher, MDUnited States, Utah, Providence
McKay Platt, MDUnited States, Utah, Provo
Beverly Hall, APRN, FNP-CCare at Your FingertipsUnited States, Utah, Salt Lake City
Colleen Wright, MSN, FNP-CCarolina Holistic MedicineUnited States, Utah, Salt Lake City
Jessica Cooper, MS, RD, CDSylphUnited States, Utah, Salt Lake City
Leon Paulos, MDdba Lonnie Paulos, MDUnited States, Utah, Salt Lake City
Michael Berger, LAc., MSClassical Ways, LLCUnited States, Utah, Salt Lake City
Carolyn Sharette, RNUnited States, Utah, Sandy
Shannon McIntyre, PhDAntioch University New EnglandUnited States, Vermont, Brattleboro
Grace Johnstone, DCCommunity HyperbaricUnited States, Vermont, Hardwick
Deborah Dittner, MSN, AADP, CHHC, FNP-C, RMTUnited States, Vermont, Shelburne
Ethan Craig, PA-CUnited States, Virginia, Accomac
Mitchell Alan Fleisher, MD, DHt, DABFMCenter for Integrative & Regenerative MedicineUnited States, Virginia, Afton
Oscar Fernando Figueroa, MDBluefield Pulmonary ConsultantsUnited States, Virginia, Bluefield
Richard DeSouto, BSN, RNUnited States, Virginia, Buchanan
Sandra Hess, RNUnited States, Virginia, Carrollton
Melanie Dorion, MSN, AGNP-BCBe Vital Health CenterUnited States, Virginia, Charlottesville
Stephanie Oliveira , RNUVA Medical CenterUnited States, Virginia, Charlottesville
Susan Wilcox, MDUnited States, Virginia, Charlottesville
Earl Virts III, DNP, MS, CRNAUnited States, Virginia, Chesapeake
Lynn M. Brunke, RNUnited States, Virginia, Chesapeake
Reuven M. Yatrofsky, BSN, CCRN, NICU (ret.)United States, Virginia, Chesapeake
Kristin Andrs, NPAndrs Wellness Consulting, LLCUnited States, Virginia, Colonial Heights
Dean Gordon Rye, DDSRye Smiles for Life
(703) 565-2503
United States, Virginia, Fairfax
Laure King, RNInova Fair Oaks HospitalUnited States, Virginia, Fairfax
Caroline Ahlers, MDCaroline Ahlers, MD, LLCUnited States, Virginia, Falls Church
Andrea M. Payne, MBA-HM, BSN, RNUnited States, Virginia, Flint Hill
Michael Evans, DMSc, MPAS, PA-CUnited States, Virginia, Fredericksburg
Christine Young, RNUnited States, Virginia, Gloucester
Charly Ponce, BSN, RNUnited States, Virginia, Hampton
Norine Holland, MSN, RNUnited States, Virginia, Hampton
Jennifer Nicole Eckard, RNUnited States, Virginia, Harrisonburg
Diane A. Henzey, MSN, FNP-BCUnited States, Virginia, Leesburg
Jessica Stapleton, BSN, RNUnited States, Virginia, Leesburg
Elena Black, DDS, PhD
Specialist in Orthodontics, Diplomate of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
United States, Virginia, Lynchburg
Frank L. Nuar, MDUnited States, Virginia, Manassas
Edward Read, MDUnited States, Virginia, Mineral
David Schultz, MDVirginia Richmond Integrative MedicineUnited States, Virginia, Montpelier
Crystal Kimpel, RNUnited States, Virginia, Newport News
Mimi Peak, MDMedical and Longevity Center of VirginiaUnited States, Virginia, Newport News
Ann Rawlings, MDUnited States, Virginia, Norfolk
Dominick A. Rascona, MD, FACPUnited States, Virginia, Norfolk
Gene Germano, MDGHR Center for Addiction Recovery and TreatmentUnited States, Virginia, Norfolk
Caroline Barnes RN, MSNUnited States, Virginia, Portsmouth
Virginia Walker, BSN, RNUnited States, Virginia, Purcellville
Andrew S. Anderson, PhD, MDTrinity Center for World MissionUnited States, Virginia, Richmond
Matthew C Lee, MD, RPh, MSeLEEte Physicians, LLCUnited States, Virginia, Richmond
John McVay Garvin, Jr. - MDUnited States, Virginia, Roanoke
Pamela A Barbour, BSN, RN (ret.)United States, Virginia, Sandy Level
Kathleen Symborski, BA, BSN, RNMedical Services of AmericaUnited States, Virginia, Spotsylvania
Monica Wirth, RNUnited States, Virginia, Stauton
Lily David, MD, FACEPDr. Lily David Institute of Health & Healing, Inc.United States, Virginia, Sterling
Sara S. Fletcher, MDUnited States, Virginia, Sterling
Lynese L. Lawson, DOProactive Wellness Centers, PLCUnited States, Virginia, Vienna
Diana KlineUnited States, Virginia, Virginia Beach
Dr. RyanUnited States, Virginia, Virginia Beach
Gregory J. Warth, MD, FACPUnited States, Virginia, Virginia Beach
Margaret Brown, RRTSentara Norfold General HospitalUnited States, Virginia, Virginia Beach
Pamela Burnham, BSN, RNUnited States, Virginia, Virginia Beach
Terry FlowersUnited States, Virginia, Virginia Beach
Stephanie L. Ursey, RNUnited States, Virginia, Warrenton
Christopher S. Hewitt, NPAugusta Wellness CenterUnited States, Virginia, Waynesboro
Liz Weaver, RN, BSNUnited States, Virginia, Williamsburg
John L W Richards, MDUnited States, Washington, Auburn
Jamie Miles, MDUnited States, Washington, Bainbridge Island
Harlyn Thompson, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Battle Ground
Kara M. Nakiesbendi, MDHolistique Naturopathic Medical CenterUnited States, Washington, Bellevue
Lake Hills MedicalUnited States, Washington, Bellevue
Michelle Eva Morholt, DNP, FNP-C, ARNP, APRNUbUcaresUnited States, Washington, Bellevue
Paula Nolte, RNNolte FamilyUnited States, Washington, Benton City
Kathleen G. Stauffer, MSN, CNM (ret.)United States, Washington, Castle Rock
Suzanne Northcutt, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Centralia
Leah E. Johnson, RN, CPC, CPC-P, CPMAUnited States, Washington, Chewelah
Brian F. Ciezki, ACNPUnited States, Washington, Clarkston
Amparo Girdillo Tobar, MD, PhDWorld BankUnited States, Washington, D.C.
Merilla Hopkins, RPhLincoln Hospital & North Basin Medical ClinicsUnited States, Washington, Davenport
Karl William Lambert, FNP, MS, RNUnited States, Washington, East Wenatchee
Lori Born, RN, BSNUnited States, Washington, Edgewood
Kathy L. Murray, RNUnited States, Washington, Ellensburg
Monique Newman, MSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Ferndale
Adam Quarles, ARNPUnited States, Washington, Gig Harbor
Marcie Miller, RPhUnited States, Washington, Grayland
Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNPDr. Keesha Ewers PhD, ARNP LLCUnited States, Washington, Issaquah
Louise Laport, DNPSwedish/ProvinceUnited States, Washington, Issaquah
A. Michael Turner, MDUnited States, Washington, Kennewick
Emily Mercer, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Kennewick
Loren AndersonUnited States, Washington, Kennewick
Stephen Smith, MDUnited States, Washington, Kennewick
Diane Rubio, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Kittitas
A. Christine Harrington, RNUnited States, Washington, Liberty Lake
Lori Olander, ARNP, CRNAUnited States, Washington, Liberty Lake
Daleen Lyle, PharmDPeninsula CompoundingUnited States, Washington, Long Beach
Nancy Eklund, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Lummi Island
Daniel Sloane, DOMattawa Community Medical ClinicUnited States, Washington, Moses Lake
Zachariah Riggle, RNUnited States, Washington, Okanogan
James G. Bonifield, MDUnited States, Washington, Olympia
Tim Shannon, NDHeart of WellnessUnited States, Washington, Olympia
Allison E. Hamza, PA-C, MMS, FNTPSolaris Vitality ConsultingUnited States, Washington, Olympia
William Ryan Errico, DOOkanogan Valley Direct Primary CareUnited States, Washington, Omak
Robert L. Sussman, MDRobert L. SussmanUnited States, Washington, Point Roberts
Kristin Eggleston, LM CPMSunrise MidwiferyUnited States, Washington, Prosser
Timothy Wical, BSN, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BCFortitude Psychiatric Supportive Services LLCUnited States, Washington, Puyallup
Tracy Griggs, LPNUnited States, Washington, Puyallup
Rose Valley Integrative HealthPush HealthUnited States, Washington, Republic
Jonathan Erich, MDUnited States, Washington, Ridgefield
Shawna Renae Thorson, RNCUnited States, Washington, Ridgefield
Andrew Kopstein, MDK2Vision, LLCUnited States, Washington, Seattle
Kye Peven, ND, DSOM, LAcWhole Systems HealthcareUnited States, Washington, Seattle
Becky Clark, Physical TherapistUnited States, Washington, Spokane
Chris Cox, MCHS, PA-CUnited States, Washington, Spokane
David Graves, NDComplete Medical Weight LossUnited States, Washington, Spokane
Rebecca Belch, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Spokane
Blake McKinleySpokane Endodontics, PSUnited States, Washington, Spokane Valley
Carl Botefuhr, DCUnited States, Washington, Suquamish
Barbara Mack, MDTrue Potential MDUnited States, Washington, Tacoma
Becky Blodgett, DNP, ARNPUnited States, Washington, Tacoma
Kelli Burton, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Vancouver
Rashele Birmingham, BSN, RNUnited States, Washington, Veradale
Scott Miller, MDMiller Family PediatricsUnited States, Washington, Washougal
Carolin Morgan, ARNP, FNP-CUnited States, Washington, White Salmon
Cecelia E. Ahearn, RNUnited States, Washington, White Salmon
Richard Wilkinson, MDWilkinson Wellness ClinicUnited States, Washington, Yakima
Shannon Tronson, RNUnited States, Washington, Yakima
Joanne C. Davenport, RNUnited States, West Virginia, Bunker Hill
Zachary Holbert, MSN, FNP-BCFreedom Medical Care, LLCUnited States, West Virginia, Charleston
Roger Alan Blake, MDUnited States, West Virginia, Huntington
Julie Hare, MDAllegheny Integrative MedicineUnited States, West Virginia, Marlinton
Jeanette Labbate, RN (ret.)United States, West Virginia, Martinsburg
Maria Carson, PA-CHealing Hands Concierge Family MedicineUnited States, Whiteland, Indiana
Cindy Fietzer, MBA, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Appleton
John E. Brusky, MDUnited States, Wisconsin, Brookfield
John Whitcomb, MDBrookfield Longevity & Healthy Living ClinicUnited States, Wisconsin, Brookfield
Susan Rohr, BSN, RN Brookfield Health and Wellness, LLCUnited States, Wisconsin, Brookfield
Emily McClory, FNPThe Doctor's OfficeUnited States, Wisconsin, Burlington
Kelly Brendel, MSN, FNP-BCThe Doctor's OfficeUnited States, Wisconsin, Burlington
Renate Villarreal, PA-C, MPASThe Doctor's OfficeUnited States, Wisconsin, Burlington
Cara Petri, PA-CThe Doctor's OfficeUnited States, Wisconsin, Cedarburg
James L Esswein, MD, FACFPUnited States, Wisconsin, Chetek
Kristie Gering , MDSpero Wellness ClinicUnited States, Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls
Michael Robiolio, MDDIME MedicalUnited States, Wisconsin, Darlington
Heather Willems, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, De Pere
Peggy Kincaid, DNP, RN, CNEUnited States, Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Jeffrey Junig, MDFond du Lac PsychiatryUnited States, Wisconsin, Fond du Lac
Steven Meress, MDFox Valley Wellness Center/Midwest HyperbaricsUnited States, Wisconsin, Fond du Lac
Kristen A Lindgren, MDLindgren Functional MedicineUnited States, Wisconsin, Green Bay
Elizabeth Burgos, MDUnited States, Wisconsin, Hazelhurst
Kristen Pyle, RN, WHECUnited States, Wisconsin, Helenville
Barbara Fett, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Hilbert
Michael Kretz, MDUnited States, Wisconsin, Hudson
Jill Crista, NDUnited States, Wisconsin, Janesville
Jodie A. Silbaugh, RN, BSNUnited States, Wisconsin, Janesville
Marta Valencic, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Land of Lakes
Joel Hirschhorn, MDProfessor, University of Wisconsin (Ret.)United States, Wisconsin, Madison
Lauraine SanfordSanford PT & BodyworksUnited States, Wisconsin, Madison
Christine M. Cwiklo, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Marshfield
Rebecca GilbertsonTaylored Family Care ClinicUnited States, Wisconsin, Medford
Laurens Dolan Young, MDUnited States, Wisconsin, Mequon
David Bryce, MDUnited States, Wisconsin, Middleton
Adam Christopher Miller, MDARISE MDUnited States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Debra Hagan, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Kristen H. Reynolds, MDGolden Rey Engergy Center and IV Nutrient LoungeUnited States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Sandra Arce-Garzon, MDRetire the PandemicUnited States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Brianna Klotz, DNP, APNP, FNP-CSt. Anne's ClinicUnited States, Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Kathryn Kaiser, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Patti Luedtke, RPhSmartScript Pharmacy LLCUnited States, Wisconsin, Oskosh
Katie Thompson, MSN, BSN, RN-BCUnited States, Wisconsin, Pewaukee
Sara Rybarczyk, MDUpland Hills HealthUnited States, Wisconsin, Prairie du Chien
Craig J. Borgardt, BSPharm, RPHUnited States, Wisconsin, Racine
Maria Susan Tuttle, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, South Milwaukee
Patrick Hedlund, MDUnited States, Wisconsin, St. Croix Falls
Cintia Fabiola Perira Ivanesciur De PaulaUnited States, Wisconsin, Sun Prairie
Mary Nowinsky, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Wausau
Amy Lyn Haug, PA-C, MPASUnited States, Wisconsin, West Bend
Alycea Noel Pupp, APNPBe Will With NoelUnited States, Wisconsin, Weston
Eryn Morrison, BSN, RNUnited States, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Rapids
Amanda Vignaroli, DNP, FNP-BCBella Vita Health and WellnessUnited States, Wyoming, Casper
Joe Scheber, MDWestern Medical AssociatesUnited States, Wyoming, Casper
John Paulus, DO, ABIMUnited States, Wyoming, Cheyenne
Sharon K Eskam, MDCheyenne Obstetrics & GynecologyUnited States, Wyoming, Cheyenne
Tracy Kilian, BSN, RNUnited States, Wyoming, Cheyenne
Kathryn Skuza, MDMHCC/MOBUnited States, Wyoming, Douglas
Lisa Matthiesen, BSNUnited States, Wyoming, Powell
Rosario Ojeda, BSN, RNIndian Health ServicesUnited States, Wyoming, Riverton
Angela Tefft, DNP, ARNP, FNP-CEvolve Healthcare, LLCUnited States, Wyoming, Sheridan
Shay Marie Whetstone, MSN, APRN, FNP-BCAgape HealthUnited States, Wyoming, Sheridan
Stephen Holst, MDUnited States, Wyoming, Sheridan
J. Brandon Butte, DOUnited States, Wyoming, Worland
Roxilee Powell, RNUnited States, Wyoming, Worland
Tojiboev Rakhim, MDUzbekistan, Tashkent
Anis Sallum Bitar, MDInstituto Clinico Unare CAVenezuela, Bolívar, Puerto Ordaz
Karynet Prieto, MDVenezuela, Carabobo
Ana Araujo, MDGrupo Medical BucarelVenezuela, DF, Caracas
Luis Guillermo Paz Bracho, MDHospital ChiquinquiraVenezuela, Maracaibo
Luis Hernández-HerreroVenezuela, Maracaibo
German Villamizar, MDHospital Clinico la TrinidadVenezuela, Tachira, San Cristobal
Nguyen Thi Le Huong, MDPham Ngoc Thac HospitalVietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Vo Phuroc Chieu, MDVietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Andre K. RerolleVietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
Khaled Selwy, MDHodeidah University College of EducationYemen, Al Hudaydah
George Banda, MDZambia, Eastern, Chipata
Kalombo K. Garbvin, MD, BSc HB, MBcHB, MPHZambia, Lusaka, Lusaka
Jacqueline Stone, MDZimbabwe COVID Frontline Clinicians SocietyZimbabwe, Harare
Admire Maticha, MDZimbabwe, Harare, Harare